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  1. Chrono Cross Remix Project - cover art in first post!

    proving that there's always room for good music, @Jorito has come through with a wip of a fun pop ballad of "Reminiscing ~ Uneraseable Memory"!
  2. Chrono Cross Remix Project - cover art in first post!

    quick update - our cover art is done! and in the first post to get you excited =) shaun's track is nearing completion. heard another wip last night and it's a great chilled-out track with fun vocals layered in. i talked to blind a few weeks ago and he's chugging along. the collab on Distant Promise is almost there - just waiting for the singer's audio guy to send me a better render of the vocals, and we'll be off to the races there. lastly, wiesty and company are almost done with their jazzy mega-collab as well. we're so close! just gotta finish off a few more tracks =)
  3. Focusrite/Audacity/3rd Mic

    are you sure you've set audacity to have the right number of channels? i'm assuming you'd have either 3 in mono or 6 in stereo. it's in the first or second settings tab, i forget which.
  4. Sale/Want 3.0

    3DS sold, so next is my mandolin and some gaming stuff. you pay shipping. my mandolin is a vintage a-type Kay mandolin, manufactured in the 70s (probably?). it comes with a pick holder, a simple case, and some picks and strings. my daughter is big enough to reach it on the wall now so i need to move it (don't have space for storage). also, i suck at fingers are too big =) additionally, i'm selling both my thrustmaster t-flight hotas x joystick and my elite: dangerous horizons account. i got both to play elite but it never clicked with me, so i'm interested in moving both. the joystick sells for 55$ or more on amazon, and the game is usually on sale for about 40$ with the season pass (which is included in the account). i'll take 40$ and 35$ respectively, or 60$ for both. the joystick has maybe 10 hours of use on it, if that.
  5. Sale/Want 3.0

    reducing it to 105$, and including the charger and 128gb SD at this point. just want it gone. edit - sold.
  6. Chrono Cross Remix Project - cover art in first post!

    @Steven Melin comes through with an incredibly beautiful arrangement of one of my favorite OST tracks of all time, Dimensional Breach! it's done so i'm marking it as such. edit: that puts us at 18/23 tracks! we're doing well. waiting on avaris, blind, wiesty and company, chris (for the instrumental version of Radical Dreamers), and the singer for my distant promise collab =)
  7. title says it all. where do you get your used music software from? alternatively, where does everyone go for deals on music software? i use amazon for the big stuff but there's gotta be more sales out there that i'm missing, and smaller distributors don't really update their prices there often.
  8. i owned alessandro labs/grado's music series two for several years and found them to be great, personally. they're not the most comfortable though.
  9. A thank you to the community

    sure, we don't have unmod's gleeful mix of smut, abuse, and humor anymore, but the site's community is still active. just more on Discord is all.
  10. bumping this up. still providing this service, and i'll overclock your system for free if you get a build from me before thanksgiving =D
  11. was this not a good answer? if so, have you tried resetting to factory?
  12. Sale/Want 3.0

    i have a New Nintendo 3DS XL running the homebrew version of the 11.6 firmware for sale if anyone wants it. it has a 128gb SD card that i can include if you want it, else i'll just swap in the 4gb that it came with. i'll include the charger i bought (separately, they don't come with one) as well. 125$ plus shipping gets it.
  13. Upcoming Final Fantasy player - what game should I play first?

    tactics is probably my favorite, personally, especially the war of the lions remake. it's arguably one of the best mobile tactics games you can play.
  14. Chrono Cross Remix Project - cover art in first post!

    i've continued to get great updates to artwork from the folks handling the art for the project. both the primary and secondary album art is progressing nicely, and the back cover art and some great site art is done. we're getting there!
  15. Upcoming Final Fantasy player - what game should I play first?

    CT is a top 3 game on most lists all time. if you've not played it, definitely give it a shot.