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  1. Two months since the last bump... but meh
  2. Something small - my name on it, this picture: Try to make it look dark. Thanks.
  3. Disappeared, appearantly. School had me busy. Sorry. Getting back to work immediately.
  4. finally.
  5. here, have my +1 shield! let's hope the stream can survive....
  6. I need: A website with some drum samples/loops An owl hooting
  7. Due to yet another HD problem, my mix has to be start over (forgot to backup the .flp... ). I should still be able to meet the deadline though.
  8. First thing, use the edit button. 1. You cannot hear the songs until the download is done; hear them earlier and you will hear different songs (in the middle of something else). 2. Try downloading the torrent (I mean the target) in a different folder.
  9. Pick one, then PM the author. Updated the mix...
  10. My wip link will be in my sig from now on with the date of update (just in case you want to see)
  11. How the heck do I make you stop? Anywayyy...