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  1. i've gotten eino's excellently updated wav and also added two of my own, bringing our total finished tracklisting to 15 of 21! we are doing great =D
  2. some updates: artwork is coming along well. i have four artists that i recruited from DeviantArt working on cover art, inside label art, some art for the website, and the two back labels (one for each disc). i still need someone to do the disc art, but the idea i have is fairly simple and i'll likely ask whomever finishes first if they're interested in realizing it. i have demos for three of these and finished for two more, and everyone's been in contact with me with updated WiPs in the last month or so. i have parts out to @Cyril the Wolf for distant promise/garden of gods. once i get his recorded parts, i'll have our singer record, and then we'll be onto final arrangement tweaks and mastering. we've spent some serious time getting the lyrics just right for this one, so i'm excited about how it will turn out. i have vocal parts for radical dreamers from @DragonAvenger and i'm just doing the final tweaks there. i think this one will be buttoned up within the week. the death volcano track is almost there - one more slight adjustment to balances and i think it's done. i've had recent updates on the remaining four of five tracks that are active right now, so we're still on track for having most of the audio done by the end of october. thanks to everyone's hard work! we're on the home stretch right now so i'm excited to power through and finish up the project in under a year since this was started.
  3. artwork is coming along. i have also been progressing on my garden of gods/distant promise collab with @Cyril the Wolf and another, and we've got the structure down to the point where the basic background is with cyril to get some guitars recorded. we still have some great tracks! i'd love to see Dimensional Breach covered before we release =)
  4. i'm including garden of gods in this, since i used the melody of that to make this less like radical dreamers =) it's not really nightwishy as i had expected but it indeed includes rockin' guitars and an operatic singer, so there's that!
  5. probably just gonna ask around on discord when i get a chance, but i figured it was worth complaining about since others likely had seen or thought the same thing.
  6. as a project manager, i'm looking to fill a specific stylistic hole i've found in the tracks we have so far, but it's difficult to do so without the ability to search for things tagged for specific styles or genres. that's my use case in this scenario.
  7. i might be ignorant, but - is it possible to use the tags under remix details to look for remixes in specific styles or with specific tags? i don't see any use of those right now. for example, the first remix in the list has this for tags: Genre: Cinematic Mood: Dark, Quirky Instrumentation: Bells, Brass, Choir, Orchestral, Organ Additional: Usage > Halloween how can i search for quirky, or halloween, or cinematic?
  8. @OceansAndrew's version of ephemeral memory is done!
  9. marking scars of time (featuring @Tuberz McGee) as finished!
  10. additionally, a friend of mine approached me about realizing some ideas he had for death volcano, so that one's gone too.
  11. a distant promise is now taking by myself and a few collaborators. hoping to do a metal/orchestral take on it, a la nightwish or epica.
  12. we've had two people drop out due to various issues, so garden of god, island of the earth dragon, the termina tunes, and life - a distant promise are all now available. we did get one new mixer thanks to @Hylian Lemon taking one of the victory tunes! =D
  13. gonna be following up with people on the WiP date, as i didn't get a whole lot of updated stuff over the last week.
  14. nabeel, this is actually pretty doable. the thing i'm not sure about is the RAM prices, since they've been heavily in flux over the last 6-8 months. next year should bring some interesting options to the CPU market as Intel claps back at threadripper and ryzen, and SSD capacity per dollar just keeps going down. IMO the RAM would be the most expensive part, since you're looking for really high-density options, but it depends on how much "a lot" of m2 storage is, and if you actually want 128gb of RAM. if you're talking several TB of storage, then that's going to be the priciest part, mostly thanks to mobos not having enough m2 slots to allow for lower-density options. then again, next year's a long way off. this would cost some dough, of course, but i think it might be less than you think. ping me with some harder details - minimum core count and cpu speed expectations, storage sizes, etc - sometime early next year and we can go from there. these kind of builds are more fun since it's not just taking the standard stuff and setting it in a big case, so i like the prep on them =)
  15. the PSU on your system was significantly more than that build needed since you'd mentioned wanting to upgrade the GPU at some point. i don't remember specifically what CPU you have, but you could drop a GTX 1060 in there pretty easily and not have power issues still. a 1070 might be pushing it. normal 7200rpm drives draw less than 20w per so you're fine to add them as much as you want.