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  1. Hey everybody, here's a major update. Short term sad news, long term good. My time has been waning a lot recently, as you've probably noticed by my lack of posts. The majority of my input has been behind-the scenes, while my glamorous assistant @Trism has been dealing with the front of house, as it were. Unfortunately, as things stand, my handle on the little I've been able to do has loosened a lot now as well. Without going into too much detail, life just has a way of making things impossible sometimes and priorities are thrust upon you rather than letting you choose your own. THEREFORE: Rather than let this project and all the fantastic work you've all done so far slip into obscurity, I've decided to hibernate it for the timebeing. I figure that voluntarily putting a pin in it while I clear my theoretical desk is a far better option than let the ship run adrift without a captain at the helm. Thanks for the support so far, folks, we WILL be back. This is just something that has to happen for now
  2. @Jesiah, I completely and wholeheartedly agree with @Jorito's response and if mine adds weight, I'd like to share my thoughts. I have a mac with pretty much exactly the same specs as you described in option 1. And though it's a brilliant piece of equipment, I'd have bought the more powerful one in hindsight. A couple reasons prevented me at the time, budget and requirements (this was about 2/3 years ago). And to be totally fair the one I bought was a dream. It's easily good enough for moderate to advanced tasks, curving downards in performance just a smidge for the really intensive ones. or when running multiple programs heavily. But my horizons (and therefore my requirements) were broadened. Nowadays... though it's still a brilliant machine, and I still love it like a brother (Don't you diss my Mac!) , I wish I'd waited and saved a little longer. But at the time, I didn't have time to wait. Swings and roundabouts. In short, when thinking of one's profession, Always buy the most expensive (read advanced) equipment you can afford. Option one will do what you need it to do, option two will laugh while it's doing it.
  3. I gotsta say, I'm not a fraction of the hyped I expected to, or should, be. Am I missing something? Diehard Nintendo fanboy here, or so I thought...
  4. MINOR UPDATE Hey folks how goes it? Just a quick reminder that February 1st is the next submission update deadline for like 97% of you. That's just a couple weeks away. It's also the first of the year so let's make it a good 'un Uhhh that's about it! Hope 2017's treating you well, Cheers!
  5. Cheers, that did the trick!
  6. Hey. Is there a way to archive and/or download one's PM history? My inbox is very cluttered and I want to clean it out, but a lot of the messages I don't want to permanently delete as they may be useful to me for future reference. Sorry if this has been covered elsewhere. Cheers!
  7. •*•LONG OVERDUE UPDATE•*• HELLO EVERYBODY!! (that's right bee-hatches, two exclamation marks, count 'em) I've been away for a little while now, what with one thing and another. My day job, getting sick, and most recently a broken computer have been conspiring to stop me from doing anything on here. But my day job has calmed down, I'm not sick any more. and my computer's been repaired. So now hopefully I can jump back in and actually directly contribute to the project I'm directing. I apologise to everybody who's been wanting to speak to me. I also owe a debt of gratitude towards @Trism who has once again stepped up to the mark in my absence. As a co-director I couldn't ask for much better. Without you guys this project wouldn't be doing so well. I'll be PM'ing everybody individually over the next couple days; just to discuss the track you're working on, and how to kick off the new year after the inevitable holiday calm period. Moving onwards, a bit of news/info on the album's progress. We now have: 14 complete tracks 4 Tracks that are so near completion, they're basically complete 12 tracks well into the WIP stage. Unfortunately, we've had three tracks revert to unclaimed. They are: xx Beruga - Claimed by Ganaé Freedom Castle I've listed them in preferred order of claim if anybody's interested. If you're not familiar with Terranigma, a couple of those tracks are especially significant in the game. Despite ending on a negative tip, the positivity of the first batch of info is very encouraging. Everybody appears to be very invested in their remixes, and general morale seems very high. All in all, we're doing remarkably schedule-wise. All going well, and we have no hiccups, I'll be discussing in February with most musicians about wrapping up their tracks and/or requesting all the other things like blurbs, permissions, etcetc. Except, of course for later adopters. Exciting times! Sincerest best wishes to each of you over this festive period, be merry and be safe. and here's to 2017 where we'll be looking at tying this steed up! EDIT: Ganaé has claimed Beruga
  8. For the record, I second @Jorito and @HankTheSpankTankJankerson. Both have worked, and are continuing to work very hard on mine and @Trism's Paths Less Travelled album, overcoming obstacles and persevering with vision in their directions. They're also very skilled at what they do. Also I've worked beneath Jorito on the Sonic album, and it went tremendously smoothly. I think they'll make an excellent pairing to take this album forward. So... yeah. Aaron and Jorrith FTW in my humble opinion.
  9. Cheers Shigsy, hope you have as much joy today as you've shared over the years.
  10. Very cool, and... as I understand is the case with everything in life: one thing at a time. Keep up the good work, and cheers!
  11. Would there be any chance of having pages for visual artists who've contributed to OCRA projects? y'know... just askin'
  12. UPDATE! I'm baaaaack! (hopefully that's not speaking too soon). Cheers @Trism for holding the reins in my absence. You're a gent and a scholar. I still have heaps of life to take care of but you'll be seeing more of me now that I'm able. Lucky you. Turns out there are no official deadlines for November 1st, we're rolling over to December 1st instead. That actually brings everybody in line for the same progress deadlines. except for those rogues of you who submit more frequently because you're insane. But I like a guy/lass who plays by their own rules. Eagerness gets you far. On the downside, two tracks have reverted to unclaimed. That's Beruga and Freedom. I'm officially requesting that only posted remixers or people with full experience make requests for these two tracks, because they're really quite tricky ones. Sorry about that. Moving on! Keep up the brilliant work folks, with the way things are going we'll knock this out of the park.
  13. In all creative industries nothing is ever perfect. "Art is never completed, only abandoned". - Leonardo Da Vinci
  14. UPDATE Hey everybody, how's it going? so... first things first: Sorry for being (apparently) absent for the past nearly 3 weeks. I've had a rollercoaster ride of craziness to deal with in the real world but I've still been right here too, albeit in spirit. Sometimes you just gotta take care of what's right in front of you so you can concentrate on the stuff that really matters, like OCR Anyways, apologies out of the way, I just want to say there's just shy of a fortnight til the next deadline, and it's a big one for the album. A good chunk of you, in fact over a third will (should) be submitting updates. It's very exciting in that it'll really add more structure to the album, cementing a couple distant parts of it together. Some are expected to be completed tracks, some are meaty WIPs, some are even freshly squeezed concepts. Don't know which I'm most looking forward to! I've just finished PM'ing those of you it applies to, so if you have no message from me, you don't need to panic... yet. Anyways, Keep it up folks. Drop me a line with any concerns! Cheers!