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  1. Platonist - Stop

    Very Nice!
  2. Hello fellow ReMixers! I would just like to share my latest album Endless Time! Enjoy!
  3. Cinematic Studio Strings Released

    Just bought it! The sound is precise, clear and lush. With all the articulations you can create some of the most authentic sounding string lines imaginable! It does use quite a bit of ram with all the mics activated however it barely uses any cpu. A 3.5gb patch only uses about 7% of my cpu 10/10
  4. John? John Williams? Is that you? Only criticism is that is sounds a tiny bit too quantized and midi-ish. Other than that it's perfect!
  5. Original Epic Track

    Sounds pretty generic imho. The samples sound super fake and quantized and it's a bit distracting. As for the composition itself, it's ok. There really isn't anything that takes me away or is memorable. The strings and and horns seem to be playing the same melodic patterns throughout the entire track and therefore they would benefit from more melodic development. Despite all this I will say the track was arranged fairly nicely!
  6. Bring It On, Summer!

    Pretty good! -The piano at the beginning could stand out a little more in the mix. -Overall the mix is a little quiet. -Cymbals have a little too much hiss and high end imo. -The panning of the instruments is very well done.