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  1. Oh, I forgot to mention, another very enjoyable and interesting interview. I loved the reminiscing, and the behind-the-scenes descriptions of how Materia Collective works. And it was very obvious throughout the episode how much you guys love Sonic. All the way through, with the lyrical wisdom capping it off in a big way.
  2. My track didn't pass the panel, but it's close and I got good feedback. @Ivan Hakštok, I'm wondering how long I might have to rework it?
  3. The LBoC was very good, fun but also very fascinating to hear how the guys work their songs.. LOVED the multitracked saxes at the intro of the song. I thoroughly appreciated In Between the Lines as well, thinking it's very generous of Laura to do this kind of thing and I definitely want to hear more.
  4. Yeah, Joe is a super impressive guy and is fun and inspiring to listen to as well! I do like how Mechanical Failure sounds so I'll be getting the audiobook when I can (was that kind of a pun there? sorry). After hearing my Finnish titles spelled out in podcasts.. I can't decide if I should go 0% Finnish titles or 100% Finnish titles.
  5. Another SUPER fun episode; I was smiling from the start hearing Kyle's voice. Kirkhope's interview was great fun, and also quite enlightening to hear from a guy with such a long resume. The point about vgm introducing many people to various different styles of music was a good one, I don't think I had really thought about that (apart from game music orchestral concerts). I'm very fond of VGM's own original voice, so to speak, via chiptunes, but that's a good point. Lastly, the playlist is working it's magic again, I know Kirkhope mainly as the Banjo-Kazooie or DK Rap guy (funny music), but I'm getting a lot out of the orchestral pieces on the playlist. "Dalentarth" especially reminds me of some of the Finnish compositions in the classical field that I enjoy. I do feel the need to investigate further.
  6. Though since the Yuzo Koshiro tune is from 1991 and Janet Jackson's song is from 1997, it obviously goes both ways.
  7. Curious thing.. compare Janet Jackson's "Together Again" to Bridge Zone from the first 8-bit Sonic. At least I get a kick out of the similarity of the first half of the chorus, with Together Again being from 1997. Was it perhaps picked just because of that, or is this just a happy coincidence?
  8. Thanks for sharing! I like following homebrew stuff so I appreciate.
  9. I'm super-appreciative of this being a solo-guitar arrangement. It's quite simple (perhaps deceptively) but it certainly holds together without bells and whistles. Very human, makes me want to pick up the acoustic!
  10. Didn't get much more done yet, unfortunately. I'll try to hammer down a complete structure and fill it in after that.
  11. I got great feedback from Jorito and just took a fresh listen after a break; I know several things to try with track, and with the deadline that far back, I feel pretty good I can get the piece into a good shape!
  12. I've got a little bit done, but I think I'll need at least a week more. @AbsoluteZero that's looking quite good to me!
  13. Here's the notes that apparently fell through the cracks (though the write-up is now quite funny): "This summer our family has been spotting flowers, which is what this song is about. The lyrics consist of a list of Finnish wild flowers. The arrangement was done together with Birgitta Susi, who sings. We picked some tunes we both liked from ilomilo as sources. She thought Esther might like hearing a child's voice in the song, so there's the daughter and me talking a bit about the flowers in the background." There was a bit in the call-out e-mail about reaching out to artists who weren't exactly obvious choices. I never figured I was one of them! I wouldn't say this was out of my comfort zone but I guess it's different from my previous submissions. Big part of course is that it was co-arranged with Birgitta; we are long-time collaborators. It's great to have the album out!
  14. Aw. Should've gotten on that sooner. BTW, got copy-pasted twitter stuff from last episode in the top post.
  15. For the rainy music playlist, I suggest Dew Point from the brilliant soundtrack of the brilliant Risk of Rain.