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  1. The artwork looks great! (goddamn Yomi though, that little asshole )
  2. Super proud to be involved with this and I'm looking forward to hearing the final versions of everybody else's tracks! It's been a blast
  3. I hope this is the right forum for this query! I've recently joined a band (called Powerhouse, plug plug plug) which plays 'heavy metal/nerdy ceilidh' music - we take traditional and non-traditional folk tunes and mash them up with TV theme tunes, videogame songs, heavy metal tracks, movie themes, etc. We're looking at recording a short EP of some of these mash-ups so that we have something to promote ourselves with and look to get more gigs, but it seems that the copyright/permissions stuff is an absolute minefield, especially if you want to put songs up for free streaming/free download
  4. Ideally somebody who's a lot better at recording acoustic guitar than me! That aside, a flautist (to record flute parts) and somebody to give me feedback on the structure/composition would be good!
  5. I'd love to tackle Return to Mother Earth (Ending/Credits) but I'll need a couple of people to collaborate with on it (not sure I can do it justice on my own!) Got the beginnings of a fairly straightforward acoustic guitar version of it, so if anybody else wants to join in and make it a team effort shout up
  6. Fantastic news! Looking forward to hearing everybody else's tracks
  7. To echo @Supercoolmike - I'd love to know if there's any plan to start this back up again and get it across the finish line. Any news, @Odai?
  8. I'd be very happy to see somebody pick up the admin reins on this - spent a bunch of time on my track, and getting something onto a Final Fantasy OCR album has very much been a bucket list goal for a while! I've got no issues with you taking charge, @Meteo Xavier
  9. Hey, everyone! My band Child of Ash just released our first demo today, featuring drum programming by OCR's own @Katamari - super heavy, atmospheric, crushing black metal with some bleak and meaningful subject matter to boot. Check it out if any of that floats your boat! The demo is a free download on Bandcamp (or you can pay what you think it's worth): https://childofash.bandcamp.com
  10. Oooh, yes please! I absolutely adore this game and soundtrack - could I claim A New Hope/Sultana Dreaming? Aside, I cannot wait to see what Oa does with Nobility Sleeps because that is basically a perfect piece of music, don't @ me
  11. Just going to chime in as well to say good to see some life! I've been wondering how things were going with this - fingers crossed you get things sorted with the family, @Odai, and we can press on with unleashing this goodness on the world Cheers!
  12. Bumpy bump - I've done a version 2 of this (with added bass, ambience, extra bits) which I'd consider ready for review! Feedback greatly appreciated
  13. Hey up everybody - so I've been fiddling around with this for the last few weeks and figured I'd throw it up for any feedback/thoughts that people might have. It's a 7-string guitar, heavy, atmospheric, RIFFZ version of the absolutely excellent Mt Gagazet theme from Final Fantasy X which I have affectionately titled 'Riff Mountain' just because. There are a few fudged notes so I'll be re-recording chunks of it, I've not done a great deal of mixing on this and it has no mastering whatsoever because that's an arcane and unknowable art to me, but nevertheless- feedback would be appreciated! I thi
  14. Just to echo Chris above - has there been any update on the status of this album? Just want to make sure I've not missed anything - I've got a WIP that I'm happy with and I think just needs mastering, so would be good to know what's happening with the project. Thanks!
  15. That is a crime! I would be more than up for trying to do a proper, Ennio Morricone-style version of this... *adds it to the backlog*
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