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  1. SEGA Steam Hub

    That's just nuts. And brilliant.
  2. Older game

    It's good to put the game title on the thread title.
  3. Mega Man X: The Sigma Fortress Remix Gauntlet 2015

    'Rolling' is edging towards completion...
  4. OverClocked Podcast - 18 - Eimear Noone Pt. 1

    This was a great show indeed. I really like what you've done these past two episodes to shake things up a bit and improve the podcast. Keep going!
  5. Psycho Pinball - Circus Table

    Many thanks @Eladar for great feedback! Good to know about the percussion feeling repetitive, I think I'll put a bit more effort into it. Very good analysis of the structure - I'll think of something for the intro and especially outro for certain.
  6. I've played and enjoyed (and completed!) Quest for Glory 1 (the VGA version) but strangely enough I must have played without music.. perhaps it was before I got a soundcard (oh man, the ancient times). Got some cool ditties in there for sure.
  7. Psycho Pinball - Circus Table

    WIP (2016/04/15) Mixing improvements. Close to finished I think, I need to consider the mixing of the bass end, I'd be interested in thoughts about that (and the mixing in general).
  8. MnP 52: NieR - Grandma

    Nothing wrong with 8min+ pieces!
  9. Sorry, forgot to reply. Yeah, this thread is pretty quiet, it'd be cool to get it rebooted sometime. The thought of the initiative was games from 2000 and earlier. Touhou is mostly after that right, and the earliest games are for PC98? (By all means go for it anyway!)
  10. Well, by this I was inspired to map out my own odd time signature plan of an arrangement for this source.
  11. OverClocked Podcast - 17 - WillRock

    Wrong direct download link. I like that the show evolves, I liked what I heard in terms of segments and structure. WillRock07 interviews great, his self-deprecating humour is always fun to hear (it's comforting that guys up his level also feel outclassed by other artists).
  12. OverClocked Podcast - 16 - Tetrimino

    Twas indeed a top-notch interview. Really cool to hear four people who know what they're doing and are good at it discuss what and how they do in detail.
  13. OverClocked Podcast - 14 - Brandon Strader

    I didn't know Mazedude was German ... Fun interview with Brandon! Great vocals from Cheryl. Looking forwards to the full album.
  14. Final Fantasy V: The Fabled Warriors

    Very eager to hear Sixto's take on Lenna's theme.
  15. I don't have the time to check this out right now, but really looking forward when I get some peace and quiet, maybe in a couple of weeks, it'll be so nice to check this out then, it'll be quite a special moment I know!