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  1. Classic Mazedude goodness. Cool interpretation, even literally, it's a good point that this transforms the soundscape to something quite a bit more chilling. I'm playing the game right now, I remembered Mazedude made an arrangement so had to seek it out and give it a fresh listen.
  2. Ads on OC ReMix YouTube Channel

    The transparency is appreciated. I don't really see any potential problem with the non-profit separate entity stuff now in effect (mega-yay for that!).
  3. 74 - Halloween Special 2

    Phan-tom-tastic and funny episode.
  4. Not cool bro panel.

    I've been boring people in creative fields by going on and on about OCR and that's pretty much their comment.
  5. OverClocked PlayList: Obscure Music

    Aww, I'm sad I missed this theme. Nice selection though. Happy to see Michał Wasilewski there (Violett). His soundtrack for Millie is great, haven't actually listened to Violett yet.
  6. Very nice, very pleasant. I see the point about harp and violin competing for the same sonic space, though I kind of perceive them as the same part rather than different parts I was needing to hear separately. Overall the mixing was impeccably balanced, background instruments in the background and leads alternating with clarity and variation. The bass sound is surprisingly treble-y, it kind of calls for attention to itself and made me expect it making some more active movements, like fills and what not here and there. That was a slightly missed opportunity I felt. Can't really think of anything else to criticize here. I like the fake string section taking lead in places, it's a mushy instrument but the rest of the arrangement ducks away to give it the space it needs. Violin sounds lovely, the (subdued) trumpet sounds lovely. Lots of participants in this mix but everyone is following the same shared vision. Nice game/series/platform pick as well for sure.
  7. OverClocked PlayList: Game Boy Music

    Trip World, nice. Here's my pick for the racing playlist: Mmm, the days of having just got the shiny new original DS. This used to catch my ear.
  8. 72 - Emily McMillan and Joe Chen

    Good episode! I get a lot out of Behind the Lines, and Laura is always fun to hear outside of the segment as well. Also apparently Stardew Valley has some good musics.
  9. I like this, super-effective, punchy and funky. I only listened after reading the write-up, but the piano does sound exactly on point with the style. Being less mechanical might even make it less effective. I did play Chip's Challenge back in the day, but didn't actually have a soundcard then, so the music is still unfamiliar to me!
  10. This is a cool, light-footed take on the fantastic original, and it fits very well, yet is surprising. I like the combination of chip-style instruments, particularly the drums with the rest of the instrumentation, it's very effective and fun. Some dissonance that didn't work at 2:05, the final guitar note feels very unresolved and sorely sticks out. The pacing is a little steady for the length perhaps, but I enjoy the duration, and I liked the ending to wrap things up.
  11. This is powerful and effective, there's nothing here that doesn't need to be here. I could spot a few places where I could tell it was sequenced guitar (after reading about the fact in the write-up), but only a few, and to me it all sounds good anyway. The solo around 1:30 is super sweet.
  12. Chrono Cross Remix Project - cover art in first post!

    Just to break Brad's posting streak, I'll mention I've updated my track based on judges' (+ Jorito's) feedback and I'd like to say it is much improved.
  13. A Tribute to the SNES by the OC Jazz Collective

    I've missed this announcement - and I welcome the information!
  14. Great jazz, cool rapping. I like how the chord change / dissonance thing at 1:03 etc has a huge, huge pull begging towards resolving. I think the harmony is a bit different from the source? In a way that emphasizes the pull even more. I don't think there's really a conflict between rapping and jazz here, but it's more of a case of having a long stretch of instrumental sections and then just a couple of verses at the end (not the only OCR with vocals that does this). The spoken word bit at the beginning helps a bit by foreshadowing it, but I still feel the balance is off structurally. Regardless, a mighty fine arrangement of the source, it's genuinely funny (I find the mild crassness amusing for the source material too) and arrangement fits the music and the game very well.
  15. FWIW Fire Pro Wrestling World seems to now have the functionality and the mod tools to do this, judging from a distance: https://retronauts.com/article/504/fire-pros-journey-through-early-access-continues-with-new-update A mod with the characters as wrestlers + the tunes as the intro music for them, you guys should have that as part of the release.