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  1. 10/29/17 Changes - Added some strings on the bridges(It's in harmony with the piano in a higher range). - Added a ending(might change it or expanded it later). - Adjusted the reverb on the bass and snare to give a more bigger feeling. Leave feed back below.Thank you!
  2. So my intentions for this was to simulate the feeling of the theme from the snes version, but sound like the one from the HD remake. With the HD remake version the bassline was a constant 2 note line(really boring). I know the ending is really bad so I was wondering if anyone can give me some pointers here. Original Song
  3. WIP Boss Theme

    Hello, I've come to see what else I can do with this track since I've kind of need some input on it. First off, the beginning instrument brass thing if someone has any suggestions other than that I could try that would be nice. Also I was thinking at the end that it would just loop back but, I'm also think of doing a brake and then looping. Post any feedback below please!
  4. SOMETHINGS TO NOTE - It cuts off like that for looping purposes. -All of these instruments are VST's from impactsoundworks. Things I'm looking for - Balance of over all instruments - Does it match its setting (a power plant). - Can it loop properly and seamlessly. - Most importantly is it good to listen to over and over again This is my second favorite track so far I've composed and I think I'm starting to get the hang of balancing. So for the setting or level for this song is a power plant. An area where it has vibrant colors and a mechanical feel to it. So what I've done to mimic this is adding a slight melody under the main using a square wave. I've also gave the lead guitar a more clean sound this time. Feedback on this is appreciated and I'll reply to any questions.
  5. Original Song : I know it just kinda ends but for right now I want to get the balance right.
  6. Snow Ahead (Train Level)

    I've updated the track with most of the changes mentioned above except for the last trumpet part and the repetition. I'll definitely redo the trumpet part once I get some time.
  7. A track featuring a lead trumpet, metal guitars, drums, bass, piano, strings, and a music box. At a steady 160 BPM I wanted this track to have a sort of train rhythmic pattern with the drums and rhythm guitars. I also wanted this to loop somewhat good so that's why is kinda abruptly ends. The set peice for this music that I'd imagined is a train plowing through snow mountains(An arctic feel).
  8. This time I've taken a very underrated tune from a underrated megaman series Something about cold man's music really struck since I kinda if have a thing for snow levels in games. Any this time around I've wanted to take the route of trying to remaster the track and note do anything too crazy. I've expirement with the stereo settings in Fl(I never knew they even exsisted) and I think it really makes sounds more fatter and spread out. It's the first track I've made that utilized this.
  9. Thanks for the feedback. I'll be sure to try and implanted those changes as I rework this
  10. Just a sample track from an album I'm working on. The music is inspired from the mega man zero games.
  11. Just something I wanted to arrange for a while. Original Track
  12. This is a nice idea you got going on here. The drums are really nice. The bass seems to be a little to loud and often covers the main melodies in the song. Also the pad you have going is a nice effect but, I feel it should be quieter because it sometimes overshadows the melody. The piano should be brought out since it's the instrument playing the lead part. Overall really good.
  13. Song Here Changes - I've made the bass part more prominent and have more pop. - Added a trumpet part to the melody in some parts. - Added a tambourine. - Added some strings. - Made the piano part more stronger in parts where it should (Ex. At the end and at the beginning of certain phrases). - I've also removed a slight distortion in the clarinet(It sounded really muddy and gross) Feedback is greatly appreciated as it helps me get better at arrangements.