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  1. Definitely happy to be involved in this new iteration of the album - have messaged about the track I previously had claimed, and I'll happily tackle another one if there are tracks available
  2. To echo @Jorito - I had a track all but finished for this, it was just waiting on some assistance from the previous project directors with mastering. I'd love to have that on the album, but I might be able to pick up another one as well if necessary (and depending on what sources are available!)
  3. The artwork looks great! (goddamn Yomi though, that little asshole )
  4. Super proud to be involved with this and I'm looking forward to hearing the final versions of everybody else's tracks! It's been a blast
  5. I hope this is the right forum for this query! I've recently joined a band (called Powerhouse, plug plug plug) which plays 'heavy metal/nerdy ceilidh' music - we take traditional and non-traditional folk tunes and mash them up with TV theme tunes, videogame songs, heavy metal tracks, movie themes, etc. We're looking at recording a short EP of some of these mash-ups so that we have something to promote ourselves with and look to get more gigs, but it seems that the copyright/permissions stuff is an absolute minefield, especially if you want to put songs up for free streaming/free download online - we're based in the UK, so PRS is the main body we'd have to deal with, but it's a nightmare figuring out what we can and can't do. We were discussing this and it got me thinking - OCRemix is obviously cleared to post adaptations of copyrighted material for free and put them on Youtube/etc. Does anybody know if the OCR community operates under some kind of fair usage rules that would also apply to us? We'd be applying for a licence which would cover the sale of physical CDs at our gigs, but there must be some way that we can release stuff for free on the internet without getting DMCA/takedown notices from all of Hollywood/major record labels/videogame companies, right? I don't even know how we'd start asking Universal Pictures for permission to use the Back to the Future theme in a song... I suppose one option would be to try and get one of our songs submitted to the site (we have a version of the Chemical Plant theme from Sonic 1 for heavy metal guitar, accordion, flute, bass and drums...) so we can just point people to that, but that's obviously not a given... Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
  6. Ideally somebody who's a lot better at recording acoustic guitar than me! That aside, a flautist (to record flute parts) and somebody to give me feedback on the structure/composition would be good!
  7. I'd love to tackle Return to Mother Earth (Ending/Credits) but I'll need a couple of people to collaborate with on it (not sure I can do it justice on my own!) Got the beginnings of a fairly straightforward acoustic guitar version of it, so if anybody else wants to join in and make it a team effort shout up
  8. Fantastic news! Looking forward to hearing everybody else's tracks
  9. To echo @Supercoolmike - I'd love to know if there's any plan to start this back up again and get it across the finish line. Any news, @Odai?
  10. I'd be very happy to see somebody pick up the admin reins on this - spent a bunch of time on my track, and getting something onto a Final Fantasy OCR album has very much been a bucket list goal for a while! I've got no issues with you taking charge, @Meteo Xavier
  11. Hey, everyone! My band Child of Ash just released our first demo today, featuring drum programming by OCR's own @Katamari - super heavy, atmospheric, crushing black metal with some bleak and meaningful subject matter to boot. Check it out if any of that floats your boat! The demo is a free download on Bandcamp (or you can pay what you think it's worth): https://childofash.bandcamp.com
  12. Oooh, yes please! I absolutely adore this game and soundtrack - could I claim A New Hope/Sultana Dreaming? Aside, I cannot wait to see what Oa does with Nobility Sleeps because that is basically a perfect piece of music, don't @ me
  13. Just going to chime in as well to say good to see some life! I've been wondering how things were going with this - fingers crossed you get things sorted with the family, @Odai, and we can press on with unleashing this goodness on the world Cheers!
  14. Bumpy bump - I've done a version 2 of this (with added bass, ambience, extra bits) which I'd consider ready for review! Feedback greatly appreciated
  15. Hey up everybody - so I've been fiddling around with this for the last few weeks and figured I'd throw it up for any feedback/thoughts that people might have. It's a 7-string guitar, heavy, atmospheric, RIFFZ version of the absolutely excellent Mt Gagazet theme from Final Fantasy X which I have affectionately titled 'Riff Mountain' just because. There are a few fudged notes so I'll be re-recording chunks of it, I've not done a great deal of mixing on this and it has no mastering whatsoever because that's an arcane and unknowable art to me, but nevertheless- feedback would be appreciated! I think it's decent, I'm just not sure whether the arrangement is where it needs to be. Cheeeers!
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