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  1. Too many projects in general

    finishing a project of any kind is a skill. it's one that takes repetition and focus to improve at. the best advice is just to buckle up and finish your stuff. i make a point to always finish every track i ever work on, simply because i don't have the time to goof around with stuff i don't care about. if i'm working on it, it's gonna get done, or else it was nothing more than a waste of time. if you're not motivated enough to finish your music, ask yourself what's getting in the way? is it desire? i've been there - if something else is more important, then it's more important, and you should treat it as such. is it skill? put in the time and improve. find the impingement and correct it, the same way you'd correct a wrong note or a wonky freq in your render.
  2. Chrono Cross Remix Project - only a few tracks remaining!

    another termina (with a touch of marbule!) is taken by @Earth Kid and @Jorito, in a funky electronica/ethnic hybrid! this will be the last track and they're speeding through it, so hopefully the next news will be that it's finished and we're prepping the last of the admin stuff. i did convert and tag all 27 tracks we have so far, and we've compiled the last of the art that we need, so we're just about there.
  3. Chrono Cross Remix Project - only a few tracks remaining!

    i finished up the last of the tweaks to the instrumental version of distant promise/garden of gods, so at this point i'm just waiting on a single last track from @Earth Kid and @Jorito before we call the music done. there's still some admin stuff to handle that i'm pecking away at, but once that's done, we're good =D
  4. I want to build you a computer

    there's no reason your version of FL wouldn't run on w10. i still have fl11 installed on my music pc as well for a few things.
  5. I want to build you a computer

    a few thoughts: none of the new processors can run windows 7 without workarounds, and it's been years since it was supported. i'd suggest moving to windows 10. you can use it indefinitely without a product key legally, so it's not like it'd cost you anything. basically everything has usb3 nowadays so don't worry about that. for the audio card, you'd want to do your own research on that and just let me know what you want. you know your needs better than me. if you give me a few options for what you really want, i can then make sure it'll work properly with your setup. there's always someone else who's asked about a setup close to yours in the past and often you can then confirm from reviews or real-life usage cases that it'd do what you want. on the cpu side, it depends a bit, but for the most part both the 7/8 series of intel processors and the mid-level ryzen processors are pretty solid. intel tends to be cooler with faster individual cores, whereas ryzen tends to have more threads but run hotter and at a slower effective speed. we'll see what your price range is to pick this. for graphics, all cards are very expensive right now, but a 1050 Ti can be found for under 200$, and that's not bad at all for 1080p gaming on new games, let alone older stuff. it won't be a monster for video editing but it'll definitely give you some gpu acceleration if your tool has that. ram prices are also up and i'm assuming you'd want at least 16gb for audio and video work, so expect that to be 180$ or so too. overall it always comes down to price. you could spend 7-800$ and get a decent machine that does what you've described with some limitations, and you could spend 2k and get more computer. it's up to you. when you're seriously ready to start looking at options, PM me with how much you have available to spend and we'll go from there. the market is fairly volatile right now so it's tough to estimate very far out.
  6. I want to build you a computer

    it's certainly not 10% a year like the forum poster claims. i use 5% as a guideline and roll with it. i'd rather not risk my data when a really nice psu frankly isn't that expensive nowadays compared to cpu and gfx and ram prices.
  7. Chrono Cross Remix Project - only a few tracks remaining!

    geoffrey taucer had to drop his track due to being too busy to complete it in the near future, so Termina ~ Another World is back up and available. additionally, i received final versions from jorito for his original track, wiesty for the OC Jazz Collective track, and Earth Kid for her arrangement of Fields of Time. this means that as of right now all remixers (not named prophetik music) are done! i've got minimal work to do on mine and also some admin stuff still to make sure that the submission package is ready. i've been in contact with one person about a possible mix but they said not to hold the project up for them, but we do indeed still have room for a fast track if someone got inspired and fired it out in the next few weeks.
  8. Chrono Cross Remix Project - only a few tracks remaining!

    i'll be recommending four or five tracks for consideration for the mixflood come this project releasing as well.
  9. Chrono Cross Remix Project - only a few tracks remaining!

    well, i submitted eight songs to the queue for judging! don't worry, i cleared it with larry before slamming the queue with them =)
  10. Chrono Cross Remix Project - only a few tracks remaining!

    the vocal version of the distant promise/garden of gods collab is done (pending me uploading the wav i already have to my google drive), and @Jorito's original version of his track is also done pending him delivering me a wav. i've also heard versions of both the OC Jazz Collective's track and @Earth Kid's track that are just waiting on tiny mastering fixes. we may indeed make it to the end of january with all tracks done =D
  11. I want to build you a computer

    10 years is a pretty long life for a PSU sold nowadays, considering capacitor deterioration. most PSUs have three-year warranties for a reason. i have an ax850 that i keep as a backup now that was 8 years of 8hrs a day, but those are the exception rather than the rule nowadays. the only reason it lasted that long is because it was way more than i needed when i bought it, and so as a result the loss of max power wasn't noticeable for a long time. it's probably not pushing more than 500w at this point, so the max power is nearly cut in half.
  12. I want to build you a computer

    bit of a bump here. i'm assuming that people are getting their tax returns soon - with some of newegg's sales going on now, it might be a good time to look into buying or upgrading. i've already gotten two questions recently about it from forum members =)
  13. I need to know if this is normal...

    hey @DarkEco, if you want to bounce ideas off someone, let me know. i'm by no means some synthesis master but if nothing else i've got the music background to maybe explain stuff you're doing unintentionally. music is hard. it's ok to admit that. it's also ok to make music you're not really into just to learn something about it. but i like rozo's comment from earlier - make more pancakes. just get something finished, and then keep finishing more stuff. the best artists compose enormous amounts of content and maybe 10% is what they'd consider to be good, no matter what others say. that's ok.
  14. polyrhythm as a term doesn't necessarily imply any level of difficulty. three over two can be polyrhythmic. if you want to get really weird, charles ives is one of the original classical composers known for doing crazy stuff. beyond that...well, music still needs to be musical, and it's not always easy if you're focused on numbers and not how it actually sounds.
  15. OverClocked ReTreat

    i'm not flying anywhere. if it's not closer than DC to me (Western NY) it'd be out altogether.