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  1. you dare to question the supreme awesome of patrick stewart and Brent Spiner?@
  2. That performance reminded me of....Born to be Wild, only cooler, but remarkably less cool because of shitty recording quality.
  3. I didn't have a deadline initially. There was pressure to put pressure on you
  4. Oh, it's not a boring mix by any means, it's just more interesting during the piano bit. Anyhoo, I didn't have time to listen to the new version, so I'm going to do that in a few minutes.... *insert passage of time here* hmm, again, that reverb is still a bit more than necessary on the bass and harp. The sounds are intermingling, and it sounds just a bit too muddy. the EQ is better...but the volume is a little too loud on the bass instrument. So, if you could lower it a bit... Not too much, now! Don't make it too low! *kicks* I think that maybe that tom fill you've got at 1:15 could stand to be a bit louder too. Adds more power to the build up. In your piano section, the bass drowns out the piano. This is solved by my earlier suggetsion of lower bass volume, and maybe a little bit louder on the piano, since it's actually playing the melody. I like the way you ended it too. No problems there. Other than that bass volume, and the potentially louder tom fill...that's about all that's separating you from here and done-ness.
  5. unfortunately, 2:55ish is about where it stops being a remix, and it's his own song. if only the whole song were as kickin'....maybe
  6. I don't know what happened to cerrax. I haven't heard from him, and he seems to have given up, since I commented on his first wip.
  7. Actually, I was thinking that. there sounds like maybe there's a little too much reverb in there...maybe. haha....I give up. In other news, I've got an eager little guy called 'dj rafajafar' or something, who wants to take on Mabe village, and I think I'm going to give it to him/her/it.
  8. I don't know if it's just me, or...those drums sound more lo-fi than usual. in fact, the whole thing sounds lo-fi. Maybe My speakers are acting wonky. The transition to the piano section is much better.
  9. Generally, when I look at the front page, I only listen to the remixes that are from zelda games, and usually I am unimpressed. This time, however, I am greeted with something that sounds...pretty decent. I like the arrangement, and I appreciate the John Williams feel (though, I'm not as much a fan of his recent work as I am of say....the Indiana Jones movies). My main issues with this arrangement is the string section. While it is probably the best melodic string section sample/soundfont I've heard in my travels, it doesn't sound as though it is particularly variable. This leads to some disinterest at hearing the same sound over and over, regardless of the fact that it's being used differently, and lpaying different notes. Also, it seems a bit too stabby. I think maybe they could have used a little bit more sustain, considering. But, it is the arrangement which makes this a good ReMix, paired with the relatively convincing orchestral sounds. Unfortunately, I feel like more could have been done with the arrangement, though, like the adition of perhaps a higher string section playing a secondary melody over top of the main section, which comprises the bulk of the piece. I think perhaps some orchestral percussive elements (maybe more, I didn't notice any) would have helped the driving feel of this song, and helped to create the synchapation(sp?) effect that seemed to be what he was going for around the end. However, my longing for something extra is only an addendum to the already acceptable arrangement that was put together.
  10. Well, We'd already seen the album art. I was hoping we'd see some development in terms of a website.
  11. Sometimes you're just irretrievably poofy, and it both saddens and frightens me. The benefits of owning a defibrillator are heart-provoking. The benefits of owning a magical mystery box full of wonder are astounding. the benefits of owning re-arrangements of songs I've already heard arranged better by someone else are fanatic and few. I choose rebirth, because I shudder to think what the others will be like.
  12. the objective isn't to make it sound different from the source. the objective is to capture the melancholy of each song, and exploit it.
  13. I wouldn't recommend buying it. It'd be like buying a 'the worst of silent hill, in 5 different versions each, plus You're not here' album. Or've already got the soundtrack, it's just spread across your 4 game OSTs. Don't waste your money.
  14. guh. I don't want to have to wait ages before a special edition DVD comes out with things I actually want on it.
  15. yes she is. And the prophet's right. If you hate the source material, you shouldn't have chosen that song. Otherwise we'll all hate your song, because you hated the source.
  16. I started mine first, and then shael and I were talking about doing a collab, but we decided that our ideas were a little too different, and so he thought that we should both do one, and put them both on the album.
  17. I figured no one would want the lyrics for mine, but here they are anyway: I feel I'm breathing, but am I still alive? Sleep through my dreams and I'll go on and on and on and on... and on... Bleeding out from me, the sun burns through my skin. I have seen you there, but I just can't go in. I've become so lost and I cannot get back again. Stains and rust Left behind I'm flying Away from the past I know it won't last. Fading out, I feel the pavement cooling down. The sun burns out again, and soon I will be gone. Once I knew myself, or maybe that was you? How did I lose control of all the things I put myself into? I never meant to cause you pain, but it's too late I know,The past won't ever change. If I could've just stopped the fight, then maybe I could be there and stay with you tonight. If I could just redeem myself then maybe I could save you from all the pain I've felt. I'm seeing you with eyes shut, I want to hear you, I'm trying to reach you, but... I feel I'm breathing, but am I still alive? In that world you're in I hope that you'll survive. Will you remember me now that I'm gone? I'll Stay in your dreams and then go on and on and on and on... The lameness of my lyrical skills is now aparent to all
  18. scoot back a couple of pages. Shael is accepting album art from anybody willing to make it.
  19. i'm a little surprised that no one's gone "what?!" to my last newsypost. Wake up, kiddies.
  20. Actually,I've been working to clean up the song's mixing, as I plan to submit it to the judges, eventually...I made some big mistakes the first time 'round. Rushed too much.
  21. two 45 minute long CDs. Sure it wastes space, but most bands only put out 45 minutes worth of music on their albums anyway.