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  1. @Noaxzl Welcome! I recommend joining some competitions to work those skills back up. In addition to the bigger tournament compos that happen a couple of times a year, People's Remixing Compo and Meat 'n' Potatoes are constantly ongoing, and don't have a high bar for entry. You also get some nice feedback along with the votes! Check out the competitions forum!
  2. I'm flattered that you keep putting me on the list but alas, I'm still tragically short on musicking time as it stands..
  3. I'm late to this party! code: 3926-9690-9134
  4. I did just vote. Bit short on time so I didn't type down any feedback, but maybe I'll find the time later and post it in the thread.
  5. Really cool arrangement. Some of the chords feel a little "stilted" (f.ex. 0:49) to me here and there, think it could flow a bit better. The glitchy bits are really cool, nice variety of sounds. I do find the sidechaining rather excessive and pumpy in these sections particularly, to the extent that it is uncomfortable for me to listen on headphones. It's unfortunate that it's taking attention away from what is actually happening in these sections rather than highlighting it. The lead is a tad loud towards the beginning (0:38->) but it's a very minor thing and doesn't make the piece at all less enjoyable. Desipite the crits, very nice debut! Also, impressively creative on a well-trodden theme.
  6. @DimeTower said it very well. The pacing of this piece is excellently measured, the structure is creative but cohesive, the harmonic writing is non-straightforward but doesn't lose direction, the sound is very good indeed. Nice work!
  7. My 2016 playlist pick is "Grass" from Gebub's Adventure, music by Marius Masalar. Cool Between the Lines segment, with a subject I wouldn't have even thought would be interesting to be honest, but it was. Laura is good. I liked the pretty relaxed interview, how there was so much chat about xmasy VGM in addition to the album release (which was cool to hear about, especially so many artists happily coming onboard). Keep up the good work guys!
  8. Sounds like a nice turnout coming! I submitted mine a couple of days ago.
  9. I have 14 seconds down and I like it.
  10. I want to be Spencer Nielsen when I grow up. Luckily, he provided a lot of advice how to do that. Great way to open up the part 2: "Sonic CD!" Here's my playlist submission: http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR01304
  11. I hope I can find the time to participate!
  12. Very nice chippy treat here, not expecting much less from Mr. H. Lemon. There's a light-footed drive in this tune, very floaty but energetic. The source combination works seamlessly, for me Aquatic Ambiance is a natural fit too. Switching the bass sound to FM bass between parts was a cool move.
  13. A little off-topic, but I'd like to provide some project files as well, if you think that's fine for the remix_attachments thing. Most of my Renoise project files happen to be self-contained, in the sense they work without needing any plugins or sample libraries apart from Renoise standard stuff. I realize this is not the case for most project files. Most of mine are also quite small in file size.
  14. Very pleasant and "together" track. Pretty easy to listen to, but has also a cool, curious vibe. Nice upright bass, nice lush sound overall. I suppose the source combination is seamless, since the track sounds very cohesive.