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  1. Invisible Concrete - Mega Man 9 Remix

    Sounds like the basis for the song is quite solid, the arrangement structure, drums bass etc are in a pretty good place. It has some flaws, but I largely enjoy it. Biggest problem to me is that the piano lead is quite mechanical on monotonous as the lead for the most of it. Basically all the sections that aren't led by the piano sound really good to me. The second problem is some of the writing has a couple of things that hamper the flow of the melody. 0:26 the "other" piano note/chord sounds strange, like it was too close to the lead melody note. I like the backing piano 0:30-0:37. Maybe the "lead" piano didn't need to play that little bit of the melody (or it could be played by another instument). The way the lead piano is used from 0:43-1:07 sounds good. The off-scale note on the piano 1:10 sounds really ulgh to me. The wind instrument writing in 2:07-2:37 bothers me a little; the way the melody starts (every four bars) on a little higher note than expected (man I need some better vocabulary to express this). It feels like a good idea but maybe the backing chord doesn't fully support it? I think it sounds the nicest after 2:22 when the synth comes in to double it (and the sound is really nice there too). Generally there's some jumpy intervals in the melody writing here and there, which sound a bit like forced (instead of natural) variation. I could agree that the drums are a little bit stiff/blocky. The main snare seems slightly high-pitched/could have a "darker" EQ/could be slightly lower in the mix so it wouldn't punch through the mix quite so eagerly. There's some woody percussion during and after the wind instrument solo that sounds good but would improve a lot with some velocity humanization. This really nitpicky though. The intro is a bit sparse, esp. 0:08-0:22. Not that everything needs to be filled up, but there could be something, like the bass could build up to a cool bass fill in the end. (Could also perhaps jump to the next section at 0:15 already). Generally the soundscape is really nice. You have some great support synths/lines going around the mix. Looking at the judging of the first iteration, you've improved the mix well in that front. It still has a kind of solemn, spacious feel overall, but definitely not empty. I liked the ending!
  2. Final Fantasy III (Finish Song or Risk Being Cut)

    Ack, Room, not Cave indeed.
  3. Final Fantasy III (Finish Song or Risk Being Cut)

    Tuberz delivered like a badass on the Crystal Cave Room track. More than I asked for actually, like is usual for him. I just need to find the time to set it all in place soon so I can share it on the project forum.. !
  4. OC ReMix Reddit AMA planned for Tue., Feb. 23rd!

    Sounds like fun!
  5. Request for permission to play your music

    Dunno if my stuff is any good for your purposes, but you have the permission to use it. Anyway, I would guess OCR's content policy works in your favour anyway?
  6. Castlevania remix (CoD & AoS)

    Cool atmosphere. I really like how downplayed the drums are. Our five-month old seems to like the robovoice, she's laughing when listening to it.. (I agree it's quite shrill).
  7. Mega Man X remix (X3 & X7)

    Cool track overall! I like that the lead sounds have a "robotic voice" kind of quality to them. It's very appropriate. The melody, in fact, has a mechanical feel throughout, which is also appropriate, but I could stand to hear a bit more changeups, variation etc especially rhythmically and velocity-wise here and there. It gets a bit monotonous as it is. I don't like some of the turns of the melody, some bits feel aimless. About 1:18-1:21, 1:33-1:36 & the corresponding parts in the later chorus, 2:53-2:56 feels quite random. 3:07-3:13 is better, but still kind of "ungrounded" in the writing. I like the part with two voices in between.
  8. Final Fantasy III (Finish Song or Risk Being Cut)

    Somebody claim Crystal Cave. That's a great source.
  9. CD Baby False Claims On YouTube

    If you release stuff through OCR, you've agreed to the content policy and it is effect for your song. Releasing your music through other channels doesn't invalidate the OCR's content policy, right?
  10. Global Game Jam 2016

    A friend was the programmer for this one: Coffee Time - worth checking out, it's quite funny! Got a great reception at the jam site as well.
  11. PRC315 - Dreaming of A Fast Race (F-Zero X)

    Ha, I remember hearing an arrangement of this in @KyleJCrb's GameFuel F-Zero special. Pretty rocking track I have to say, interesting to see what comes out of it!
  12. OCR03299 - Mega Man 4 'Flight of Rock'

    Nice energy and beats, some nice stuff and detail on the background. I have to say, I was really, really hoping for some variation on the lead sound before 2:30-ish (very nice stuff after that!), it would have improved this track considerably!
  13. Super nice work. Usual Tetromino tightness, but I do think I enjoyed this arrangement from them the most so far. There's tons of variety in the arrangement, my favourite is the ominous synth + heavy drums and bass section. I did think the ending was quite sudden, I was fully expecting a coda to wrap things up when that happened. In any case, a tight, super enjoyable version of a classic theme! (btw the "Download MP3" box shows an incorrect length on the ReMix page)
  14. Sign me up for the 5/4 and 7/8 sequels!
  15. Nice going! I appreciate the invite, but being swamped with other tracks to finish (and having no personal connection whatsoever to this particular FF) I won't be claiming at this point. Doesn't feel necessary at this rate!