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  1. There is no ETA because nobody except the prophet can be trusted to meet a deadline, myself included. I am comfortable with that. edit: blah blah blah, I'm sure some of you can make deadlines, but most of you didn't.
  2. Unfortunately, the fellow I had tried to rope in earlier dropped out. I haven't been able to catch Less Ashamed of Self on AIM lately, but I have faith that he'll work out... Once I get some time on my hands (it's paper/midterm season), I'll sit down at my piano and try to work soemthing out.
  3. While we're on the subject of cool horror games to tide us over: Fatal Frame 3, while short, is probably one of the better horror games I've ever played (excluding silent hill). Sure it asks you to suspend your disbelief long enough to accept that you fend off ghosts with a camera, but the overall mystery (the mysteries are what really draw me to the psych/survival-horror genre) is pretty gripping, and it has some neat visuals. Unfortunately, I've had a heck of a hard time finding Fatal Frame 1 or 2 :/
  4. don't worry guys. I'm working on music again, so I'm not saying I'll be done or doing this mix for a while, but at least I'm doing music again. edit: once again, me finishing my mix does not indicate that the project is finished. If you really want the project finished, find me some decent people to finish the remaining 3 or 4 tracks.
  5. I've had an offer from someone whose remixer name is too hard for me to remember off hand... there are a lot of Zs in it. Anyhoo, I provided a list of available tracks, and we'll see how that goes over p.s. someone stand over me with a whip until I open up FL and make something musical.
  6. Well, I had a look around on google, and this was the closest I could find. It's just a blog, and not very in depth...and in german... Here's what google translator spewed out: After the two CDs introduced here now a further rem ix-collection is into the hands pleases with: Completely unnoticed a rem ix-project has itself named Blood on the bitumen - A super Street Fighter 2 turbo ReMix collaboration on ocr-mixes. That is naturally a double must for me: on the one hand degrees projects are always good, on the other hand one and remains Street Fighter II turbo is my favourite flogging play (still before internationally Karate+) - however explicitly I do not know the SNES version, the new characters at all… Which I heard so far (still am I not completely through) sound already times good (present favorites: Sagat and M.Bison). At the throne of Relics OF the Chozo cannot scratch this project however. ...Wasn't that review glowing?! Anyhow, I'll keep looking for a while, and post some links if I find them. Listening to my track again, I've suddenly realized that all the processing I put on the vocals caused them to sound like I'd recorded them on a sub-par mic, and thrown on some reverb...which is unfortunately not true....or the desired effect.
  7. bumparoonie. having nothing to do but play games and play piano over the christmas break, I MAY just come up with something to use as material for my long-awaited/doubted mix... guys know me.
  8. that "blows massively" bit is the main reason I didn't want it mixed... The original blows massively too. You're best off trying like...a calliope version.
  9. Anybody got updates? LAOS claims he's been practising, but hasn't recorded anything (which is less sad than it sounds coming from others). I haven't got anything new from KFC. Monobrow hasn't shown us her wip. We need replacement mixers. I need to get started on my junks.
  10. It's probably worth mentioning beforehand that Dragon Avenger is a lady, with a midranged voice. (Somewhere around alto, but maybe a little higher). She's a little shakey at times in her samples, but I'm sure you could whip her into shape with some prodding. I figured some of you would prefer to know that in advance, before checking out the samples she has. (actually, I can find no evidence of DragonAvenger's ladyhood apart from the voice, so if in fact DragonAvenger is a castrated or prepubescent young man, I apologise in advance...)
  11. Well, looks like project chaos is done. Perhaps even we will manage to squeeze this project out our musical sphinctres. Edit: I think I'll post a little of the PM I replied to Dragon Avenger with anyway, just so that anybody looking can pick up on some of the things I think are important to the project. "I'm not really a fan of narratively appropriate lyrics to videogame music. (I figure they'd have lyrics already, if they were meant to.) I don't mean to discourage the practice, but I just want to explain why I'd choose not to use that for this project. I suggest that you all play through the game. It's good. Quite good. I think it's necessary to see/play through the ending and credits to be able to really understand the mood I'm going for with this project. I'm not going to make it a prerequisite, but I'd like everyone on the project to have a high appreciation for the game and music, so that this project showcases the emotional attachments that the participants have, because I think the music could capture that rather well." I changed some wording, so it applies to everyone. I just want to make sure you all know why I'm so picky with this project. It has to be reflective of a love of the game (Link's Awakening) and its music, and not just "games and music" in general. I can't afford to have someone with a casual interest just toss off remixes of music that I think ought to have some care and actual emotion invested into it. It's important to me, and I'd like for it to be important to the mixers, and the listeners as well.
  12. ...there's no remix of the rapids ride music allowed because it's the same little annoying bleepbloop 4 second loop. It's not worth it.
  13. I also got an extremely short wip from Kung Fu Chicken. The guy works almost as slowly as I do.
  14. wow...both of those were...pretty...not funny at all. Let's dance!
  15. Another bump. It occurs to me that most of the mixers attached to this project are not aware of our being moved back to general discussion. It also appears that being moved to general discussion has caused our thread to fall to the bottom of the page within minutes...and therefore is not a positive boone. Ah well. Newbs go read the first page.
  16. Less Ashamed of Self will be taking Mabe Village (I think) ...nobody's ever lasted more than a day on that track, let's see what happens.
  17. First post updated. Just so everyone knows, I begrudgingly(ish) cut Chris McGee, Spc1st, and ShinnyMetal out of the project. It's not that I have a problem with them, I just could not accept the latter two's submissions for the project with respect to the style restrictions, or the quality. Specifically, ShinnyMetal's was too long, too repetitive, and ultimately, he showed a lack of inclination to accept criticism or change his song. Mcgee is unfortunately AWOL, and I 'd have liked to have kept hoping he would submit, but he's pretty much gone.