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  1. Now let's just say I consider myself fairly competent musically. I really love digital music done in certain styles and I'm always wondering exactly how certain sounds are pulled off. Unfortunately, my experience is entirely acoustic, so any remix I try to do ultimately emulates an acoustic sound, but really I want to try to integrate that into some awesome digital stuff. I mean, what's the point of writing music on a computer that can be performed live and sound much better? I've looked around a bit, and I know the basics of VSTs, but I am still a complete noob with respect to where to get what and what sounds good and what does this and that and all that other noise. Moving from live experience to digital is an intimidating experience. New lingo gets thrown in all over the place and you see knobs and wheels that you never thought should exist. So here I am, completely clueless as to where to find these amazing sounds you guys seem to have. I can never seem to find a good drum kit, pads and leads always sound tinny and cheap; it can really get discouraging. So I guess the short version of what I'm saying is where can I get some really good VSTs that are more digital than recreations of acoustic sounds? Thoug I'd just like to add this problem is deeper than just "WHERE TO FIND!" It's more asking for advice than specific locations. What to do rather than where to find specifics.
  2. Wow. These are really good if you ask me. I'd just say to keep doing what you're doing.
  3. out of curiosity, what brass sounds are you using for this? and any other VSTs that you feel like sharing.
  4. I'll second the lyrics sounding awkward at times. The harmony works well at parts put just sounds awkward at others. There are still some slight intonation and scooping issues too. The entrance at 2:48 sounds really out of tune to me, too.
  5. The thing is, I really don't know my orchestral stuff I honestly have no idea how to PROPERLY score an orchestra since I've never actually been able to look at an orchestral score. I'm a band person so I'm more used to that orchestration.
  6. I haven't mastered any of this yet - I cut it off with no ending and left the muddy reverb I threw on with no reasl consideration. I'll be addressing all the actual sound issues when the arrangement is how it should be.
  7. ok so I couldn't help but keep working for hours, so I have a much longer update for you. All I need to do on this one is add the ending.
  8. I scrapped the entire thing and started over. http://zenixstudios.com/f/trial2f72.mp3 Same general idea, although I think this one is a bit more interesting and has much more room to build upon. Same general feel, though.
  9. Doing that gives me tons of individual sounds rather than the entire program.
  10. I don't think "trippy rhythmic" goes well with orchestral, though
  11. In my current mix, the time goes into sections of 4/4 and 3/4. As far as I have been able to see, FL can only do one time signature. I would just stick in 4 and do a faux 3 but that doesn't line up properly with the ends of the measures in most instances and leaves gaps of silence. Any way to change?
  12. I know about the soundfont player and I've been using it for ages. The kontakt player is just so much.. better.
  13. One other thing - how do I get soundfonts to load into it? Is it even made to play soundfonts?
  14. Working in FL, is it possible for me to load multiple banks into a single Kontakt player and send each patch to a separate piano roll? Right now I can easily load multiple patches, but I can't really get any other than the first one to work on the piano roll.
  15. Thank you for the feedback. I am well aware that my music is often really bland. I'm really trying to get out of that habit, but what I find happens is I get an idea, it starts out with one instrument, and then I keep piling other ideas on top of it without any kind of lead-ins or changes in voice. I'll take into account every idea posted here, although I think I'll be better off scrapping what I have now and starting over. Looking back, I'm not really happy with how it has turned out thus far.
  16. I generally start with the main theme of the piece. Once I have that built, I can take it and change it and base the intro and outro off it.
  17. Source tune is, of course, "The Trial" I found my title to be especially clever given poor Crono's usual sad outcome from the event ;o I decided to go an all orchestral route with this baby. IN THE NEW VERSION, I completely threw out most of the arrangement elements from the old one, namely the muddiness and feel of just piling more and more stuff together to create a giant blob of brownish muck. I feel this new version has much more potential for creativity so far.. CURRENT VERSION - http://www.tindeck.com/audio/my/2jkye/trial2 All comments welcome.
  18. Considering this is a jazzier piece I think it might be better to make the bass drum less prominent. It just sounds so driving and with a swingy jazz-like style like you have hearing a driving bass drum rhythm just sounds awkward. I'd try changing it to a sexy hat rhythm instead, but that's just me. Vast improvement from the older versions though.
  19. Some good ideas here. All you need is more proficiency with your program of choice, for it does sound quite midi. And a better sound library.
  20. no, i'm not gonna make any charts until i have the arrangement how i want it. I wasn't planning on having it played live til later on so I didn't make any kind of notated score. All piano roll for now. But this is my first real attempt at a big band arrangement, so I guess you shouldn't expect greatness yet.
  21. http://zenixstudios.com/f/rebeljazzaltd56.mp3 Here's my arrangement. I was lucky enough to find a local big band willing to help me out with this one free of charge. So I want to make sure this is GOOD before I take it to them. All comments welcome.
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