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  1. Ghetto Lee Lewis - Rock Hard Mandrills Is é mo aingeal imithe (Flame Stag in Doppler Stage 1 [X3]) I Don't Run At All (Crystal Snail in Doppler Stage 1 [X3]) Arsonist (Flame Mammoth in Doppler Stage 1 [X3])
  2. Ghetto Lee Lewis - Rock Hard Mandrills Wanderforce (Gravity Antonion in Palace Ground [X]) Firefly (Shining Hotarunicus in Palace Ground [X]) Rolling (Frost Walrus in Palace Ground [X])
  3. I'm working 12 hour shifts and have to be moved out of my apartment at the end of July, and STILL doing this compo. Sounds like a lot of whining to me.
  4. http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR00082 Zelda 2 Thelonius High Temple And of course Disco Dan's old tracks, especially this one http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR00353 as well as http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR00563 I even went so far as to sample one of the pads on that heat man remix, lol. Back in the days before I knew how to make a synth. Of course Robert Miles had a huge influence on me back when I started (it's obvious if you've heard my Dragon Warrior remix). Techno was really new to me back then, and I was really excited about it.
  5. Team: Rock Hard Mandrills 1. Rainy Turtloid (X6) 2. Commander Yammark (X6) 3. Infinity Mijinion (X6) 4. Chill Penguin (X) 5. Gravity Beetle (X3)
  6. Alright well that makes sense. I'll just wait patiently for you guy to work the bugs out, and I'll be sure to participate on that community review. Otherwise this is a really great new system.
  7. As a fellow pianist who used to toy around a lot with this song (and the rest of the CV2 soundtrack), I really dig this. Any chance of ever posting a chord chart?
  8. Honestly I've never really been a fan of Zircon/Jill, or even OCR for quite a long time; but I was completely blown away by this stunning and beautiful arrangement. You very nearly brought tears to my eyes with this wonderful performance. I'll definitely have to start coming back to this site again.
  9. How does OCR not consider any of my remixes techno? That's all I make!!!
  10. I didn't even realize it was our week until last night. I might actually have time to complete something now.
  11. I tested downloading my song from Soundcloud, and it's exactly the same file with the same volume after listening. FYI I use lots of compression and saturation. There's a rare chance you might not be uploading 16 bit 44.1 khz audio and the site is converting to that when it's uploading, but I'm not sure if Soundcloud does that. I noticed in Audacity my track peaks at around +2 dB, so FL Studio must export at a higher volume. Unfortunately I'm not too familiar with the software you're using. edit: I was just listening to your song from round 1, supercoolmike, it's not really that quiet for the genre, but it's definitely not super loud either.
  12. thanks. Unfortunately it was much less dramatic than that. I took a fall on some ice, twisted my ankle so hard I broke my fibula. Too bad there's only three entries from this week, all piano too, lol.
  13. Submitted. Good luck to everyone this week. Sorry I haven't been more active so far in this compo. I broke my leg a couple weeks ago and have been on some strong meds since my surgery. I really look forward to beating Brandon a second and third time though.
  14. In honor of Beethoven's birthday today, I would like to sign up.
  15. I'm afraid I have bad news this week... for your team. Jason and I had an epic jam session this morning and made something CRAY CRAY!
  16. yeah, and you might want to check with Jason to see what he wants to do.
  17. The only reason I signed up was to compete against Sir Nuts and Jive. We still had an old score to settle. Well there's really no point in staying in this compo anymore.
  18. This thread needs more love. Where is everyone? So everyone in doubles is required to make vocal mixes, right? Darkesword, you should post a list of people who've signed up when you get a chance.
  19. I'm signing up for doubles with Jason Covenant. Our picks are: 1) shield knight 2) spectre knight 3) mole knight 4) polar knight
  20. Neither Jason nor me had time nor the inclination to finish the vocal parts, so it's just going to be instrumentals for this round. Sorry guys. I would still love to finish the vocals for this later when I get around to it.
  21. OH YOU MAY JUST AS WELL GET MORE THAN YOU BARGAINED FOR. There will be much blood, and weeping, and gnashing of teeth, and atrocities. oh yes there will be.
  22. I really liked your mix this week, Xeno. It reminds me of the old 70's disco classical remixes ( , Night on Bald Mountain, etc.)
  23. I've done something really different myself. xD It's soooo saxy it makes my organ throb.
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