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  1. I could work in a big finish.. the ending to this song is always something I've been unsure on and the ending I have now is really a first draft and I haven't given it much thought yet. I'll look into the ending next.
  2. http://files.zenixstudios.com/2cdrebeljazzalt.mp3 NEEEEEEEW UPDATE. Finished the 'bone modifications and added in a whole new section as well as further reworking the intro. C&C welcome.
  3. doesn't this have any chance without a live performance? The chances of me getting a band to play this are pretty small..
  4. I'm trying to decide if I like my trombone orchestration in the first fast section... http://files.zenixstudios.com/a5frebeljazzalt.mp3 Any suggestions?
  5. Ok then. What I'm thinking I might do is orchestrate the trombone parts during the melody so it's less power chordy as you describe and add a bass trombone part to double with the bari. Maybe add a third trumpet too and make one trumpet double with the saxes at parts..
  6. Town theme is another one of my favorites I just might do it next.
  7. and there's your new WIP ;D http://files.zenixstudios.com/377rebeljazz.mp3 see first post for summary of changes. MAIN THINGS I WANT CRITICISM: The ending. I don't like the way it's done now, so I want ideas. Also the changed intro, keep the drums? Lose them? I don't know, I'd like some feedback.
  8. Well even if I do keep the intro as it is, I still want to work on phrasing, improving the background with more motion, and whatnot. An ending shouldn't be too hard either. Hopefully i'll have another WIP up soon.
  9. You're right about the ending. I plan to completely rework the intro (to make it jazzy) and add an actual ending as well as expanding on the middle segments, maybe adding more phrases. I've also emailed a local jazz group I know of, so if they agree to do it for me it may come to life after all. Thanks all for the positive feedback.
  10. I like the way it sounds, but it's FAR too repetitive throughout the first half and takes far too long to build. Needs more variation, more harmony, less of the same but repeating so much. I would like to know what choir sound you used there, though, if you wouldn't mind sharing.
  11. Ok, thanks. As soon as I get my computer in working order again I'll work on fusing in some more trumpet parts and work on toning down the range a little and see if I can't make it playable.
  12. Jazz is definitely difficult to produce realistically so I'm not sure what to do, really, unless I find a band that can play it. I think the only part that might be tricky for a real band is the first trumpet part that goes pretty high, and I had this in mind considering I play the trumpet. I just wanted to add that almost screechy feel to it. So because of that it might be out of the range of what, say, my high school band can do. I can't really afford to pay anyone else, though. These are the Garritan Jazz sounds too so I don't think I'll get a lot better than this =\ Thanks for the feedback, though.
  13. The beginning segment is almost a direct transcribing of the original melody, so that should give you some idea. Thanks, though.
  14. NEWEST VERSION: http://files.zenixstudios.com/2cdrebeljazzalt.mp3 10-7 VERSION: http://files.zenixstudios.com/377rebeljazz.mp3 http://zenixstudios.com/files/0b7rebeljazz.mp3 Link to original: http://files.zenixstudios.com/d40rebelarmy.mp3 Bringing out the jazz for this one ;DShould mention that I eventually plan on putting some solos in that seemingly empty spot. C&C welcome. UPDATE: New version includes revamped intro. To summarize the changes to the intro, I changed the trumpet to a flugelhorn and changed the way the notes were attacked as well as removing the bass from the chords to make the attacks sound smoother. Threw in a drum beat and slowed it down too. Also added a makeshift ending, this is mainly what I want suggestions on. Lastly, did some panning and mastering work to make it sound a little better. Thanks all.
  15. http://www.sf2midi.com/index.php?page=sdet&id=6514 Is this possibly what you are looking for? That's the one, thanks
  16. Can anyone link me up to the Maestro Malmsjo acoustic piano soundfont? I had it but all my sounds got deleted and I liked that one. Thanks
  17. I wrote this song in 14/8 a while ago, if you're interested ;D http://www.soundclick.com/util/getplayer.m3u?id=3372303&q=hi
  18. hmm.. ok, thanks. That makes it painfully difficult trying to record a piano piece, though
  19. Ok, thanks a ton. I swear I've tried that before, but now it seems to work. Only thing I have to work around now is having ir record for more than 64 beats. ... So, uh, how can I get it to record without cutting me off after the stupid step sequencer decides to run out of time?
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