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  1. Might be worth mentioning that cheap weighted keys are sometimes worse than decent semi-wighted. So preferrably you'll want to try out a few contenders in da flesh.
  2. Specifically, I'm wondering how the flutes sound to you? Those are the only parts of the track with actual recorded instruments.
  3. Sweet summer athmosphere, nice choice of sounds and good mix. Feels a bit "stompy" though; too much emphasis on the straight beats. I'm missing some offbeat hihat or syncopated rhythms.
  4. Yeah, 49 is fine for most home recording purposes.
  5. I would replace the piano altogether with a synth of some kind. Too much work making that part sound like a real piano. The guitar part sounds fine to me. What guitar vst/library are you using?
  6. (typing as I listen) I like the varied arrangement. Not so keen on the snares. Too much reverb and too harsh in the attack. I would have chosen another snare sample entirelly. Maybe just a standard 909 to go with the old school vibe. The lead synths are generally great, but maybe a bit too much reberb there as well. Thats all i could think of during the playthrough. Great choice of source material, of course.
  7. What keyboard did you get? A stand is usually a good idea for larger keyboards, but if you can fit it on your desktop that can be better (but the working height might be a problem). I once built a shelf for my keyboard that could be folded up against the wall, so it didn't take up any desktop space when I didn't use it. There are lots of solutions, but it all depends on your desktop situation and your keyboard of course.
  8. Well, with Yamaha you can assume the quality will be up there. And the sounds are retro and cool. But it still feels pretty expensive for what it is if you ask me.
  9. Those two are digital pianos, that is midi keyboards with built-in piano sounds. Probably better to start with a pure usb midi keyboard and some cheap/free soft synths. You can get a usable midi keyboard for like 100 bucks.
  10. Hi! My first post in the workshop. I just finished (I think) some kind of electro-horror-funk-ish remix of the Eerie forests song from the old Amiga game Shadow of the beast. How does it sound to you? Youtube: Soundcloud: Here is the original if someone missed out:
  11. Hi all, Brynolf here! I have been playing around with game remixes for a while, but never joined this place for some reason. Seems like a really nifty community. I haven't created anything worthwhile in a few years, but now I'm trying to get my head back into it. I recently migrated from Cubase 3SL(!) to Reaper and my workflow has improved quite a bit. In the past I have kept to different kinds of electronic music, but I'm more and more opening up to different genres. My tube with my old stuff is here containing mostly drum&bass Mega man and Castlevania remixes. See ya'll at the barricades!
  12. Neat! Love the floatiness of this mix and the variations on the theme. The drums doesn't quite fit in though. Maybe it's the contrast between wet and dry that does it.
  13. Guitar sounds great, the drums sound a bit stiff and programmed though. A bit of that might be remedied by lowering the kick a bit. At least in my speakers, the kick is a bit too much inyourface.
  14. Well played and vivid drum programming (if that's what it is?). A tad too much reverb on the guitar if I have to be critical.
  15. Astounding how well the original melody fits this style. Or rather how well this cover embraces the original, still making it something entirelly new.