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    I'm from Cleveland, Ohio, USA, currently living in Kagoshima City, Japan and teaching English. I enjoy fantasy literature, science fiction, video games, video game music, and martial arts.
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  1. I'm going to second what avaris said about the length and add that I think too many artists think they have to hit at least four minutes, if not five or six, and it really isn't necessary most of the time. Like a good story, a song should only be as long as it has to be.
  2. There are certain songs that I associate with seasons. To me, this captures the soul of summer.
  3. This one is really nice. Sounds like night-time city-driving. A definite download!
  4. The louder notes seemed to get a little too blaring at times, but other than that this is a really beautiful arrangement and a definite download for me
  5. I wasn't really feeling this remix, but I do like seeing Legend of Dragoon on OCRemix. It's also great to see that I'm not the only one. I mean, there's a guy named Melbu Frahma below me You, sir, are representing the Cause.
  6. I first heard Uematsu's work playing Final Fantasy II (IV) in my best friend's basement. This was 1992. From that point I knew that video game music could inspire and move me. It drew me into the story of the game and was, in a way, it's own character. In high school I would put a tape recorder up to the TV and record my favorite Final Fantasy songs from the speaker and listen to them on my walkman. Now, years later I am still a fan. I love his work and I love how it inspires so many people. This community is a testament to that. Here's to hoping I'm the lucky guy to win
  7. I lol'd at about 1:57 when the Samus theme comes in for a moment sounding weak and tinny, then it kicks back to the drums with some maniacal laughter
  8. I was discouraged by the comments and I guess it's my own fault for reading some of them before listening to the song, but.... Guys, this is fucking hilarious! I laughed the whole time. I'm not sure I'd like to hear more remixes like this, but goddamn, you all had me rolling. Also, was that Flik at the end? The voice sounds like the one from the Link plays guitar at Hyrule High School. Bad ass. EDIT: Apparently Flik was the one needing people to sit on his crotch or something. Oh boy. Guys, let me just say one more time that this is fantastic, deserves to be on OCRemix in every way, and that if more people had a sense of humor the world would be a better place
  9. This definitely brings back the intensity of storming Hyrule Castle for the first time. "Someone should crib these decision threads, compile, and write a short-lived sitcom called "Oh, You Judges!" that no one finds funny except for me and the guy who writes Marmaduke." Pretzel, please never change
  10. This is one of my favorites off the FF4 Project. I feel like it's a really good battle theme. Weapons flying, people doing acrobatics trying to kill each other, magic exploding, and duels with people moving at super speed
  11. I feel like I could hear this on the radio. I really like it! Nice use of the source. I think your vocals really compliment it
  12. Apologies, but I thought this was the weak point of an otherwise wonderful album. I enjoy a lot of the silly mixes like Team Gato and that Zelda one of the guy singing about his life in Kakariko Town, but I felt like this one tried too hard. I skip it each time I listen to Echoes. I don't find it musically pleasing and I don't really find it entertaining.
  13. I really enjoyed the original track in the game. I thought it was airy and lonely and fit the setting perfectly. This remix definitely sticks with the same theme for me. I enjoyed it on Humans+Gears and it's one of my favorite pieces between the two CDs. The style kind of reminds me of some of the tracks in The Journeyman Project which is really awesome
  14. This was awesome and hilarious! I can just see some country Hyrule guy out there looking at the chickens in his yard thinking the bushes need trimming and singing to himself. Contrary to what others have said, I think the voice fits and when it goes up on Hyruuuule and schooool I get a kick out of it. We need more fun mixes like this, Music of my Groin, and Team Gato
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