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  1. @Theophany has claimed Life ~ A Distant Promise! @avaris has also claimed Jellyfish Sea! i've also marked two big tracks as tentatively claimed (Scars of Time and Chronopolis). we're filling in the tracklist quickly =) also, per reinhold's update, i've contacted members of Game-Art-HQ (of FFIX project fame!) to assist with artwork. so now we've got some people interested in doing art, and we now need a web designer at some point.
  2. some great news on potential remixers who hope to join the project - i'll update as soon as i have wips from them. a few names that people will recognize =)
  3. @Neemux - you are indeed! shoot me a private message and we can go from there.
  4. got a three-fire-emoji.jpg wav from @noTuX, so he's done! also sent a possible wip to @Tuberz McGee so we'll see if that turns into anything. beyond that, we have four or five that are fairly close or waiting on a single recording. i haven't heard from a few people in some time though so barring anything happening there a track or two may become available - i'll post updates on that when it occurs.
  5. hey everyone, if you're looking for a mezzo for your song, janna mckinley graciously offered her services. let me know if you want to get in touch and i'll pass along her contact info.
  6. heard a final for Forest of Illusion today, so as soon as @noTuX gets me a lossless, that one's done! also heard a badass jazz arrangement from @Wiesty that is gonna be a real standout collaborative performance on the slow album. i also have WIPs promised from several people by the end of the month...looking forward to hearing it! my music pc is back in business after some issues with hard drives so i'm excited to get working again as well.
  7. upping the maximum recipients per convo would be nice to let project admins send 'email blasts' to their project members. we used to be able to send 10-15 at a time and that was real nice. an elevated group would be fairly easy to manage there, i'd think, and would prevent that people who have no remixing experience pinging the entire remixer list to join their SUPER MEGA SWEET NEW PROJECT that they abandon twelve minutes later...maybe only after a project's out of the recruiting stage and shows functional leadership? maybe also up the number of PMs you can send in a day, but even that, i dunno. the per minute one is fine.
  8. @djpretzel @Liontamer
  9. i'm selling a key for EITHER ghost recon wildlands or for honor. it came with a graphics card i purchased for a build for a friend who doesn't want it. 20$ snags it. you'll need a geforce-based graphics card to redeem it, or else we can work something out with me logging into your uplay account to redeem it for you if you're ok with that. i am also considering upgrading my cpu, mostly for vanity's sake. i'd be selling my cpu, mobo, and ram. cpu is an i5-4670k, never overclocked. mainboard is a gigabyte z87x-d3h-cf. RAM is 2x 4gb g.skill ripjaw sticks at 1600mhz. i have no idea what i'd sell it for but if you make me an offer i'd consider'd probably be in the 350$ range. note i'm not selling the cpu cooler.
  10. i'll be sending out update requests again fairly soon. still trucking along =)
  11. unrelated: topic title made me laugh out loud =)
  12. are PM to: lists limited to five people? i can't tell if it's a bug in how the forum's interacting with Chrome or if it's a hard limitation. the PM system has some issues with Chrome 56 at least. if it's a limitation, can it be changed on a per-user basis? it's hard to communicate with a lot of project members without using direct email, and i'd prefer to use the forum if possible.
  13. i'll send you a PM with a few suggestions.
  14. i am pretty happy with where the radical dreamers collab with @DragonAvenger and @Chris ~ Amaterasu is going! most of the backing track is done and now i am focusing on prepping for adding the vocals and string parts.
  15. 80% of tracks are now claimed! @noTuX just hit me up with a great wip of Forest of Illusion, with a really cool vibe that reminded me of one of my first favorites from this site (hint: the remix number is double digits!). we're down to one slow track and three fast remaining! i should note that while my goal is to have two equal discs, i'm happy to have one be longer or shorter than the other depending on song length. i'm not going to shovel some trash on there to meet an arbitrary track requirement.