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  1. 3. completed Streets Of Rage Keep The Groovin' Remix

    I still need some feedback. What do you guys think of it?
  2. Here's my latest remix, Keep The Groovin' from Streets Of Rage, remixed for the upcoming retro gaming film, Dreamcast Gamer: The Movie. Does this one sound more realistic from my previous remix and different enough from the original to qualify? Also, if I do submit it, what name should I give it? Thanks
  3. 3. completed Street Fighter II Ken's Theme Remix

    Thanks! I'll definitely check that out
  4. 3. completed Street Fighter II Ken's Theme Remix

    Thanks for the feedback! Yeah, I'm primarily a MIDI arranging guy. I use Anvil Studio, a REALLY good, free sequencer. I love VGMusic, but I'd rather upload wav/mp3 files so people can experience the song the same way I hear it. I just downloaded a phenomenal soundfont and I've been working hard on some more remixes so maybe the next one coming tomorrow will qualify.
  5. 3. completed Street Fighter II Ken's Theme Remix

    Yeah, I know it's more of a cover than a remix, but I wasn't sure how I could change the song significantly (that will change as I continue to improve). As for the MIDI sound, I didn't think that was going to be a problem (now that I've closely read those standards, I realize it is). I used my Casio WK-245 keyboard for this and while I know the instruments don't sound that realistic (particularly the guitar), I thought it sounded pretty good (compared to the standard Windows soundfont, anything sounds good). I just bought this a few months ago and I won't be able to buy a really good one until later next year because currently my priority is buying better video equipment for my channel including a $2000 camcorder. If there's a really good/affordable MIDI controller or keyboard you guys could recommend, I'll try to get that first. I have a few completed MIDI remixes/covers that I'd like to post here so that they don't go to waste. I think you guys will especially like my remix of Awaken from Gain Ground and Kim Kaphwan's theme from Fatal Fury 2. Thanks for the feedback! I'm glad you guys still enjoyed them. I'm always open to some constructive criticism and will do my best to continue improving my remixing skills (more covers are on the way for December since they were already completed).
  6. Hello Everyone! I've been remixing video game songs for a few months now and I'm finally posting them here. This is my latest remix, Ken's Theme from Street Fighter II. It's complete, but before I submit it, I need to finalize the name. Currently, I'm referring to it as "Street Fighter II Ken's Theme Hard Rock Remix," but if anyone could suggest a better name, that'd be great. Let me know what you think of this one. I have a few other completed songs that I'll post soon as well. Dallas