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  1. I want to build you a computer

    don't buy rosewill. they used to be decent but they're trash now. corsair sells a 500w psu that's excellent and might be cheaper. as for the case, a Two Hundred or Three Hundred from Antec can handle that build, or the corsair carbide in the 50$ range works too. those are usually on free shipping, which is big for cases since they're often 20$ to ship. don't spend 200$ on a mobo. you can get one in the 90-120$ range that's just as good for what you're doing. buy a cheap graphics card in the 30-40$ range that is supported by W10 (GT 610 is probably good) for graphics processing so the cpu doesn't have to do it. go with the 950 EVO, not 850 EVO. edit: i have a 200$ mobo in my case. don't spend 200$ on a mobo *unless you know why you're spending 200$ on a mobo*. i wasn't clear before. i bought this one specifically for overclocking, and i bought it ages ago so i got my money's worth. since basically 0% of people who want to overclock would ask about what to build for a computer, i'm assuming you're using a mobo for basic usage. spending 75$ on a mobo for this then is totally fine.
  2. I want to build you a computer

    i don't ship to canada anymore, so you'd probably need to do it yourself. i know you can build a decent box for about 600-700 USD - basic graphics card, good i5 (maybe an i7 for that price point) with hyperthreading, 8gb ram, ~450-500w PSU, some hard drives, etc.
  3. What is the easiest VGM to transcribe?

    anything on the gameboy is super easy to transcribe. there's only a few channels, and it's easy to disable all but one and just practice writing down what that one track has.
  4. listen to everything you can get your hands on, and get people you trust to listen to your music as well. beyond that, just remember that plagarism implies purposeful theft - if you recreate hotel california, that's different than nabbing a notable progression or lick and using it in your song. the second can often be fixed once you realize the honest error, the first is a result of not being intentional enough in your listening.
  5. Any word on a Final Fantasy III, VIII or X OC ReMix album?

    i would gladly do a zillion remixes for an FFX album, and have toyed with the idea of starting something in recent months, but while i adore the game i am not passionate about the music enough to dive back into directing that one.
  6. CPU Temp Is Wack

    fahrenheit vs celsius. coretemp is reporting in fahrenheit. hwmonitor does until you set it to c.
  7. i'd be surprised if original content keeps the mix out, as long as the majority of the remix was not original content.
  8. CPU Temp Is Wack

    what does hwmonitor say? CPUs can run under load at temps in excess of 70c without any real serious effects, but i'm thinking the second set of numbers is more correct. also, there's no 'normal' temp for a processor, as it's entirely dependent on ambient temperature (if the air coming in is hot, it can't carry as much heat out) and the type/quality of direct cooling.
  9. nice work everyone! the album sounds fantastic =)
  10. I want to build you a computer

    could definitely be power if you pull the gfx card and it's suddenly alright.
  11. I want to build you a computer

    you don't upgrade laptop components. you buy a new laptop. the parts are welded to the mobo usually.
  12. I want to build you a computer

    sounds like the mobo to me, but no way to tell for sure without really digging in. is this the one i built for you way back in the day? i don't remember the 90 number on it, but if you give me the number i assigned to it, i can look to see what the parts are and if anyone had similar issues with your stuff.
  13. Need a recommendation for a surround sound headset

    good to know. i guess i'll be sticking with my current headphones (which seriously make me look like a 14yo kid who likes those dorito taco bell things and CoD).
  14. Need a recommendation for a surround sound headset

    no one uses these?