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  1. :/ unnacceptable voice acting. I hope that's not the main character's voice/dialogue. Sounds like an angsty teen.
  2. didn't I already state that I hate medleys? edit: you know what? I think I'm going to cut 'inside the egg' from the tracklist. It's not much to work with.
  3. link me! Hm, I have little to say. I'm quite busy lately. LAOS's guitar mix of Mabe is apparently coming along, but he likes to change stuff, and since he does one-off recordings, it's unlikely that I can steal an "unfinished" version, and use that. Oh well. what ever happened to Ichitootah? Just for the hell of it, I cut Sixto and KFC. Sixto's demo was good, but he seems to have given up or forgotten us. Same goes for KFC.
  4. the tracklist is still up-to-date. Ichitootah is not listed because he pretty much disappeared. I have a version which I consider mostly finished, but recently he returned to say that he'd like to work on it more. So, there you go. Technically, I should put him back up there, but it seems like a waste of time, unless he can demonstrate his commitment to the project somehow. Likewise, I'm less concerned with filling the four or five tracks that I said I didn't want to use in the album, than I am the four or five tracks that I have in the main tracklist. where the hell is sixto?
  5. Starky more 7-3 shifts, please... Still pianoing around... nothin' yet. where all my mixpimps at?
  6. He claims to be.... I've got a heck of a load on my plate right now.
  7. I don't even know anymore. I haven't heard from half of them in months.
  8. I've been stupidly lazy with this project, and contemplated shutting it down several times, but as my school year draws to a close, I have hopes that I will gain time and creativity, and finish this fucker.
  9. I'm just being a jerk. If you want to contribute to the project, great, but as I said, that particular song's been done, so, if you want to participate, select a different track, and garageband will be fine, so long as you can meet our standards.
  10. The Mr. Write theme is already done, by Ichitootah. Also, PCs win.
  11. I'm pretty sure that suzu is referring to the track he started 2 years ago, before I'd started this incarnation, and asked people to host things.
  12., I just submitted my remix from this album... I don't know if it'll get posted, but there you go.
  13. This is the way I always wanted to hear this song done. I especially like the little string stabs in the earlier sections, and the bell/chime section is really delicate and reminiscent of the dreamy quality the original has, which is great when the big blasty comes in right after to make it all come crashing down. Anyhoo, without putting too much thought into this review: Great stuff. Don't get a big head, zirc.
  14. It wasn't up there, anyway, dude. I might have it on a backup somewhere, but I doubt it. Sorry.
  15. This is a problem that's happened for me with the last two songs I've rendered using FLStudio 4 (please refrain from using the "get the new version" response): When I render, I open up the file in cool edit, and there's one or two volume spikes in the wave that are unnecessarily loud, particularly in comparison with the rest of the file. Listening, it doesn't SOUND any louder, and after going into FL and lowering volumes and EQs around the exact moment that the spike, and after rendering again, the spike remains. I can easily solve it by just lowering the volume of that particular spike alone, but as it's a recurring problem I'd like to see a solution. One theory I have is that I'm using a rezfilter on certain instruments, which may be causing abnormal increases in bass EQ, but even lowering the bass (and lowering the volume on that effect) isn't doing diddly. So, If anyone has any ideas, please help me out. Thanks
  16. If you're talking about dafydd's post, he was referring to the Zelda project, for which I haven't yet started my song.
  17. I've checked, and I'm really not that interested in any of the available tracks. If someone drops out of one of the others, I'll take a look, but...meh.
  18. I might be interested, but I'm uncommonly lazy, so I make no guarantees.
  19. turns out LAOS broke a guitar string, and has to order them from somewhere, cause he doesn't use standard style... ah well.
  20. Has anyone seen or heard from Trenthian? Has anyone seen or heard from LAOS? (unrelated: has anyone seen or heard from shael riley?) I've been messing around with ideas in FL, lately, but I haven't got anything worth showing yet (and nowhere to put things I'd like to show, for that matter). My world is topsy-turvy upside-down shit these days. On the bright-side I got myself a new piano/controller, so, once I figure out the workings of that jobby, I may or may something...with that.