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  1. Fixed a lot of what you said, the kick still needs a bit of tweaking I think. Added some CT samples, not sure if it's too much yet. Fixed Choir attack, and gave it more opera hall kind of feel after finding some better vst's online but, I really don't know what you mean when you say "Wide Panorama for Snare." Very new to sequencing. All in all great advice and thanks for listening! Star Stealing Princess of Zeal Artist - EchoGhost
  2. Thank you, I'm still working on it. I think it's definitely come a long way and your advice is very sound. I agree with all of it lol. Thanks for listening and the feedback. More updated version is up!
  3. Star Stealing Princess of Zeal Artist - EchoGhost616 Very VERY rough version, no where near complete. Drums are definitely not concrete, just threw a beat in to help myself. Trying to get a bit of feed back. Thanks guys!
  4. This will be my first "Official" Remix I've ever completed. This is the ocean palace theme with a club sound to it. Let me know what you think and give me some feedback please! Soundcloud - EchoGhost616 Ocean Palace - Ocean Palace Remix