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  1. Thank you SECRENT SNANTA for the album and for making me laugh pretty hard!
  2. Oh. Snap. That time of the year already? Ahhhh yessssss
  3. Enemies will shoot at you, but you can't pick up their guns to shoot back. I was waiting for reviews to hit before I bought, but somehow I found myself playing it on release day. I think it's a huge improvement over the first game. The story is still garbage, but at least it's charming garbage. The game found a style and they run with it (pun def intended), which I think was the best approach. Mirror's Edge is far more about the zen of running through a modern futuristic cityscape than it is about anything else. Because of that, the open world is such a good change. A couple of times I found myself running in circles, but I didn't really care because the running mechanics were so satisfying. It looks like EA put a lot of money into Mirror's Edge which made it a pretty decent game, but unfortunately I don't think it's for everyone. It scratches all the right itches for me, but it's not a game that I'd go out and immediately recommend to everyone. But, if you like the first game, you'll love the second.
  4. Hey, I've been listening to Seven Places and 24 Shades at work recently.  Been really enjoying your futuresque style.  Reminds me of Custom Robo and the Robo Factory from Chrono Trigger.  Good stuff. :nicework:

  5. Thank you Flexstyle! I love it. Sorry it took so long to post. Holiday stuff got in the way. These are some awesome albums. Eye of the Storm has been a favorite of my group of friends since it came out, and I've enjoyed RAM/Immersion for far too long without actually owning them. I've never listened to The Chemical Brothers so I'm pumped to try it! Haven't had much time to listen to it due to the holiday, but I'll be going through all my music soon. Again thank you! Hope you had a Merry Christmas!
  6. I have received confirmation that the package is at my parent's house! I will be there tomorrow evening to open it. Super excited!
  7. I also got you some Riot Points! PMed the redemption code. Merry Christmas!
  8. It totally doesn't, so I'm lounging over in the "Aeris" camp. Brought some marshmallows. I think Garpocalypse brought the graham crackers. Someone bringing the chocolate?
  9. Just shipped mine through Amazon. Had something in mind I would have liked to include, but it would have been too awesome! (...or it would have put me past my budget ) There's a digital code to send your way too, so message me when you get the package and I'll reply with the second half!
  10. Every story ever made is a variation of some other story. The same goes for music, art, or any creative work. The details are what vary and make a piece of work "new." Nostalgia sells, but that's not all that is considered. I agree with what AngelCityOutlaw said. I mean, take Tangled, Tangled takes Rapunzel and makes it its own. Tangled is still very much Rapunzel, but it has a considerably different flavor, which prevents it from being "Another telling of Rapunzel" while still keeping the core themes and narrative intact. FF7's remake has a rich background to pull from. I'd say that there's plenty of room for a successful take on the original story, while being true to the themes of the first. The new FF7 will be different, but that doesn't mean it won't be good. Just different. Whether or not it will sell well is something else entirely. I get the feeling that fans will buy it regardless of how it's received. The Hobbit trilogy sold well and those movies were major flops for hardcore fans. I went to see all 3 movies even though I had issues with them. If I had a PS4, I'd probably get FF7's remake, even if it was reviewed poorly because the idea of wandering around a setting as interesting as FF7's with modern graphics is really appealing.
  11. My gift should be shipping soonish. Finals are next week so I haven't had time to think about this much. You WILL get it before Christmas! I think I gave my parents address so if you're shipping something physical to me, the soonest I'll get it will prob be around the 23rd when I go home for break ...fxsnowy, is that comic book nintendo official?
  12. Aaaah!
  13. I am so down. Love doing this. I got to excited and forgot to add some stuff to the "type of gift" box. I'm not overly picky. Creative/homemade gifts are really cool. Mass Effect themed gifts will probably net you an unabashed squee. Really looking forward to this!
  14. Happy N7 Day guys! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! I love this trailer. It looks like you're getting to Andromeda on an Ark ship, which is what I was hoping for. I love they used femshep's voice. I love the early space exploration footage. I really really like the direction it seems to be headed. I love the focus on exploration. I squeed for a good minute after the trailer. I hope they keep the same musical style from the first trilogy. We haven't heard anything on the music, but it was part of what made the series unique.
  15. This is really helpful! Sounds silly, but I've never thought of the lead sound as a "leading" sound. Always seemed like the sound you use for the melody line. Thanks for the feedback! The fresh perspective has really helped. This last week's been busy, so I haven't had the chance to work on it yet. I'll hopefully be posting some adjustments in the next few weeks.