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  1. I need to know if this is normal...

    hey @DarkEco, if you want to bounce ideas off someone, let me know. i'm by no means some synthesis master but if nothing else i've got the music background to maybe explain stuff you're doing unintentionally. music is hard. it's ok to admit that. it's also ok to make music you're not really into just to learn something about it. but i like rozo's comment from earlier - make more pancakes. just get something finished, and then keep finishing more stuff. the best artists compose enormous amounts of content and maybe 10% is what they'd consider to be good, no matter what others say. that's ok.
  2. polyrhythm as a term doesn't necessarily imply any level of difficulty. three over two can be polyrhythmic. if you want to get really weird, charles ives is one of the original classical composers known for doing crazy stuff. beyond that...well, music still needs to be musical, and it's not always easy if you're focused on numbers and not how it actually sounds.
  3. OverClocked ReTreat

    i'm not flying anywhere. if it's not closer than DC to me (Western NY) it'd be out altogether.
  4. Hiya. 8) Still building PCs for pay? 

  5. OverClocked ReTreat

    sounds like you offered to organize! enjoy having a 4k security deposit on your credit card for six months =D i'd be possibly interested (low chance of it working out). it depends heavily on cost and location. i haven't seen everyone since before my kids were born so it'd be real nice to catch up in person.
  6. polyrhythms are just two disparate rhythmic features being used simultaneously. doesn't have to be triplets, duplets, or whatever. crossrhythm is when the clashing of the two rhythms is the point of the piece (see most of the phases that glass and the other minimalists did 50-60 years ago). apples and elephants. just looking at the piano roll you included - it appears you've got a beat every four beats, one every three, and one every two (on the off beat). does that sound right? it's a polyrhythm, yes, albeit a fairly tame one. most of the time when someone bothers to use a big word like that it's for 7 over 13 or something nuts.
  7. Chrono Cross Remix Project - cover art in first post!

    i finished up the final cut of the instrumental version of radical dreamers, with @Chris ~ Amaterasu on the violin as the lead instrument. it sounds great! i also got in touch with JohnStacy and he fed me some delicious horn lead for the instrumental version of the distant promise/garden of gods collab. some more touch-up there (i tuned up the clean part and forgot to do the same to the room recording, so it sounds absurdly out of tune now randomly) and a bit of balancing and that'll be done too. i also sent out nastygrams to everyone that i haven't heard from in a while. hoping to clean this up by the end of january if possible - we're so close!
  8. Chrono Cross Remix Project - cover art in first post!

    @Jorito delivered his synthwave remix of his reminiscing track (yes, remix of remix), so that one's in the bag. i need to re-export the instrumental version of radical dreamers due to a glitch in the audio, and then that one's done too. still moving along!
  9. Cant remember name of game

    punctuation quest?
  10. Chrono Cross Remix Project - cover art in first post!

    i thought he was a trombonist, not a multi-instrumentalist. maybe i will pursue this after all =)
  11. Chrono Cross Remix Project - cover art in first post!

    i've received final waves from avaris and blind, so those are done. here's the state of what's left. wiesty is harassing the last performer to get parts in for his jazz mix jorito's finishing up a final pass on his mix of reminiscing, and also worked up a synthwave (!!!) remix of his remix (!!!) that'll go on the fire album earth kid sent me a great wip for fields of time, so waiting on her to keep moving on that i'm doing final passes on distant promise/garden of gods and the instrumental version of radical dreamers (btw, we're doing an instrumental version of radical dreamers) jeremy fed me a fun upbeat mix of termina - another world. waiting to hear where he takes that track i am considering an instrumental version of distant promise/garden of gods as well, but the style means that the lead instrument would need to be something like a trumpet or horn. not sure i can find someone to play it, so probably gonna shelve that idea.
  12. Chrono Cross Remix Project - cover art in first post!

    it's pretty close already, from what i've heard!
  13. Chrono Cross Remix Project - cover art in first post!

    got a final version from blind for his chronopolis track, and just need a wav to finish that one off. additionally, i put in some serious time and crunched out the vocal processing for my distant promise collab, so right now that just needs some more attention on the mastering and it's done as well. lastly, i heard a near-finished version of jellyfish sea. so we've got several that are closing in on being done. hopefully all three will be done before the end of the calendar year.
  14. Sale/Want 3.0

    mandolin is still for sale, as is my elite: dangerous account. i also have a Dawn of War III steam key for PC - 15$ OBO.
  15. Chrono Cross Remix Project - cover art in first post!

    newcomer @Earth Kid comes through with a killer wip of fields of time! really impressive stuff, filling a big hole for a folky sound on a great track. that puts us at 25 tracks total! the remaining mixers are all solid folks that i trust to complete stuff (or total newcomers i barely know!), so we're still in a good place right now. i'll be following up with people i haven't heard from in a bit next week.