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  1. i use an external interface and like it. i'd suggest something simple in the 75-100$ range. if you've got questions about the rest of your system's compatibility, let me know. i do a lot of builds for people in the community. i can probably help.
  2. been a bit quiet here...looking forward to hearing more updates now that we're through the thanksgiving holiday =)
  3. not a bad idea, and one that i've used in the past. i should give this a try =P
  4. maybe if he spelled the name right? miyakan vs mikayan. my person described three vastly broad interests with like four words. sadface. hopefully i don't double up on something they already have!
  5. FFX isn't on your list, and the hymn of the fayth is often performed in a chant or chanter setting. also, assassin's creed II has some chant in the final fight and in the chapels, as does assassin's creed II: revelations. don't remember if brotherhood did.
  6. sounds great, dude! i haven't gotten anyone talking about it that i remember, and i haven't received a wip for it so it's still up for grabs. make sure you get the right dragon-related track, there's like twelve =P
  7. steven's going to get me a wip next week after the holiday. also, drowned valley is done, electro toms and all. think cuzco's water stories album combined with an snes.
  8. hey man, shoot me a pm and we can talk about what we're looking for. i can't listen to youtube at work but i'll take a listen later. also, seminal =)
  9. only a few more days to get involved =D
  10. i'm interested in a 3ds. don't mind if it's older. pm with price and condition please. don't know if i'd need games yet, i have only a few specifics i want to play on the console.
  11. *shrug* i get an idea, i write it down. it's not like i haven't been thinking about this project for a while =) i do really like relics of the chozo.
  12. drowned valley's taken.
  13. i've got four lossless finals done already. looking for more people to pick up tracks!
  14. sounds good, let me hear it and we can go from there. my track for dragon's prayer is mostly done, maybe just needs some cleanup and we're there.
  15. i would love that! i'd love it even more if it's a fast track, which we're currently a bit low on =P