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  1. The tunes are up on bandcamp: https://shnabubula.bandcamp.com/album/vgmcast-vol-6 Videos are forthcoming as well I believe. I caught a bit before going to bed, great to have VGMCAST back! Need to give the latest set a little more focused listen, but I liked what I was hearing (no surprise).
  2. I didn't sign up, @DarkeSword, I just voiced my appreciation. Sorry I wasn't more clear about that! I truly wish I had the time! It sounds like it's going to be a blast.
  3. Here's the Final Fantasy source on Youtube:
  4. Don't forget to take my claim off.
  5. Unfortunately I haven't been able to touch the project file (no time). I'll get to it as soon as I can. There's not that much to do, so I should be able to finish it before the final deadline. But I'll try to get an iteration out for feedback sooner.
  6. I submit a track from Lagrange Point, the title theme "Theme of Isis": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GAuZHQjOhKI (I am assuming you include Famicom here)
  7. It's not a waste if it adds value for you. I don't think I've ever sold or let go of any game I bought, apart from a bunch of DOS games, since the boxes are so big it's a storage problem. Most of those I'm now bummed I threw away (but I really didn't and don't have space for them, so..). I've started messing around with the old 486 and there's just something about it compared to messing around with DOSBox that's quite pleasing. It'll be interesting to see if any of the floppies for my remaining DOS games still work and I can install them from there. This is fun to gush about when you do have friends that care about the same stuff (plus there's Twitter and stuff online), social context for this sort of thing is quite good to have.
  8. I meant to post a recommendation for Pixelated Audio, but noticed they have a new episode up and instead started listening to it. Not really what you're asking for, but everybody else is recommending VGM-related stuff too.
  9. Very nice take on the well-trodden themes! It's creative, but kind of not in-your-face. For instance, I was appreciating the subtle melody alteration of the SMB1 main theme once I saw it pointed out by DaMonz but I didn't notice it casually. Similarly, the fireball sound usage is fantastic! It's like a ska/reggae guitar chord on the upbeat. But if Sir_NutS hadn't pointed it out in the judging, I probably wouldn't have noticed right now. The mastering is a bit loud for my tastes, and I felt the arrangement was a bit on the short side actually. Perhaps I also agree with the nutty one about SFX usage in the sense that a little reprieve from it before the final bits would've been nice at one point or another, but I thought the musical integration was really well done, even the "it's-a-me" at the beginning with the rhythmic stuttering done to it. I thought the choice of the beat was good as well, it was an element that transformed the sources on its own as well. Good job!
  10. I remember this from the WIP boards and I'm so glad just to see it up posted. The live takes really did end up sounding so much better. It's a warm and fun track, and I'm heavily appreciative of the story behind the arrangement as well. Good work and hoping to hear many more!
  11. Oh man. I remember seeing this arcade game in the wild back in the day. I don't think I played it, but it's very memorable. Some Matt Furniss goodness here! (If you like his stuff you should check out this Pixelated Audio episode!) Sounds like this tune is exclusive to the Atari ST version ... he seems to have written a different intro tune for Atari ST, Amiga, DOS (groovy monophonic bass riff there!), Commodore 64, plus one that's shared between ZX Spectrum and Amstrad CPC. That's crazy! Crazy awesome, I mean.
  12. That's good news @pu_freak of you joining as a director! On a bluesier note.. I think I'll better drop the claim for Mystic Invasion. I have ridiculously little time for music recently and too many project claims just waiting forever to be finished.. but I also had this really clear, inspired vision of the way I would arrange the track, and now later I have no idea if I'd have what it takes to realize it. So I think it's better to not take up the space, so someone else can grab the tune and do something great with it. Good luck with the album!
  13. I wouldn't say the FF music research thread was a "favourites thread" in the sense of people just listing favourite tracks. Everyone was adding meaningful discussion about their picks.

  14. FFIV has a ton of amazing music and it was my second JRPG after Mystic Quest, so it made quite an impact. In fact, I have trouble remembering music from FF6 because that earlier experience with IV was still towering over it. Doesn't make a lot of sense with some distance & objectivity now, but there it is. Anyway, to pick a specific track.. I always recall "The Lunarians", not because it's the flashiest or the most catchy piece, but because it's simplicity and atmosphere were quite striking combined with the story and visuals associated with it, and how it's barrenness also stuck out from the rest of the soundtrack. Like "Another Moon", it captures the "magnificent desolation" of moon landscapes. edit: I think it's circling 5/4 rhythm combined with the gratuitous use of delay also help to set the mood.
  15. I heartily recommend checking out the My So Called 8-Bit Life podcast episode. Great talk, I personally took great pleasure from hearing about trackers and BBSs, the really oldschool stuff since that was definitely a big part of my nerdy youth too. But also great bits about composer response to American Album, plus I really appreciated hearing about difficulties when writing the American Pixels (time/motivation etc).