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  1. FWIW Fire Pro Wrestling World seems to now have the functionality and the mod tools to do this, judging from a distance: https://retronauts.com/article/504/fire-pros-journey-through-early-access-continues-with-new-update A mod with the characters as wrestlers + the tunes as the intro music for them, you guys should have that as part of the release.
  2. I thought the piece worked very well, and the source (and its treatment here) is a particularly good fit for the genre. Good job!
  3. Well I thought this was great! Nice sounding tight rock arrangement, and a very fun and bright tune! I'm enjoying the mood of the track right now so much. Thanks!
  4. Love the game. Some of the tracks are very nice on the OST, I'm not always a fan of mr. Hakulinen's harmonic writing but there's a lot of cool ideas and moods. I've been thinking of doing something with 'Progress', it has a cool shift in the rhythm. Here's a link to the OST:
  5. Still looking forward to this album. (insert joke about the album being slow to arrive, you know, racing games and all)
  6. I truly appreciate the freshness of the arrangement approach to the source tune. It's fun to hear it interpreted in a pretty new way. HL's arrangements always so well considered, each line sounds like it has given a lot of consideration individually, but also how they work together. I need to make some notes.. Finally I'm reminded, by the tones of the chip leads and also the richness of the part-writing, two great retro-style soundtracks: VVVVVV and Shovel Knight, which I also appreciate!
  7. Gorgeous work, an obviously loving tribute. It goes by like a moment.. I too am listening to it many times in a row.
  8. This is an enjoyable take on the source material. It is rocking and energetic, but at the same time it has this nice floaty, even gentle quality. I did like how the outro emphasized that 'gentle' aspect of the track. Nice work on changing the timpani to guitar as well!
  9. This was a fun arrangement to hear as a huge fan of FF4 and its soundtrack, a really cool variation on the original. It made me smile. The pacing was fairly deliberate, especially the chiptune sounds kept a fairly even energy level throughout. I can see where the comments about perhaps being a bit too steady come from, but I enjoyed the approach overall. I thought it never going absolutely crazy was a valid way and made for a particular listening experience.
  10. I'm reading up on Fire Pro Wrestling World.. when this is out, someone needs to mod in the Castlevania characters with the tunes from this as the intro tracks.
  11. This was a good episode. "A Personal Note" is missing from the writeup above I believe. I quite appreciated the focus on a specific composer, it's an interesting viewpoint and a great addition to the lineup of segments. I found the use of Japanese honorifics in English a bit weird. That's a little thing. More importantly I didn't really know Kikuta's career path and realized I'm mostly aware of Secret of Mana and its follow-up, and it was nice to learn a bit more. Looking forward to the next installment!
  12. I really liked this episode. Laura's segment was fairly epic in many ways and greatly enjoyed the ride. I got an arrangement idea out of it too. Cool playlist as well.
  13. Really cool track! There's indeed a lot of mileage wrung out of the sources, and it goes by pretty fast, you just want to listen to it again. I absolutely love the fiddle, but there's cool trading licks between the sax as well, sweet usage of the skids sfx, cool Seeeegaaaa at the start.. what a great way to open up the album, and the track stand on its own as well!
  14. I liked the scale here, taking its time before the vocals hit, the lush soundscape and the kind of maximalist arrangement and all. I thought there might have been some off notes that didn't feel good to my ears, but I'll need to get a better listen and timestamp them and so to be sure. I thought the style went well with Katamari for sure. Lyrics are fun and they look kind of unsingable, but flow really well.
  15. Ahhh, duh, of course. You should have totally denied that Genesis track though.