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  1. Really? I don't hear many places that I would consider sour. Care to point any out?
  2. ugh. i want your vast library of VSTs and samples
  3. The original isn't very fast or zany either That's partly why I liked it so much when viewed as part of the soundtrack.
  4. slight update. fleshed out some parts.
  5. Can't tell you how many times I was downed by an incidental burst of scalding hot coffee.
  6. Not that he's particularly difficult or anything.. but I've always dreaded fighting the Department Store Spook in Earthbound. Just an old childhood thing I guess.. probably because I knew Moonside was just around the corner.
  7. Remix of "Cherry Blossom Color Season" from Katamari Damacy! You know, the really pretty one with the kids singing. http://zenixstudios.com/f/katamari9b8.mp3 I am proud to announce the first full version of the song. Please lend whatever feedback you can.
  8. I went in to buy myself a mic the other day with thoughts of a shiny new SM57 dancing in my head, but the attendant was rather adamant in his proclamation that our beloved SM57, while a good mic, was not as good as-in his opinion-the audix i5. Assuming he had more knowledge than me in the given field and after a lowdown on the differences between the two, I gave it to him straight up: "would you recommend the i5 over the SM57?" "Yes," he replied with absolute certainty. Trusting his judgment, I went with the Audix i5. I'll be using it mainly to record acoustic stuff - trumpets, saxes, etc. But my trumpet is currently in the shop and I haven't had much to test it out with yet. But OVERALL, has anyone that uses this mic had a good time with it? If it matters, I'm plugged into a M-Audio MobilePre USB preamp.
  9. That is not always true, especially when you get into stuff that's maybe a bit jazzier.
  10. Sound quality isn't much of an issue for me now since I've found a professional jazz band willing to help me out. So I'm mainly looking for how to improve the actual arrangement.
  11. http://files.zenixstudios.com/a98theme_of_love.mp3 Finished? Well here it is, somewhat final. C&C please.
  12. that's right! http://files.zenixstudios.com/20corchecake.mp3
  13. wait, is this live? Doesn't sound like it, so why is this recorded from a laptop? Just wondering >_>
  14. No doubt practice makes you better.. I can figure out almost any melody now with relative ease. It's just picking out the nuances of a progression. Chords like Csus(13) can be hard to figure out by ear.
  15. Sounds a lot like the original with a drum beat thrown on it =\
  16. melodies aren't hard at all - it's the chords that are tricky.
  17. As a person with a not-so-great ear for picking out notes, this has always left me wondering. What do YOU GUYS use mainly to figure out the chord progressions of songs you remix? Do you find a ready-made midi and just figure it out from there? Do you hunt for some sheet music that may or may not exist and go along with the chord symbols that like to make their homes there? Or do you pick them out note by note with your ear alone? Just wondering.
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