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  1. I don't mind at all. I feel like I wasted a bunch of time I don't really even have if I can't even compete. I just started a full time job this week and haven't made music in a while.
  2. Signed up: Icewind Dale 2 - Sherincal ( )- VillainFinal Fantasy 4 - Rydia ( ) - HeroTales of Phantasia - Mint ( ) - Hero
  3. Lyrics for round 8: Intro Chaos envelopes the whole world, Carnage, metallically unfurled Robots, mindless slaves to a lie Shackled, to a fiend that must die (Quickman's theme part 1) Here we are Through all the fighting come at last When we find you Your judgement will be fast When we come we will drag you from your shell And next time I'll see you will be in hell (Wiley's theme) Here we stand together It's time to do finish this For now and ever Wily, now your time has come there's nowhere to hide for you there's nowhere to run (Chorus build up) Concrete Men are coming after you There's nowhere else to go There's nothing left to do And we will finish this tonight cause no matter how you try You will not win this fight Breakdown: We have got to try because Wily's got to die We had better try because Wily's gonna die Verse 2: We will massacre With our attacks so skilled and deft And the evil doctor is the only one that's left With my lightning speed and protoman's brutal plasma cannon Get down on your knees If you want to die less painfully (Wily's theme) Now we stand together We're here to do finish this For now and ever Wily, now your time has come there's nowhere to hide for you there's nowhere to run CHORUS X 2 I can't wait to hear everybody's mix. I hope you enjoy what I have in store for this week. (*rubs hands together) mwahahaha!
  4. After an exhausting fight, Quickman and Ballade agree to put aside their differences and perform a song together. I authorized Jason Covenant to write the rest of the back story on the song. Lyrics: (verse) Deep in my lonely heart You and I are worlds apart Without anyone this lonely place Withdrawn from reality making my home this fantasy Memories that will never be erased Wondering where I am, where I hide Somehow I'll find keep pushing on, living this life (Chorus) If this emptiness ever ends That will be the day Just to find someone anyone I won't be the same But if I look inside of myself I don't need anybody else and I can say goodbye say farewell to loneliness (verse) All that I've left behind Though I can never turn back time Searching my feelings day and night Then somewhere from deep inside Suddenly I feel alive I thought that never again I'd feel this way Now, now that I'm here, so brand new I can go find something more to do no longer alone, feel so at home (Chorus) Would this emptiness never end That would be a shame I could find someone else like you, but it won't be the same But when I look inside of myself I don't need anybody else and I can say goodbye say farewell to loneliness
  5. Jason is really the expert on harmonic excitation and Ozone (he uses the professional edition). I basically just throw FL blood overdrive onto things (it basically works on everything, in moderation), and then I cut the unwanted frequencies with EQ. Another way to apply harmonic excitation is by looking at a sound in a spectrometer (FL Parametric EQ 2 has this built into it), and cutting the frequencies that are the most dominant. This will naturally boost all the harmonics and subharmonics. You sir, have hit the nail on the head
  6. If you were involved in FLRG (Fl Studio Remix Gauntlet), you'd understand that a very skilled engineer can make something amazing with limited tools, like the examples you gave. Using tons of compression is neither the best nor most effective way to maximize volume. The main trick is getting things to sound big with proper EQ, harmonic excitation, etc. Of course there are techniques to using compressors properly while still preserving the dynamics and character of an instrument. Unfortunately some of these techniques are very advanced and typically require years of training and experience, along with meticulous monitoring(through spectrometer analysis and very careful listening) and tweaking. And on another note, the genre I was going for this week is typically very loud, and so you can get away with a lot more brutal mixing techniques than you could mixing a jazz or orchestral piece, for example.
  7. There's a lot more to mixing and mastering than simply using good samples. Listen to how much louder my song is this week than everybody else's (and yet still clean sounding, as far as separation goes; yes I know I have some filthy sounds in that mix). That's 8 hours of work just on final mix down and mastering between Jason and me. Having said that, this was an amazing week for quality entries; and I was quite surprised to find my song had one of the weaker arrangements for this round, unfortunately. I still think some of the things I did were rather clever, however. I mainly wanted to try a style that I've never done before, and I'm quite satisfied with the end result.
  8. I agree with this. For the record, do NOT ask me to perform piano solos for the purpose of these competitions, because I compose music when I play the piano, even if I'm playing the melody that was intended. I'd say the same goes for a rhythm guitar section; if you're simply giving the guitarist a chord chart, the guitarist is writing the music, NOT the arranger.
  9. So what kind of reaction would I have if the track is good?
  10. Wear no pants when you hear mine - just like when I made it. I should warn, this is one of the side effects of hearing my mix. Don't worry, you'll recover after a few days.
  11. I want some Mexican polka about heart break and cute doggies.
  12. Yeah, I sang that at karaoke one night, and there must have been tons of Megaman fans in the crowd, because they were all cheering!
  13. I've really been enjoying my new Yamaha digital piano I just bought recently. Feels so great to be playing again. On another "note", my mix is really coming along this week. Can't wait to hear what everyone else comes up with by Sunday.
  14. Challenge accepted. If a rap battle is what you want, I'll give you one you'll never forget.
  15. I'm about 90% done with my mix for this week. Hope everyone else is having a productive week like I've had. Not quite the entries I was expecting for round 1, but some good tunes nonetheless, and a great turnout too. Good job everybody.
  16. I'm up this week for Concrete Men 2.0. This melody looks like fun.
  17. I suggest Disney's Aladdin for round 2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a0KeglCHeUE&list=PLD9B6178F9A98F700 The soundtrack was pretty amazing for this game.
  18. I lol'd. Pharaoh Man doesn't take shit from anyone. Thanks for the sig SuperiorX. Looks great =) I can't wait for this epic compo to get underway.
  19. 1. MM2 Quickman 2. MM3 Needleman 3. MM3 Sparkman 4. MM1 Elecman 5. MM2 Flashman
  20. He's alive, and his birthday is tomorrow. I just saw him Saturday night.
  21. Jason hasn't been on Skype in days. It's just not like him. I just might show up at his house tomorrow and find out what's going on. Hopefully he's okay since he got sick.
  22. If you can't think of anything then ask one of your team mates to go, or ask them for ideas.
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