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  1. half of them don't need motivation. Half of them don't seem to exist, as far as our sensory perceptors are concerned, and I don't imagine that the ones who don't need motivation are going to feel motivated any time soon, what with their doom and gloom attitudes.
  2. Prophet (or someone) could you please PM me a link to tensai's wips? I've got nothin' here. his yousendits expired before I'd even heard about their existence. Anybody else who has more wips, no matter how unimportant, post 'em up. Sorry Joker, I just haven't had time to listen to your newer version. I'll get at it (I'm really busy this, extreme busy.)
  3. yeah, tensai, those yousendits expired. you should PM me first, to notify me that you've done it, because I tend not to check that particular address much.
  4. hmm...that didn't make it seem more buyable... Granted, if a new version isn't released by, I'll probably buy the crappy one...
  5. note: extras DVD may not be released if sales of the original lame DVD are poor.
  6. I might have...I could go look, but they might have expired...
  7. man...that video was...almost pukesome haha. Lately, I've been playing Fatal Frame 3, and I've decided that (though it's not nearly as complicated as silent hill) It ranks right up there as one of the better survival horror games that doesn't involve killing zombies with a machine gun.
  8. got a wip from joker today. It had a few issues, but I'm hoping he'll know hwo to take care of them
  9. Same thing that happened to all the other wips and mixers...whisked away into some vortex or other...
  10. Dhsu, I'd love to have you on the project. I don't know if you read my more recent posts, but we're in a bit of a pickle over Mr. Write's theme, because Ichitootah did most of a remix of it, and it's decent, but it's not fabulous. I would rather that, with your talent available to us, you chose one of the more key songs from the game (like Mabe village, or Tal Tal Heights). Personally, I would prefer that you did Mabe Village, but if you're REALLY bent on doing Mr. Write, then go ahead. edit: Dafydd, I don't want it done in that style because...well, it'd be really cheesey. And cheesey is not what we're going for.
  11. the purpose of the project is not to showcase "styles" it is to showcase music, and the element of sadness that is inherent in most of the music.
  12. no! bad prophet! bad! *Smacks with newspaper* We don't NEEED to get the project done right away. Anyhoo Here's the list of not-done people: Track 1 > Legend of Zelda/Overworld Theme (5/96) ------------------ Sixto Track 5 > Mysterious Woods (9/96) ----------------- KungFuChicken Track 7 > Tail Cave (82/96) ----------------- Monobrow Richard's Villa (64/96) ------------ The Prophet of Mephisto & Prizm Track 16 > The Ballad of the Windfish (74/96) ------------ Aetherius Here's the list of empty tracks: Track 3 > Mabe Village (4/96) (had a few offers, nobody stuck with it) Track 6 > Tal Tal Heights (6/96) (tensai wanted to do it, haven't heard back) Track 10 > CatFish's Maw (75/92) (Chris MCGee must be dead, or something) Track 14 > Inside the Egg (18/96) (Rexy and Graylightning gave up.) Track 17 > Ballad/End Theme (<63>61/96) ------------ Possible collab of all remixers? Here's the other tracks that are on the list, but not encouraged: Bottle Grotto* (21/96) Animal Village (11/96) The Trendy/Fishing Games (2/96)<53/96> Choose a Name (17/96)* So, that leaves us with 10 incomplete tracks, and 4 more possible additions. Now,I'd be willing to do a collab on 'Inside the Egg' with someone. I'm lazy getting MYSELF started, but when someone else does half the work for me, it's less of an issue...
  13. I say that 13 songs isn't enough to cover the full range of the project. I also say that Shinnymetal's mix isn't so bad, apart from being 3 minutes too long, having one extremely low point, and being too repetitive. I say spc1sts mix is alright, but as I say, it's not the song I asked him to do. He appears to have remixed a sound effect, which precedes the actual song, and then ignored the song. That said, I will not include them 'Just because' if they aren't satisfactory. In their present states, they are not satisfactory. I say, we do another canvas of the populace. If you know somebody who's bored, and doesn't suck, direct them to the first post of this thread.
  14. You work faster than I do. I'd rather see you take forever and do a decent job, than see Shinnymetal take 3 days, and do a meh job. Likewise, I'd rather that everyone take 3 weeks like the prophet of mephisto, and turn out somethign amazing. But I am finding myself depressed by my feelings of obligation toward this project. I can't write my own original music, because I feel like I should be remixing first, when I don't have any original ideas for the remix. So, since we can't work with deadlines, and we can't work without them, we get what we have here. Edit: as yet, all replacements have ALSO disappeared, or proved unsatisfactory.
  15. I have updated the first post with some relatively pertinant information, as well as removing some superfluous information. Basically, from what I can tell: the prophet of mephisto is done his faceshrine mix. The joker is essentially done his dreamshrine mix. Rexy is done her eagle tower mix. Dafydd is done his Turtle Rock mix. IggyKoopa is done his House by the bay mix. Ichitootah might as well be done his Mr. Write mix. (despite the fact that it's simple, and a first wip, and I haven't seen or heard from him in a year.) Chthonic is done his Koholint mix. I am not satisfied with ShinnyMetal's remix. I have no solution to this problem. It is full of unnecessary repetition, and dissonance which is uncharacteristic of this project's mood. I am not satisfied with spc1st's remix. It is far too abstract, and features very little, if any of the theme he was given. I have yet to hear a wip from KFC (unless it's this 22 second long intro, which features none of the main theme), but he assures me that he's been workign on it...I don't know what to make of that. I would really rather be working on my own music than remixing these songs, and so, I am releasing myself from the obligations of this project. Perhaps if I don't feel pressure to work on remixes for this project, I will put more effort into doing so. As of today, there is no pressure to complete this project. It's almost a year old, and I don't see why it shouldn't be able to take another year or more, if it's going to take one year to get 8 satisfactory remixes of 22 tracks, with 20 remixers or so, etc. So, finish your tracks as soon as possible. No pressure, to do it immediately (can't you guys self-start?), but DO NOT, repeat DO NOT forget about it. I am sick of remixers making good wips, and then disappearing on me. Either get it done, or go away. Remember to tell me that you're giving up though, or I'll hunt you down, and pee in your mouth. Really. Love Starky. p.s. I'd really love it if this project would stop being on the threshold of a dream, and finally reach that dream stage. hm?
  16. sorry I haven't made any posts about the new blood lately. I've had a family crisis, which caused me to be away from a computer for the last 5 days. New guy: I figure you'll do. Get to work. The Prophet: you are a helpful fellow.
  17. Hmm, that's kinda neat, tensai. Crappy mixing, but nice know constrictions I've put on style and mood, though?
  18. So, I'm going to do a little bit of editing nin the main post... The main reason we're still in the wips forum, despite the fact that we APPEAR to have everything a normal project has by this time, is that we don't actually have those things, so I'm going to edit the main post to reflect that. Also, with regards to the length of time this project has taken, It is partially my fault, and partially yours. I'm a lazy bastard. I haven't started my own remixes (largely because I was put off of remixing by the unpleasant efforts I put forth for the SSF2T project) And I haven't opened up FL in a month or two. That said, the fact that I haven't been working on my mixes doesn't have any effect on the fact that at least 5 people who signed up for this project just plain gave up, and haven't told me yet. Some of you are 'waiting on a better computer', And several of you can't work on music at home or at school for some stupid reason. Another problem here, is that I have not been impressed with some of the submissions. People who showed promise, failed to follow through with something that would meet the expectations for the appropriate genre/mood, and others don't meet the quality expectations or both... So we need replacements, or to take on more work, or to help them suck less. Anyhoo, I've run out of time, so... Be warned of my on-coming disinterest.
  19. the people rejoiced! Rafajafar, I'll check out that wip this afternoon. Sorry, I've been lazy.