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  1. It's all good, I counted the votes and started remixing Ryu's theme anyway. I didn't even know there was a mix up.
  2. You're not the only one with the late start. I was with family celebrating Easter, then hanging out with Jason Covenant/Prophecy celebrating his birthday. Add to that, I still have to do my taxes, and I work Wednesday through Saturday. This is going to be a really tough week for me. I will definitely still do what I can though.
  3. Spam out those shoryukens this week Gario, because I used to play Chun Li as a ground fighter. Good luck, it was great meeting you in real life too, lol. I look forward to our epic battle.
  4. Brandon should have gone this direction in round 1: http://ocremix.org/remix/VCR00007/ Am I going to get a banner sometime too?
  5. I didn't notice a glitch. MP3's sometimes do strange things during encoding though. Not what I was expecting at all from you. Great job on your mix. I'm enjoying all the entries this round immensely.
  6. Oh good, and I was worried next round might be too easy xP (if I manage to beat OA, lol). Good luck to you. I can't wait to hear your entry this week, and Phonetic's too. My entry is in, Darksword. I think I finished it like on Tuesday, was debating whether I should work on it more, but I haven't really had the time or motivation to. Good luck to you, OA. I can't wait to hear all the new entries this round. =)
  7. I haven't really sat down to listen to all the entries yet. I got a sudden fit of inspiration and have been working like MAD on this week's new round. Good luck to everyone this week, and OA PREPARE FOR A BRUTAL ROUND TWO!
  8. I'm kind of worried about the rest of the tournament myself, especially when I don't have nearly as much experience as some of these guys. You gave me a hellava run for my money. I really spent all the free time I had this week working on this, and pulled out all the cards I could come up with on short notice. I'm sure a few people still have't voted though, so this isn't over yet. Good job on your entry though, I did actually really enjoy it, despite all the whining and trash talking you heard. xP I can't wait to hear the compo entries for the other bracket this Sunday. Good luck all.
  9. Brandon, you realize a shamisen is a "Japanese" instrument, right? Isn't Chun Li's theme supposed to be in here somewhere? Maybe I missed it.
  10. There definitely isn't enough trash talking going on in this compo. Brandon, go home and be a family man! Too bad I don't spend enough time practicing my music anymore or I could literally put everything together at the last minute instead of spending almost all of my free time on this compo... Oh well, I gave it an honest effort. xD
  11. I finally found a work-around. I have to reply to a private message in my inbox, then change the recipient name. Still kind of lame though..
  12. When I'm viewing a user's profile and click "send message", nothing happens, literally. And in my inbox there doesn't seem to be a new message button at all.
  13. I've been unable to send messages to other users the last couple of weeks. I've tried both chrome and internet explorer. I'm on Windows 7 64. My inbox isn't full either. I don't know what could be causing this, but I wonder if anyone else has this problem.
  14. Chun Li (SFII) Vega (SFII) Ryu (SFII) Zangief (SFII) Blanca (SFII)
  15. The Magic House - I need some collab help, anyone who can rap or help with lyrics. The Phantom Train Celes' theme (the short version, not the opera one)
  16. I hear different kinds of emotions depending on what key a song is played in. Maybe other people aren't as attuned to that, but I definitely hear a difference. To me it's a big deal, and I'll pick whatever key I think captures emotion the best. When I improvise on piano, different keys inspire completely different moods and melodies. I actually recorded every song on my piano album in a different key.
  17. Magfest is once a year. How many Zelda concerts a year do you know of? This is like a once in a lifetime sort of event Besides, a lot of OCR people don't live on the east coast. Last I checked btw, like 80% of the tickets were already sold. They're disappearing fast.
  18. Tickets just went on sale a couple days ago. I dunno how many are left. I already bought mine. Who else is going? This might be a good opportunity for an OCR meetup. The concert is Tuesday, January 10, in Dallas, Texas. For more information and for tickets, click here for the official site.
  19. Neblix has the same birthday as me?
  20. Announcing my very first album release, EVER. Now available for download and streaming. LISTEN AND DOWNLOAD HERE By supporting my music you're helping me pay rent, buy food, and make more great music. Recommend it to your friends and family too. Thanks!
  21. Lady Gaga should be put into an iron maiden (I don't mean the band).
  22. Dunno if this has been mentioned already. A lot of Japan only releases never made it to the US and so never became main stream games. I'm not sure if those count. Tales of Phantasia for Super Famicom (SNES) was a masterpiece, everything from the story, to the music, graphic effects (for 16 bit), and even the gameplay was half decent. Sweet Home (Famicom/NES) was a crazy good game for an 8 bit console. The timing was actually good enough that the game was very startling and suspenseful, and it had a great dark storyline to it and interesting music. Out of unreleased Final Fantasy games I found FF5 and FF3 to be the most enjoyable. Both those games implemented a customizable multiclass character system and had really good music. FF2 had some good tunes, but gameplay was just way too annoying (like intentionally letting characters get hurt to level their hp....) I think I've browsed through almost every official NES release on emulator, and hate to say probably more than 99% of them aren't even worth playing, although SNES had an insane number of decent games, a lot of them really fun. For the most part I'd say most obscure games that never because really popular were for PC. The Dune series (Dune 2 was the very first developed RTS game, which Blizzard copied heavily from). Darklands (the most historically accurate open RPG ever made, and an extremely involved and complex game, especially when it was released). Ice Wind Dale 2 wasn't popular because it was so incredibly difficult, although it's an amazingly involved game with very intuitive player interaction with the story (for example, going into NPC's homes will actually piss them off, rather than them letting you loot their home in front of them, and evil NPC's constantly try to trick you into helping them).
  23. I second Hanon (the 60 exercises one) being an amazing book. Of course, you have to play them every day. Chopin's Etudes are good practice too, once you get through Hanon, though they require a lot of patience. The revolutionary etude in C minor is a favorite of mine (and will bring your left hand playing up to par). Expect Hanon to take at least a year or two to get through all 60 exercises. Learning all the scale/chord theory in the world won't help you play piano if your hands are too weak to play the notes. Hanon will definitely remedy that. The exercises are fairly easy to read, too (during book one, both hands are mirrored, playing in different octaves, so picking up the notes is easy). Make sure you can read finger numbers before starting them (thumb is 1, 2, 3, 4, 5). Also, later in the book you'll run into key changes and accidentals, so you'll have to be able to read music pretty well. As far as chord theory, there are lots of good tutorials on the internet, or even on this site. You'll never have to learn to read music like a classical pianist to understand how chords and scales work. Learning major/minor/diminished/augmented chords, suspensions, substitutions, mode mixture, chord progression, major/minor/diminished/whole-tone and other scales are likely going to be very important. Googling some of those terms might be a good place to start. Of course, there are people who can compose without even playing an instrument. Learning how to compose and learning how to play the piano are really two completely different things.
  24. Look for winamp 2.95. That's what I run on Windows 7. The program sucked ever since AOL took it over. What version are you using anyway?
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