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  1. Strongly considering going to Magfest this year. I will have vacation time and I would love to come out and finally meet more people that I have not had the pleasure to meet.
  2. Would I be mistaken in thinking that the choir samples used in this are Cinesamples Voxos?
  3. Good find YoshiBlade. Here's the little Gerudo Valley bit that I mentioned from before (1:04 on video. On guitar part). I've also noticed that it's not on the album version of this tune, but when they play it live they throw it in there
  4. That's the similarity that I was hearing. You got it Skyline.
  5. I've been recently noticing a striking similiarity for a few bars of Maroon 5 Sugar (1:29-1:37 and other points when it comes to this again.) ...and Michael Jackson's Beat It (the chorus in particular 1:26 - 1:40) I have been singing that part of Beat It directly over Sugar when my gf is playing it on the radio...it works perfectly. Yeah I also know this is small, but I can't help but feel that it's a little too similar for coincidence. Also there is a random riff in a Maroon 5 tune where the Gerudo Valley hook suddenly appears and then goes away.
  6. Interesting concept. I do take issue with your decision to encode mp3s on your own. Why can't we encode ourselves? Even though it is technical, this could affect the artistic outcome of the track. Encoding decisions should be left up to the artists themselves.
  7. Already has.
  8. 100% exp bonus this weekend guys...play!
  9. Added myself, I'd add others if I had permission...but i don't so it's just me.
  10. I think the tooltip for it is a bit confusing. I have 5 or 6 points in and it shows 25/30 reduction (not a percentage). I automatically assume it means flat cost. *shrug*
  11. I don't think that it's working properly then.
  12. Does paragon skill of resource cost reduction actually reduce the cost of spells/skills or is that not what it reduces?
  13. Considering reinstalling the game, looks like it's pretty sweet with some of these changes.
  14. Another year, another visitor message. Happy Birthday!

  15. Whoa no kidding, huge load. Great game though.