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  1. OCR03480 - Metroid I & II "Cazador de Recompensas"

    You are a very silly person and I think I like you.
  2. OCR03426 - Pony Island "Diabolus ex Machina"

    You silly, twisted boy,
  3. Framerate limit

    Actually, it's quite simple to tell the difference - Coke has much stronger carbonation.
  4. The play, stop and pause buttons beneath remixes.

    Still, makes a guy wish there were more than effectively one OS to work with. The culprit is called 'Cache Killer.'
  5. The play, stop and pause buttons beneath remixes.

    I had a cache cleaner add-on, that was causing the problem. Hey, I can admit my mistakes.
  6. Lufia 2 - The Sorrow of Parting Cover

    Well, he did say he was doing it primarily to get back into things, so I think he's just showing it for the sake of it.
  7. The play, stop and pause buttons beneath remixes.

    Chrome and Windows 7. You couldn't pay me enough to use 10 - It's like someone said to themselves: 'Hey, this touchscreen stuff kicks ass. I bet it'd make a nice OS for something that isn't.' I can mouse over them, but if I want to actually listen, I have to use the YouTube play button, which defeats the purpose..
  8. Why do you have them? They don't work. They never worked
  9. OCR03292 - Final Fantasy VII "Holding Hands"

    Hardly a glowing endorsement, but whatever.
  10. OCR03292 - Final Fantasy VII "Holding Hands"

    Autotune is a tool for people who can't sing, and want to point this out to people.It's an insult to the ear and to the skills the artist does possess.
  11. OCR03292 - Final Fantasy VII "Holding Hands"

    Autotune lyrics? Nope.
  12. OCR02490 - Shadowrun 'Running the Cyberpunks'

    Personally, I thought the Genesis version was more true to the subject-matter, but they were both good.
  13. OCR00531 - Final Fantasy "Trancelude"

    I'd like to leave a reviewish-type comment about this, but being as it's thirteen years old, any issues I have would be unfair to bring up.
  14. Compatibility (Microsoft Edge) "Windows 10"

    I'm sorry, I'm just not used to the concept of Microsoft potentially doing something right for once.
  15. Compatibility (Microsoft Edge) "Windows 10"

    Microsoft's browsers are generally bloated messes; far too large, far to slow and usually need repairing, as you personally can attest. You can - and should - do better. Chrome and Firefox are small and quick. Not a massive pile of extras and bloatware, just slick, quick browsers. You'll never go back to IE.