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  1. i owned alessandro labs/grado's music series two for several years and found them to be great, personally. they're not the most comfortable though.
  2. A thank you to the community

    sure, we don't have unmod's gleeful mix of smut, abuse, and humor anymore, but the site's community is still active. just more on Discord is all.
  3. bumping this up. still providing this service, and i'll overclock your system for free if you get a build from me before thanksgiving =D
  4. was this not a good answer? if so, have you tried resetting to factory?
  5. Sale/Want 3.0

    i have a New Nintendo 3DS XL running the homebrew version of the 11.6 firmware for sale if anyone wants it. it has a 128gb SD card that i can include if you want it, else i'll just swap in the 4gb that it came with. i'll include the charger i bought (separately, they don't come with one) as well. 125$ plus shipping gets it.
  6. Upcoming Final Fantasy player - what game should I play first?

    tactics is probably my favorite, personally, especially the war of the lions remake. it's arguably one of the best mobile tactics games you can play.
  7. i've continued to get great updates to artwork from the folks handling the art for the project. both the primary and secondary album art is progressing nicely, and the back cover art and some great site art is done. we're getting there!
  8. Upcoming Final Fantasy player - what game should I play first?

    CT is a top 3 game on most lists all time. if you've not played it, definitely give it a shot.
  9. Upcoming Final Fantasy player - what game should I play first?

    chrono cross is great! =) i hear the music is pretty good. each FF game has positives and negatives, in my mind. it's worth noting that FF4 - especially the updated versions available on modern handhelds - is an excellent game as well, and shouldn't be overlooked. but this is about the 3d games. 7's graphics are pretty poor nowadays compared to any of the other games, but the story is still solid enough and the gameplay isn't as dated as you'd think. the places in the world are well realized as well which is fun, and the music is iconic. i haven't played 8 since high school, but i remember the story being more disjointed. the gameplay was interesting enough and it was fun exploring for magic to draw, and there are some really timeless themes in that game as well. i also haven't played 9 in 10+ years but i remember the characters being fun and the art style being fairly unique among the more modern FF games. i didn't enjoy it as much because i preferred the more serious settings of 7 and 8 over the more extreme fantasy bent of 9. among the PS2 games, X is one of my favorites, and if you can play the PS3 or PS4 remakes it's worth it. the story's pretty solid (only a few leaps of faith needed) and i liked the characters. the addition of voice acting is nice too although it's pretty stilted...if you don't mind listening in japanese and reading subtitles it's better. i really enjoy the battle system and progression system in X as well, and the crossover island/steampunk setting is pretty well done. i enjoyed X-2 more than most - it's definitely more cutesy/fanservice than it is a 'real' FF game, but the dresssphere/battle system is pretty decent (13-2 lite, kinda) and there's some replayability if you like it. XII is a great break from tradition in that the art and style of the game is similar to the older games, but it feels like an MMO in how you roam the world. it's too short, vaan clearly wasn't supposed to be the main character, and the story kinda goes to pieces in the second half, but i enjoyed the gambit system and the characters that aren't 12 years old. if you get a chance to play the newer games, XIII and 13-2 are definitely not as bad as reviews say. XIII holds your hand for way too long (they don't really take the shackles off the battle system until almost 25hrs into the game), but 13-2's battle system, monster catching, and progression are all fun, and seeing the world in different forms depending on timelines is fun as well. i really enjoyed 13-2's battle system, enough that i would consider it to be one of my favorites in the series. if i had to rank 7 through XII, i'd say that i found 7 and X to be in the top tier, 8 and XII in the upper middle tier, and 9 and X-2 in the lower middle tier. i definitely don't think any of them are bad, they all have very specific things that are really awesome about them. i just preferred the gameplay and characters of 7 and X the most. edit: derp, you wanted to know where to start. if you've already seen 7 and 9, IMO X was my next favorite game, so i'd start there, or else maybe go for 8 and complete the PS1 trifecta before moving onto PS2. don't start on X-2 as there's a lot of assumed knowledge of X in the game and some spoilers.
  10. How to set up video chats?

    for future reference.
  11. thanks to a chippy wav from hylian lemon and a slick arrangement of home guldove from OCU, we're down to four tracks left! progressing nicely =)
  12. i've gotten eino's excellently updated wav and also added two of my own, bringing our total finished tracklisting to 15 of 21! we are doing great =D
  13. some updates: artwork is coming along well. i have four artists that i recruited from DeviantArt working on cover art, inside label art, some art for the website, and the two back labels (one for each disc). i still need someone to do the disc art, but the idea i have is fairly simple and i'll likely ask whomever finishes first if they're interested in realizing it. i have demos for three of these and finished for two more, and everyone's been in contact with me with updated WiPs in the last month or so. i have parts out to @Cyril the Wolf for distant promise/garden of gods. once i get his recorded parts, i'll have our singer record, and then we'll be onto final arrangement tweaks and mastering. we've spent some serious time getting the lyrics just right for this one, so i'm excited about how it will turn out. i have vocal parts for radical dreamers from @DragonAvenger and i'm just doing the final tweaks there. i think this one will be buttoned up within the week. the death volcano track is almost there - one more slight adjustment to balances and i think it's done. i've had recent updates on the remaining four of five tracks that are active right now, so we're still on track for having most of the audio done by the end of october. thanks to everyone's hard work! we're on the home stretch right now so i'm excited to power through and finish up the project in under a year since this was started.
  14. artwork is coming along. i have also been progressing on my garden of gods/distant promise collab with @Cyril the Wolf and another, and we've got the structure down to the point where the basic background is with cyril to get some guitars recorded. we still have some great tracks! i'd love to see Dimensional Breach covered before we release =)
  15. i'm including garden of gods in this, since i used the melody of that to make this less like radical dreamers =) it's not really nightwishy as i had expected but it indeed includes rockin' guitars and an operatic singer, so there's that!