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  1. Just wait till you do Molten Core
  2. The "happy" parts of this song are awesome, but that high synth that accompanies the piano still hurts my ears V_V
  3. If I may offer a critique, this is probably the worst of all OCR's projects, many of the songs are just generic trance songs that sound near identical to one another.
  4. This sounds....exactly the same as all his other pieces. Exactly, except for the rather stupid electronica section in the middle. Bleh.
  5. You know, this is pretty bad. You could actually have done something with the track. Instead you...did nothing and just put some sound effects in and called it a remix.
  6. Heh, hello people. I've been using Reason for a while now, but up until this point I've mainly just used it for the samples. Anyway, since the synths (and effects to a degree I suppose) seem to the be the main attraction I figure I'll try learning how to use them and maybe be able to do a new genre of music. Anyway, I checked the Synthesis 101 or whatever its called topic, but when I go into Reason I have trouble applying the knowledge from there to the synths. Are there any synth-specific tutorials that will show what each individual knob does? Sorry for such a stupid question, but I know absolutely nothing about this.
  7. Anyone know a good harpsichord soundfont?
  8. This is some great stuff, and I believe the first "surf" mix on the site. As always, its an honor to have professional composers send their stuff to OCR.
  9. Oh the irony. Also a belated congratulations to Prot, thought there is some competition between this and Forest Birdcussion I must agree this is your best yet.
  10. I could really use a decent bagpipe sound... Celtic music isn't complete without one.
  11. Does anyone know of a good bag/uilleann pipe sound?
  12. Hello there, I'm new to Reason and mixing. Very new. Just wanted to get that out of the way. If this post is asking questions that are often asked, I apologize. If you find these questions annoying in how basic they are, I apologize, I doing my best to become more knowledgable in this field. If you don't have anything helpful to say about this post, ignore it. Thank you. Anyway, I have a few questions. First off, I have a Korg SP-500. I'm curious how I would use sounds from this keyboard and use them for recording in Reason. Is this even possible? I quite hope so. Next, do people actually use only the sounds in Reason and it's refills to create music? If so, what refills and how can you get the sounds to not sound so...well....just not very good. =\ If not, what do you use to get good sounds? Third. As I mentioned in the above paragraph, Reason simply doesn't sound that good. That is, the sounds are rather muddled, the quality is poor. Is there any way to make it sound better? Am I doing something wrong, is there something I should know about this? Thank you taking the time to read and perhaps answer this. If the above didn't make much sense, please point out what part. I have a tendency to leave holes in what I write.
  13. Great mix, normally I loathe techno but you kept the beats conservative and limited enough that I could enjoy this. However, I am rather disappointed that you resubmitted it as I thought the bluesy bits were the best part of the song. Ah well, keep up the good work.
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