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    Early music, trees, mountains, painting, handheld consoles

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    I'm an Australian musician and artist with influence from early music such as Baroque, Renaissance, Old English Folk and Celtic. I upload monthly cover songs to my YouTube channel, and everything (performing, recording, arranging, mixing, drawing/painting, video editing, etc) is done by me. I'm a self-taught singer and I play a varied collection of instruments including the trumpet, acoustic guitar, piano, celtic harp and percussion.
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    EW/QL, tgsf21x
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    Acoustic Guitar
    Vocals: Female
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    Frame drum, ocarina, ukulele

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  1. This is a fun idea! I would buy something like this. Additionally: you could consider doing a series of videos in which you (or someone with a nice speaking voice) reads your poetry aloud. You could have an artist draw up a nice background related to the video game your poem is inspired by, and maybe an OCR track played softly in the background (with the ReMixer's permission, of course). This would serve as a great promotional tool for your published work. I'm not sure of the niche overlap between video game fans, literature lovers, and spoken word pieces, but you never know!
  2. This was really enjoyable to watch, such beautiful work! I was mesmerised from start to finish.
  3. I want to express my interest in participating in this - my genre is early music (celtic, medieval etc) acoustic-based. I'm not sure if that's the type of thing you're looking for on the 'slow' disc?
  4. I really enjoyed listening to this piece! It's very atmospheric so it paints a picture really clearly; a lone traveller in a mysterious, foreign land (perhaps a cluster of floating islands?) is enchanted by the colour and life of the otherworldly music. I loved the change of pace at the midway point. Really well done!
  5. Um, hey! I'm new here (to OCR, not the world of choral music), and I'm super interested in this project. I've been searching for a way to improve my vocal skills in a community, and this looks really fun! I can fit into the Alto or Soprano position; my range goes (comfortably) from the F below middle C, up to D two octaves higher than middle C (I'm not quite up to the "A" you've listed as the preferred soprano range, though). I can read sheet music and I'm flexible with filling parts if needed.