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  1. Looking pretty good! It's retro, but it's a less usual style of retro graphics.
  2. Fantastic mood and mood-supporting and -building structure in this arrangement. Really liking the combination of sounds. But oh man, the tuning of that guitar in the A-part of the piece, it's seriously making it hard for me to fully appreciate this tune. I get band rehearsal flashbacks. Rest of the thing sounds so pro. I think I'll live though. Good work & looking forward for more!
  3. A treat of instrument prowess for sure! I thought the first movement was very pretty, and the rest of the arrangement was very fun, with occasional very pretty moments. I did feel like my ears could've appreciated more reference to the intro later on. The whole structure was full of fast twists and turns, but that first transition was the only one that didn't click 100% for me. The abrupt ending felt appropriate to me. The sound/production was 100% appropriate for the music, I thought. The dry and immediate mixing really brings the music close to the listener. There are some stretches where the violin playing was a little out of tune and didn't sound 100% confident, but the rest of it more than makes up for it. There's just so much packed into this arrangement yet it doesn't overstay it's welcome (feels a lot shorter than five minutes!) - it's immediately enjoyable but there are a full ton of details to take in and appreciate on multiple listens. Finally I must say - I dug the UGH!
  4. Concise and candy-coated. I like the clarity in the mix, you can hear everything quite clearly and the sounds are kind of straightforwardly 80s synthy in a very good way. Some of the synths (perhaps the "chord synth") feels like it could have a bit less delay/reverb (or shorter decay? or just little less volume?), as I get a strange feeling like it spills a little over its sweet spot in the mix, if that makes sense. I like the origin story of the mix, it's cool that judging tunes on OCR can lead to inspiration. Thumbs up for the vox and lyrics as well
  5. Japanese RPG designers definitely took a lot of inspiration from early Ultimas & Wizardrys, those games were big hits over there. It's interesting (the Wikipedia article says) that the Famicom/NES version was tweaked quite a bit in gameplay, and also the music is new. I'm not a huge Ultima buff, I've played Ultima IV maybe halfway through on the PC. Still I feel like trying out the NES version of this game, just to see how much it differs from the western Ultima experience (that I'm no expert of). It might be an interesting link between early western RPGs and JRPGs.
  6. Very nice tune, and interesting game/port to pick.
  7. The tunes are up on bandcamp: https://shnabubula.bandcamp.com/album/vgmcast-vol-6 Videos are forthcoming as well I believe. I caught a bit before going to bed, great to have VGMCAST back! Need to give the latest set a little more focused listen, but I liked what I was hearing (no surprise).
  8. I didn't sign up, @DarkeSword, I just voiced my appreciation. Sorry I wasn't more clear about that! I truly wish I had the time! It sounds like it's going to be a blast.
  9. Here's the Final Fantasy source on Youtube:
  10. Don't forget to take my claim off.
  11. Unfortunately I haven't been able to touch the project file (no time). I'll get to it as soon as I can. There's not that much to do, so I should be able to finish it before the final deadline. But I'll try to get an iteration out for feedback sooner.
  12. I submit a track from Lagrange Point, the title theme "Theme of Isis": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GAuZHQjOhKI (I am assuming you include Famicom here)
  13. It's not a waste if it adds value for you. I don't think I've ever sold or let go of any game I bought, apart from a bunch of DOS games, since the boxes are so big it's a storage problem. Most of those I'm now bummed I threw away (but I really didn't and don't have space for them, so..). I've started messing around with the old 486 and there's just something about it compared to messing around with DOSBox that's quite pleasing. It'll be interesting to see if any of the floppies for my remaining DOS games still work and I can install them from there. This is fun to gush about when you do have friends that care about the same stuff (plus there's Twitter and stuff online), social context for this sort of thing is quite good to have.
  14. I meant to post a recommendation for Pixelated Audio, but noticed they have a new episode up and instead started listening to it. Not really what you're asking for, but everybody else is recommending VGM-related stuff too.