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  1. Goodness, got to check these out. I'm still looking forward to the game too, hope it won't be too long now..
  2. I had "To the Gateway" claimed, but I think I'll let it go. Too many commitments and too little time.
  3. Looks like my kind of a game! I'm hoping for a Linux version.
  4. Sounds like a cool project. In the first two tracks I thought the piano was pretty loud. On laptop speakers I thought I even heard the piano's reverb separately, as if the reverb itself was too loud. The piano (lead) could also use more humanization, each note was being hammered down which doesn't leave a lot of room for expression and takes away the power the loudest notes in the lead could have. Sanguine Moonblossom has a cool atmosphere, and the harpsichord in the bed of strings & choir worked for me (I don't think I've heard something exactly like that before). A Soldier With A Grudge had a super cool groove as well, I really liked the brass melody jumping around, "jumpy" intervals don't often work so well in melodies but I think these were good, especially since the riff beneath it has an usually large interval. Or something, like I knew what I was talking about with theory and stuff, but in any case, it was really cool. I also liked that the arrangement and mix was relatively sparse, everything had a good place and nice room to operate.
  5. I hereby explicitly state that I allow OCR to monetize my mixes on Youtube.
  6. Interesting list of Pokemon music. Haven't listened yet, but I'm very curious to hear this episode's Solo Track segment! I think I'm going to re-use my Dew Point suggestion "from the brilliant soundtrack of the brilliant Risk of Rain" for the sci-fi playlist.. even though the little sci-fi aspect it has in the setting is just a bit of dressing (as far as I've been able to tell while playing!) The playlist should be pretty interesting, it is a wide theme, I have an impression it'll have a certain coherence but it'll be fun to see how it comes together.
  7. I've made some progress, I think I'm close to getting the structure down. Hoping to do some more work next week.
  8. finished

    That was pretty solid, and it's always good to see VVVVVV getting some coverage. My ears could've used some variation on the lead guitar sound over time. I definitely appreciated the melodica!
  9. Haha, this sounds really cool. More Shovel Knight is always welcome. I'm also impressed and appreciative of trying out some new things with the format.
  10. I was just re-reading this and I can't help putting a note here that @Tuberz McGee definitely delivered.
  11. Finally backed! I haven't yet read the behind-the-scenes stuff, but I look forward to sitting down and going through them. Perhaps while enjoying the finished product. Much appreciated.
  12. Oh, I forgot to mention, another very enjoyable and interesting interview. I loved the reminiscing, and the behind-the-scenes descriptions of how Materia Collective works. And it was very obvious throughout the episode how much you guys love Sonic. All the way through, with the lyrical wisdom capping it off in a big way.
  13. My track didn't pass the panel, but it's close and I got good feedback. @Ivan Hakštok, I'm wondering how long I might have to rework it?
  14. The LBoC was very good, fun but also very fascinating to hear how the guys work their songs.. LOVED the multitracked saxes at the intro of the song. I thoroughly appreciated In Between the Lines as well, thinking it's very generous of Laura to do this kind of thing and I definitely want to hear more.
  15. Yeah, Joe is a super impressive guy and is fun and inspiring to listen to as well! I do like how Mechanical Failure sounds so I'll be getting the audiobook when I can (was that kind of a pun there? sorry). After hearing my Finnish titles spelled out in podcasts.. I can't decide if I should go 0% Finnish titles or 100% Finnish titles.