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  1. Mega Man X: The Sigma Fortress Remix Gauntlet 2015

    We used both for Rolling and the 2nd stage theme for the others.
  2. OverClocked Podcast - 22 - Joe Walker

    Nice that the direct link is an actual link now, it makes downloading on the phone much easier! You have TotalBiscuit's Twitter link there, I'm assuming it's left over from last week.
  3. My schedule is clogged as well. It would be fun otherwise. I still listen to my rRPC vol. 1 pieces and think I should finish them & submit to OCR.
  4. Okay, finish your Syreen mix then!
  5. Was SD mr. Molina's German false identity all along?
  6. 25 Years of Fire Emblem- FINAL CHECK-IN: JULY 1ST

    I should be able to make that. I feel bad for not being able to work on the song for so long, but I should have a bit of time in the end of June to remedy that.
  7. OverClocked Podcast - 20 - Sir_NutS

    Nice that you featured Radio SEGA, I try to catch Sega Mixer Drive whenever I can. Cool interview & nice to hear a bit more about Sir_NutS' album! I notice there were no secret songs this week, are you rotating the segments a bit? Nice to hear the Playlist is growing in popularity, it is actually quite fun to hear everyone's suggestions and make one's own. You get to hear a good bunch of stuff you wouldn't necessarily otherwise. Percussion, huh. Need to think of it. I have one but I feel it's too obvious (or like someone else will suggest it anyway).
  8. OverClocked Podcast - 18 - Eimear Noone Pt. 1

    Ah, I should also mention I did check out Level because of the Solo Track here and I liked what I was hearing, I'll be checking out the podcast more. Kind of have been getting into this podcast thing more thanks to listening to OCPC.
  9. OverClocked Podcast - 19 - Eimear Noone Pt. 2

    Nice lighter episode, it worked. Noone's interview was indeed worthy of getting out in full (or so), and the decision to split it in two was a good one methinks.
  10. SEGA Steam Hub

    That's just nuts. And brilliant.
  11. Older game

    It's good to put the game title on the thread title.