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  1. That Silent Hill Oneiro show was pretty good (albeit a little thrown together). It took me 'til the middle for me to get into it, but once I did, that same feeling of "holy shit, what's going to happen next?" that I get when playing the game appeared. If you haven't yet, check it out. It's nothing mind-blowing, but it's pretty good.
  2. Hmm, sorry it took me so long, dafydd. The midi's pretty decent... Your demo, is...well, a demo. I'd collaborate with you on it, but it's a bit of a stretch to collaborate between Reason and Fruityloops (particularly if you're like me, and refuse to get a newer version). If you're willing in spite of that, perhaps we can discuss the technicalities first, and then see if we can actually do anything with it.
  3. huh, 3 posts in a row, for me. I talked to sixto the other day. He said he still had plans to finish his mix, he just needs to finish some other songs first (don't question the man's prioritizing).
  4. hmm, Joker, I still think that string in the intro (up until the beat kicks in, mostly) needs to be filtered, so that I can't hear that "*waaaaahn* I'm a string sample" sound, which gives it a kinda unpleasant edge to my ear. I'd prefer more of a "wooo" sound than a "waaahn" sound...if you get my meaning. Otherwise...I don't think there's really any more I can say. You can keep messing with it, but I'll probably always find some issue with something, won't I?
  5. Oh god, joker. I'm a loser. I promise, I super-promise-magic-swear that I'll listen to it...sometime.
  6. Well, here's your reality check for the year: Recently, every thing in my personal life has sucked, really hard. As a result, I am feeling much more musical. Hurrah. In other news/questions/accusations: Monobrow, that's great. My offer to rework your drums for you still stands. Dafydd, any progress on that midi? Prophet, anything new on the guitar front? Everybody else: where are you? Is sixto still signed up? Cause I've seen him online, and I've only got one wip. Didn't Dhsu and tensai want to be on the project? I haven't seen hide nor hair of them. That is all. It is canadian thanksgiving (the one that doesn't celebrate the massacre of a bunch of friendly indians)...(rather, the one which celebrates having food by eating excessive amounts of it, right before those ads where the kids with the flies in their eyes sing depressing songs by john lennon at us). Anyway, if you're not busy, do something productive for the project. I will be trying to do so within the coming weeks.
  7. calling it a "new mix" is pretty misleading. It's really only about 3 seconds (if that) of distorted theme over the bassline from the original. Not even really worth calling it a 'mix'
  8. hmm, well, depending on how good his original part is... I don't know. If 'someone you know' is actually someone you have in mind, who could do it without disappearing, go for it. If not, I guess we'll opt for cleaning it up.
  9. I think that the story would be restricted by a first person view point. It helps to be able to see the character in their entirety to relate to them as someone involved in the story. The story is limited by replacing the personality of the main character with the players'.
  10. It's not ad hominem, it's me trying to give this project some elbow room in between actual progress, and the two of you questioning my motivation. You have no prior association with this project, and no current association with it, aside from antagonizing me. If you want to antagonize me, do it from elsewhere. Your posts hinder progress.
  11. I never thought I'd have the opportunity to use this, but here goes:
  12. Hush Child. Katie: I care DEEPLY for this project, mostly because I care even MORE deeply for the game and its music, as opposed to the 'art' of remixing. However, I do not care much, if at all about the people on it. (excluding you, because I love you forever and always). Not to say that I dislike them, or feel that their contributions are invalid, but if it comes down to brass tacks, i'll point to the first page of this thread, and say: "Hey, I said from the get-go that this project's for me, not you, or for OCR." And you basically all agreed to be my sexy (?) music slaves. So, That's where we stand. I'm pretty sure I didn't perpetuate any illusions that I'm not a contrary, selfish, elitist, bastard. So, don't go running around like I pulled a rug out from under you.
  13. I keep forgetting to listen to it because it is cleverly hiding on my desktop, and I've grown so accustomed to seeing it there that I don't bother to listen to it in the meantime. I'll get right on that.
  14. Hey, epo, where have you been, sweetie? Also: *high fives chthonic* chthonic's mix for the project is pretty awesome, it's been done for a while now.
  15. ...why does everyone quote koelsch's posts, and then respond to me? Dafydd: I AM; The fact that I like them differentiates; More than marginally more interesting is a rare occurrence when it comes to source material which is already quite interesting. I would say that MORE than marginal is reserved for original material, but then you'd be comparing apples to oranges.
  16. Not that this helps other people in assessing my attitude, but I am not concerned with your patronage. You are a troll.
  17. Edit: yes please, Dafydd, that would be great. I consider my social life more important than my "internet 'community' based on video game music re-arrangement" non-life. Remixing is not a career for me, it's a hobby. I prefer to WRITE original material (as opposed to remixing. I HATE when people refer to this re-arranging as "writing"). My BotA track has terrible mixing, and I really didn't want to finish it, not that that's an excuse. My music is only as good as it can be. Not that that's at all relevant, or that you, taking time to even mention that you don't think my music is all that great is at all useful or helpful in getting the project done. I'm not holding out on you guys because I think I'm awesome, I'm not holding out at all. I'm simply taking a laid back approach, because my priorities lie outside of spending in excess of 3 hours a night trying to work someone else's source material into something that a bunch of people (judges)-- that I have little respect for, musically-- will think is super great, so that a bunch more people will listen to it, and think "Man, this originally great song has been made to sound another way which is only marginally more or less interesting by that guy whose name I can't pronounce." Furthermore, it is not my responsibility as the coordinator to complete tracks, it is my responsibility to coordinate. Failing that, it is my responsibility to attempt to coordinate that which will allow itself to be coordinated. I realize that I took on the responsibility to complete a track when I took on a track, but I have not set any deadlines for any of you (barring that first month and a bit where I set deadlines, and you all failed to meet them,) apart from "As soon as possible." That said, it has not been possible for me to complete, nor make much progress on my tracks, because I have not had much in the way of creative ideas about the piece coming to me, and if I want to make something better, and more well thought out than my BotA track, then I will continue to wait until I do have more creative ideas coming to me. That said, MY inability to complete my track does not somehow excuse the inability of others to stay committed. I check this thread more than once daily. I have given the go-ahead to at least 4 mixers in as many months, and after receiving a "Heck yes I'll get right on that!" response, they are never to be seen nor heard from again. So, mephistopholes, if you really can't hold it any longer, submit your remix, and get it posted. Know, though, that if you do, I will not include it on the project (What would be the point?) thus hindering the progress of the project further, which doesn't matter much to me, as I'm willing to let this project go on until I'm at least 30 (or at least until I lose interest in Link's Awakening, which probably won't happen.) Complete tracks are over and done with. It's the incomplete tracks that matter, and while (as usual) your indignant response is "Well, why aren't you doing anything about your incomplete tracks?!" one more complete track by me doesn't ASSIGN the UNASSIGNED tracks to COMMITTED REMIXERS who will COMPLETE THEIR OBLIGATIONS which they are NOT ACTUALLY OBLIGATED TO DO, and WHO ARE NOT YOU. Your ability to complete tracks with such speed is admirable, but it is not a template with which I would feel comfortable forcing other artists-- who do not have your work ethic, your facilities and methods, or your education-- to fit into it. That said, either drudge up some patience, or go away.
  18. So, what relevance do YOU as a person, have anything to do with this thread or its contents? Anyhoo, A weekend's work is quite a bit of time, particularly when you don't even have a lot of time on weekends. Also, a weekend's worth of work isn't enough time for ME to finish a song and have it sound more than half-assed (full-assed would be preferable in this scenario). My attitude was more positive originally, and it's moreso the fault of the mixers who signed up and disappeared which has given me a more laissez faires attitude, as the only ones who are really doing any complaining are the ones who have ALREADY FINISHED THEIR SONGS. And those people, as far as I'm concerned should adopt my attitude, and ignore this thread until something actually happens, so that they're not always in here trying to blame me for the fact that nobody else wants to be on the project, and therefore the songs won't get done.
  19. I suppose in the meantime we can discuss the state of music.... The only musicians I can think of offhand who could produce music worth listening to in the space of one year are: The Beatles, the Moody Blues, and Frank Zappa. Furthermore, my dislike of jazz provides me with a bias, but it occurs to me that it would be very easy to "write" and record jazz albums in one session if you're using the same goddamn chord progressions over and over again, and then jamming for 3 hours. If you're not doing that, you're just playing someone else's song. jamming does not equal writing music.
  20. Put it in a folder. I'M in no hurry to get this project done. We are by no means close to any finish line, it's not a race, and all the best bands only put out an album every 5 years anyway.