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  1. Woooooow. This was brilliant. Amy has come a long way and this is just a beautiful, beautiful, impactful song. Very well arranged, no unnecessary element in sight. I think I owe it to myself to finally check out departure.
  2. Really good episode once again. Between the Lines was just superb, really well structured and based and something really clicked for me with the "these changes work because of shared tone and the rhythmic ostinato" (heavily paraphrased) conclusion, I feel like I really got something out of it why some "weird" harmonic progressions seem to work and others don't. It was even a dramatic climax structure-wise in the segment, well done!
  3. Really loved this one, from concept to execution. Maaan, I feel like firing up the original SNES port for nostalgia AND to check out the speed of action.. I think the reinterpretation here to the new groove is very cool and more than sufficient from what I expect from an OC ReMix.. there would have been some "design space" for more variation in textures / instrumental palette / density of the arrangement - everything is pretty much playing all the time throughout as far as "thickness" of the arrangement is considered, a section in the middle where the soundscape wasn't quite as filled out could've made the arrangement "breathe" a bit more, but I'm not really complaining, it's goooood. Reminds me a bit of YMO's version of Firecracker, probably a lot because of the pentatonic scale but also tempo and some of the instrumentation. Cool debut!
  4. Wonderful episode. Amy brought a sense of calm wisdom to the interview, I was impressed with that, and you had a good conversation both ways. I think I got something out of the interview for my own work, but it was also just great listening to you guys talk. Score Scholar was great as well. I could've done with a little less gushing about the excellence and importance of the source tune etc - that I've all heard before - but once it got into the meat of the segment, the theoretical analysis of the piece, it was super exciting and enlightening. Will obviously loves this stuff as well as VGM, and it's a wonderful combination. You've done a lot of good episodes but this did a lot that I personally loved. Thanks everyone.
  5. Very Mega Drive-y sound overall. I love the opening riff sound. Tasty, knotty progression. Very dense. Unapologetic about what sort of a piece it is. This is all delightful.
  6. Well, I certainly want to play Majora's Mask now.
  7. I'll add to the pile: I've started all of PS1-4 and played each of them quite far, but I haven't finished any of them. (I *did* finish PS Gaiden, which is far worse than any of the mainline games though, but I played that on the go - plus it's quite easy).
  8. Oh, that quadrilogy idea sounds cool. Dibs on "Bracky News" from Phantasy Star 2!
  9. Some of the sections sound really great! Some of the sections sound like the chords and melody aren't working together. I think at least one is purposefully dissonant but still doesn't work for my ears. The good ones are super cool and the dynamic between quiet creepy sections and the most energetic riffs is admirable and inspiring!
  10. I'll take up that collab offer, Jorito, and claim Fond Memories!
  11. What a cool tune. (Seriously)
  12. @Noaxzl Welcome! I recommend joining some competitions to work those skills back up. In addition to the bigger tournament compos that happen a couple of times a year, People's Remixing Compo and Meat 'n' Potatoes are constantly ongoing, and don't have a high bar for entry. You also get some nice feedback along with the votes! Check out the competitions forum!
  13. I'm flattered that you keep putting me on the list but alas, I'm still tragically short on musicking time as it stands..
  14. I'm late to this party! code: 3926-9690-9134