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  1. nice work everyone! the album sounds fantastic =)
  2. I want to build you a computer

    could definitely be power if you pull the gfx card and it's suddenly alright.
  3. I want to build you a computer

    you don't upgrade laptop components. you buy a new laptop. the parts are welded to the mobo usually.
  4. I want to build you a computer

    sounds like the mobo to me, but no way to tell for sure without really digging in. is this the one i built for you way back in the day? i don't remember the 90 number on it, but if you give me the number i assigned to it, i can look to see what the parts are and if anyone had similar issues with your stuff.
  5. Need a recommendation for a surround sound headset

    good to know. i guess i'll be sticking with my current headphones (which seriously make me look like a 14yo kid who likes those dorito taco bell things and CoD).
  6. Need a recommendation for a surround sound headset

    no one uses these?
  7. Sale/Want 3.0

    sure, whatever. i haven't booted it in, honestly, a year or so. if i want to do music again i'll just install another SSD on my main computer and dual boot into w7 set up for it.
  8. Sale/Want 3.0

    both the MS store credit and the game are gone. i am, however, continuing to debate selling my music workstation. it's an older i7 (8 cores @3ghz) and 16gb DDR3 ram, with a couple TB of storage and a discrete graphics card for multi-monitor setups, in a really over-large rackmount case. it still handles large projects pretty easily, thanks to the huge amount of cores and the excellent i7 architecture, but would get blow up by any current i7 on the market.i could sell it within driving distance of rochester ny for probably 400$ OBO, or shipped for 50-100 more (i'd need a new case for it) plus shipping, likely around 30-40$ for a system of this size. i'd be amenable to trades as well, since it's just taking up space and i don't have any sunken investment in it. it is, however, way more computer than you could ever get for 400ish$, so if you're interested, let me know and we can talk it out. edit: forgot to mention that this is basically a perfect slave machine if you want to get into that kind of setup. tons of cpu power, no fancy extra crap.
  9. I want to build you a computer

    it's a corsair 500r. ton of room in that case. the side panel swooshes add a ton of space in the back, which is nice for people with way too many spare bits in a case. i didn't post them because i took few of the final stuff. this is it without the 8 sticks of ram in it, so pretty much done. still can't believe i hid the thunderbolt cable as well as i did. that's the rainbow cable next to the GFX card. for a non-custom wiring job, i think it turned out darn good, especially considering the amount of crap in the case. the optical drive could have been cleaner if i'd put it near the GFX card, maybe, but i wasn't in the mood to move it again.
  10. I want to build you a computer

    for some reason i transcribed skylake into i7 in my brain, and i don't know how. that's like apples and dishwashers. skylakes are doing nice because haswell-e is really only a power-user cpu, and skylake as a whole is totally worth it too. not a lot of people need the extra core, and you're right - they don't overclock without some effort. they're not particularly practical for most users because of the lga2011-3 requirements.
  11. i'm looking to upgrade from my current 2.0 headphones (which i love) to a set of surround sound headphones. i've had the x12s for about four years, so i'm out of touch with the market on gaming headsets. i'd love some suggestions. what do i need to look for? is there a difference between 5.1 and 7.1? i've heard that 5.1 is actually unique drivers whereas the 7.1 version is simulated. is that the case? any suggestions on comfort of fit? i'm not overly concerned about the price as long as it isn't bananas - i use them every night so i care more about comfort and consistency than everything. if they work with an XB1, that'd be awesome.
  12. I want to build you a computer

    new computer? =D nice! honestly i don't find the i7 stuff available now to be that overpriced for what it does. the 5930k is selling at about 580$ with an MSRP of 595$, so maybe i don't know what you mean?
  13. Lightning's Modeling Career

    that's fair. i don't get the uncanny effect as much because i don't know lightning in any perspective other than those games, so i guess it doesn't bother me as much.
  14. I want to build you a computer

    ssd's the way to go, and i don't think i did anything too crazy with those cables. just some wire ties, i think. just make sure you've got an equivalent power connecter nearby and accessible and you'll be fine. make sure you've got a SATA-III cable too (6Gbps, not SATA-II, which is 3Gbps). they should say on the plastic casing around the cable.