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  1. that'd be awesome! why don't you send me a PM with some additional information like what track you're interested in doing, and we can talk more there?
  2. i'll be getting on everyone who's expressed interest to get me a timeline once magfest's over, so sometime next week.
  3. @DragonAvenger i knew who sent that as soon as i saw the box, haha
  4. i haven't heard anyone send me a wip for Forest of Illusion, so you're welcome to get me a wip (unless someone nabs it first!). don't worry about which disc it'd be on, just get me the music and i'll 'classify' it from there.
  5. @Koriantor gave me two albums of new music that look super cool, and some riot points! perfect digital gift. i have a lot of driving to do this holiday so having new music will be fantastic, and RP is great since i don't buy it myself =) thanks sencrent snantna!
  6. i don't think the delay is strange. this year's biweekly payrolls have landed in awkward places, meaning that if you're waiting for a paycheck to buy stuff (like i did), you either got it on black friday or 12/10, which was much closer to christmas than past years.
  7. the first half of mine was delivered to my recipient, but it's waiting at their post office. i'm all anxious waiting for them to go get it =P
  8. @noTuX, it is! @pu_freak, i'd love to hear it. get me a WiP and it's yours.
  9. speaking of which, when are you gonna hit us up and play? =)
  10. just sent my stuff. international purchasing is hard! but i think i got it working. not sure if it'll be there before christmas, but i hope it will be =)
  11. got a really nice wip for arni village that's basically done. gonna mark it off and just need a lossless to call it finished. edit: also, this means we've got 10/20 tracks taken or finished. not bad, guys!
  12. i don't think it's good. i'll contact you directly.
  13. i use an external interface and like it. i'd suggest something simple in the 75-100$ range. if you've got questions about the rest of your system's compatibility, let me know. i do a lot of builds for people in the community. i can probably help.
  14. been a bit quiet here...looking forward to hearing more updates now that we're through the thanksgiving holiday =)
  15. not a bad idea, and one that i've used in the past. i should give this a try =P