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  1. 81 - Sir J

    I can't believe I forgot to comment on this. First off, great, fun interview with SirJ. Great just to hear from him. Show was kind of short of a segment but I actually don't think it brought it down a bit. The show felt refreshed from the break.. I think particularly the ReWind. Transitions between pieces were much better than they were at least some time ago, and some of the comments were really funny, like mini skits even. Looking forward to the next one!
  2. Cool track that is at the same time atmospheric and has a hard-hitting edge. The main melody is very memorable and it's well used in the arrangement. The transition calls a lot of attention to itself, it's not like a smooth seamless transition, but I like djp's description of it, to me it feels like it achieves what it sets out to do and sections the song into parts very definitely, and I liked it. The guitar sound itself sounded a bit 'contained' to me, instead of being impressively aggressive, but at the same time I suppose it's more part of the style that was gone for and it sits fine in the mix once it's less exposed after the transition.
  3. PRC368 - The Planet of Bamboo (Freedom Planet)

    Not going to participate (though I'd sure like to), but I was inspired to pick up and play the game for a couple of more levels. It's a good one!
  4. 80 - Daniel Ran

    The link text is right, but the actual link points to the previous episode.
  5. 79 - MAGFest 2018

    Oh! I forgot Specter of Torment was 2017, it's probably the other game of last year I played (and finished too). Clever pick from @Jorito and also it's no surprise you're leading with Sonic Mania.
  6. PRC364 - The 14th Anniversary (Free Round)

    Sadly it turns out I have no time for this this time around..
  7. From the point of view of a patron of this site, I would personally say OCR should definitely be open to posting long-form pieces as long as they fit into submission guidelines. There's a strong recommendation of length between 2-7 minutes, but that's still just a recommendation! Longer stretches of music are more difficult to pull off, but there's a ton of value there if it succeeds.
  8. Love the style. Very effective transformation of the source, the union of the beat, the atmosphere and the synths with the original tune works both ways. I do like the simple source, so I'm quite happy to hear a version that retains some of its feel, is very recognizable and yet covers plenty of new territory. One good example is how the bass moves to introduce harmonic variation that briefly changes the 'emotion' of the tune, and then returns back to the solemn single note bass. I also liked the ending, it feels like a transition out of the tune, which works nicely in album context.
  9. PRC364 - The 14th Anniversary (Free Round)

    Planning to participate. It's been a year ...
  10. Classic Mazedude goodness. Cool interpretation, even literally, it's a good point that this transforms the soundscape to something quite a bit more chilling. I'm playing the game right now, I remembered Mazedude made an arrangement so had to seek it out and give it a fresh listen.
  11. Ads on OC ReMix YouTube Channel

    The transparency is appreciated. I don't really see any potential problem with the non-profit separate entity stuff now in effect (mega-yay for that!).
  12. 74 - Halloween Special 2

    Phan-tom-tastic and funny episode.
  13. Not cool bro panel.

    I've been boring people in creative fields by going on and on about OCR and that's pretty much their comment.
  14. OverClocked PlayList: Obscure Music

    Aww, I'm sad I missed this theme. Nice selection though. Happy to see Michał Wasilewski there (Violett). His soundtrack for Millie is great, haven't actually listened to Violett yet.
  15. Very nice, very pleasant. I see the point about harp and violin competing for the same sonic space, though I kind of perceive them as the same part rather than different parts I was needing to hear separately. Overall the mixing was impeccably balanced, background instruments in the background and leads alternating with clarity and variation. The bass sound is surprisingly treble-y, it kind of calls for attention to itself and made me expect it making some more active movements, like fills and what not here and there. That was a slightly missed opportunity I felt. Can't really think of anything else to criticize here. I like the fake string section taking lead in places, it's a mushy instrument but the rest of the arrangement ducks away to give it the space it needs. Violin sounds lovely, the (subdued) trumpet sounds lovely. Lots of participants in this mix but everyone is following the same shared vision. Nice game/series/platform pick as well for sure.