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  1. i'll be sending out update requests again fairly soon. still trucking along =)
  2. unrelated: topic title made me laugh out loud =)
  3. are PM to: lists limited to five people? i can't tell if it's a bug in how the forum's interacting with Chrome or if it's a hard limitation. the PM system has some issues with Chrome 56 at least. if it's a limitation, can it be changed on a per-user basis? it's hard to communicate with a lot of project members without using direct email, and i'd prefer to use the forum if possible.
  4. i'll send you a PM with a few suggestions.
  5. i am pretty happy with where the radical dreamers collab with @DragonAvenger and @Chris ~ Amaterasu is going! most of the backing track is done and now i am focusing on prepping for adding the vocals and string parts.
  6. 80% of tracks are now claimed! @noTuX just hit me up with a great wip of Forest of Illusion, with a really cool vibe that reminded me of one of my first favorites from this site (hint: the remix number is double digits!). we're down to one slow track and three fast remaining! i should note that while my goal is to have two equal discs, i'm happy to have one be longer or shorter than the other depending on song length. i'm not going to shovel some trash on there to meet an arbitrary track requirement.
  7. i have no wips for that track yet. i'd love to hear it! send it my way if you get some ideas written down. it by no means needs to be full length or anything - just a promising concept.
  8. you know you want to do a track for the fast album... =)
  9. gonna officially write DA and i down for Radical Dreamers. we're doing a chillstep-ish version. got the drums down and now need to work on the build.
  10. it's definitely a pooping game with the length of the fights, but i've found that there's still a lot of strategy there at least once you get to higher levels. it seems like a bit of a slog earlier but i didn't mind since i love the FE games and it was fun seeing the characters i remembered being realized in new ways.
  11. you mean, like, it got caught in the 'whoops i forgot' bin?
  12. i am certain i'm not the only one who's tried this game. how are you all finding it? it's easily the best non-port tactics game on mobile right now, in my opinion, and the freemium aspects aren't really that onerous. if you're not interested in playing several hours a day, it's a solid free game to check out. the animations and art are excellent and the gameplay is typical FE. thoughts? friend codes: prophetik: 7783827320
  13. @DragonAvenger has approached me about doing an english version of Radical Dreamers with me. i haven't heard anyone express serious interest in this song with a wip, so i'm going to pencil us in for this in the short term. nothing official yet since i don't have a wip yet =) i also contacted Merrigan (from my Witcher 2 remix) about doing a track, and she's looking at tracks now, so i hope to announce another track for the slow CD soon!
  14. @Peíorele bringing the pain with the third wip in two weeks! garden of god is taken.
  15. this is a great example of what i'm looking for, thanks. other suggestions welcome, though.