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I read in another thread about some missing tracks because of them being apart of albums.  Does this also apply to the track numbers of the files? 

In the torrent, it says tracks 1 - 3000, but there are only 1898 files.  Are the album tracks temporarily part of the numbered tracks and then taken off after a time?

If this is the case, why not leave the albums as separate entities in the first place?  Maybe have those that are judged like individual remixes be on it's own page about the album itself and advertise the albums and the judged tracks so they aren't forgotten by those that might not be immediately interested.

I'm a guy that gets both the albums and the individual mixes but nearly half of those are copies because of this, so i have to go and delete the individual ones.  It's a lot of hassle. X.x  Especially when the titles are different sometimes! XD

I know i've complained before about some things, but that's more because of my weird personal tastes and OCD nature that most likely wouldn't affect many people at all in this community.  Though, this one, I think it would.  I know you already have some ways to signify what's from an album and what's not in the track list but it's specified in the comments, which is not the most visible thing in the world..Though keeping the album tracks and the individual ones separate would negate this problem in the first place.

Sorry if I'm being annoying..

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