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Old 01-30-2005, 06:11 AM
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OCR01326 - *YES* Turrican 2 'The Desert Rocks vs. Concerto for Laser and Enemies'


My Remixer name: Awesome-A
My real name: Andre Neumann
My email adress:
My website:
My userid: 24315

Name of game: Turrican 2 - The Final Fight
Original Composer(s): Chris Huelsbeck
Copyright: Rainbow Arts
Year: 1991
System: Amiga

Link to Original:

This is a remix of level 1+ 6, these one's are my favourite tunes from Chris Huelsbeck...

Link to my remix:
My remix is called:
The Desert Rocks vs. Concerto for Laser and Enemies

Andre Neumann

djpretzel / / / anime mixes
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Old 02-01-2005, 02:59 AM
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this is awesome.

the intensity is there. the arrangement is definitely there... touches upon the strengths of the source and exploits the subject matter perfectly. the quality is also superb. i loved this soundtrack... i was working on a collaboration with some of these same melodies so i'm familiar with their potential badassness

its neat how the track begins on a very modern note... the drums and bass and breaks very indicative of modern electronica. the bass is powerful. the orchestra hits are tastefully done.
then the track shifts into a section that goes even further back... it now takes me back to the mid-80's and there is no mistaking the power of nostalgia in this section.

i like how seamlessly the two seemingly different sections connect so well and give you the illusion and possibly reality that they belong together.

the ending is cool. i like how you focus on the bass while everything else pulls out of view and the listener is exposed to the backbone before it hits away.

good stuff.

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Old 02-09-2005, 08:31 PM
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Location: Atlanta, GA - mdat.world_3 (:00-1:26, 3:19-4:10) & mdat.world_1 (1:56-3:16, 4:12-5:21/end)

Went searching a little bit to find an application that would play the tunes contained in the ExoticA archive. Download the very light XMPlay app and TFMX plug-in in order to check out the source material.

I remember this one; played it back on VGF41. Andre said in his post at VGMix that this was his retirement mix from the scene, though I personally hope he keeps at it. I've played some other material from him before and he's a young talent who doesn't get enough exposure beyond the Commodore remixing scene. Surprised I haven't seen this posted to AMIGAremix yet, but they might be backlogged.

Sweet arrangement here. Starts off with some liberal interpretation derived from the world 3 music before going to much more straightforward coverage of a portion of that tune from 1:02-1:26.

Some people won't like the suddent transition into the electronic stuff at 1:30, but I loved it. Dunno why it works so well, but it came across pretty well. Cool stuff. Some light brass activity at 1:43 that I felt could have been a little more impactful. I was surprised by how well the occasional cymbal crashes, glassy chimes, and brief string flurries worked to accentuate the material here, before moving into a new section at 2:34.

Fairly basic sounds moving into the trance/techno portion of the mix from 2:43-3:15; pretty decent overall but needs more oomph. The 3:15-4:11 section felt low on the energy level & sparse, possessing some overly generic-sounding synths in play with some pretty tame percussion work. Once things beefed up more at 4:11, the percussion wasn't as much of a factor way in the back, but it could have been beefed up a bit. I think this would have benefitted from a sharper/crisper sound as well, but that may just be me.

In any case, the arrangement was well done once again, featuring some nice ideas to really expand and interpret the source tunes. Not "kick-yo-mouf" intense here, but this one should catch some people's attention that weren't expecting to hear anything this catchy from an "unknown" game like Turrican II. A surprisingly good fusion of electronic work with orchestral elements.

Old 02-13-2005, 09:48 PM
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Whoa. Nice stuff. Synth work is tight, and perfectly compliments the percussive stuff. I love the section around 2:00; it had me dancing in my seat. Nice arrangement throughout. Ideas are clearly presented and developed, although the piece as a whole is a bit medlyish. Still, nicely done. I like it.

Could have used a little less reverb, I think. :P

Old 02-13-2005, 10:02 PM
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cool stuff.
really an interesting blend of styles here.
you've got old prodigy-esque breakbeats, trancy chord arpeggiated rhythms, fat 80s pwm riffs, bass patches reminiscent of hard house, and even some thick orchestral components.

it starts off with more steam than it ends with, but overall, it's a winner.
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