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  1. and we're at 11 tracks finished! continuing to move along.
  2. prisoners of fate is basically done, just waiting on a wave file from @Ophanin =)
  3. i only use headphones, so i don't have a ton of recommendations re: speakers. i do have a soundbar plugged in that i can access from my PC, but the bluetooth connection doesn't have any issues. dusk - ME1 is great, but ME2/3 are some of my favorite games ever made. let me know when you play them so i can suggest a few must-try mods and DLC!
  4. didn't realize it's been almost a month! anyways, here's the deal - i'm finally going to institute a deadline for the next wip! three weeks from tomorrow, august 2. i need something that's more developed and well on its way towards being a real track by then. i'll send PMs so everyone knows.
  5. he's making bad jokes.
  6. got two builds for OCR folks incoming, one of whom isn't listed in the thread. looking forward to getting the parts and playing with more tech =)
  7. yeah, meteo, i can do that. just shoot me a pm when you're ready with what you want, and what your budget is, and we'll go from there. dusk, i'll send you a pm =D or just message me on skype!
  8. @bLiNd is taking chronopolis!
  9. just bumping this up. i am still doing computers, and recently did builds for two different active remixers =) let me know if you're interested.
  10. @Ophanin dished me TWO more wips, one for Grief (!!!!!!!!) and one for Prisoners of Fate! i cannot believe what he managed to do with 20 seconds of mitsuda noodling with a vox soundfont, it's a real standout. additionally, @Peíorele gave me some great news re: her track for Island of the Earth Dragon, and i'm excited to hear what she's got going on there. additionally, as of today, Dead Sea is available again. @Kat has been MIA for about five months and unfortunately that's just too long for me to keep the track saved. i'd be happy to use kat's wip again if they become available again but i need contact occasionally so i know what's up.
  11. i neglected to post that @Tuberz McGee and i are doing a powermetal arrangement of Scars of Time. no one'd picked it up and there's no chance i'm ignoring that one. basically, i rewrote it while thinking "what would dragonforce do?" the entire time, and the result was exactly what you'd expect. the arrangement's done and tuberz has the stems, so hopefully we'll have an update soon. also, with posting that, we are officially at 20 tracks claimed with a wip! i haven't heard from one or two people in some time so they may not make it, but we do currently have eight tracks done and four more that are either nearly done or just waiting on a collaborator to finish up, so we're in a great place for being not quite seven months in. i've updated the project title accordingly. i have also updated the first post with new guidelines for how to reserve a track, since now we're looking at track lengths and not going over for each disc's overall time.
  12. @Ophanin dished me a pretty much finished track already for Frozen Flame, and it's a real standout. can't wait to hear if he picks up the challenge i gave him in our PM conversation for a second track on one of three difficult songs. we're progressing well!
  13. @Ophanin was claimed Frozen Flame with a fantastic orchestral demo!
  14. please don't post wips directly on the forum! i did hear these but haven't had a chance to respond - i will reply directly via PM.
  15. @Theophany has claimed Life ~ A Distant Promise! @avaris has also claimed Jellyfish Sea! i've also marked two big tracks as tentatively claimed (Scars of Time and Chronopolis). we're filling in the tracklist quickly =) also, per reinhold's update, i've contacted members of Game-Art-HQ (of FFIX project fame!) to assist with artwork. so now we've got some people interested in doing art, and we now need a web designer at some point.