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  1. You love this song. In fact, you love it so much, you've decided you'll go ahead and download it right now (if you haven't already, which would be enormously surprising, actually). You think this song has much atmosphericly creepy goodness to it and hope Mazedude will keep up the awesome work. Credits will do fine.
  2. I would think even by some random newcomer this probably would have been accepted... it's some good stuff.
  3. I like this one a lot... I don't even like the genre much, but the quality of this mix is top-notch. Wow...
  4. Indeed... I give it eight thumbs way up. Just wonderfulness. Okay, so that was a lame joke.
  5. Would I still be able to seed if I, say, moved all the files I downloaded into another file? Without having to download everything all over again? This has probably been mentioned before, but yeah... I didn't see it. Soo... would I? edit: yeah, songs, that's what I meant.
  6. Very nice... I especially like the way it incorporates the main theme near the end, and the tempo changes and such. Did anyone else notice, from about the four minute mark to near the end of the song, that weird clickish sound at the beginning of each new segment (a segment, as in a full "1-2-3-4" in 4/4 time, I forgot the actual term for it)? It's probably just part of the song and meant to be there and stuff, but I dunno; it just seemed kind of odd/out of place to me. But other than that, though... Yeah, I really like this mix. And a "yay" for the possible misuse of semicolons! Okay.
  7. It's nice to see calm, mellowish mixes like this on the site once in a while. Kind of odd, I thought, how a mellow lounge-type mix would come from a game about fighting on the raging streets, you know, how that's all opposite and stuff... yeah. I suppose that's what remixing is about, though: taking a piece (or several pieces) and transforming it into something very much different while still retaining within it traces of the original material. Well, more or less. But anyway, yeah, very cool, mellow, lounge-like, etc. I like it, and stuff. I could go on to say a really corny line about "taming" this "raging" beast of a game, but I don't think I will. Even though I just sort of did. Eh...
  8. Excellent metal mix... balls-to-the-wall indeed. I'm not even much of a fan of metal, but I love this. Good, great, nice, etc.
  9. I really like this mix... glad I didn't accidently miss it. Very ominous, very spooky, and such and such. Otherworldly, too, another good word. [[Edit]] Wow, I can't believe I left out the word "atmospheric." Atmospheric, in an otherworldly sense, anyway. This mix really deserves a lot more praise than it's gotten. I suppose that's just cuz of when it was posted... Oh well. Very good, check it out (if you haven't already).
  10. Excellent ethnic stuff goin' on here. Very impressive. Like many other people here, I too am wondering whether that was really Star who performed the vocals on this. If so, wow. That's really incredible. If not... well, this is a really nice mix, regardless. Very transporting... feels like you've gone to Egypt (or somewhere like that) for just a moment...
  11. Okay, first off, I like this mix. I don't mind rap as long as there isn't needless profanity thrown in and there aren't corrupt messages involved. In the case of this mix, the profanity never seems out of place, and the overall message is friendship and all, so what's not to like? On another note: this has probably been said before (many times), but I've always thought of rap as a sort of poetry, only with music to go along with it. Music plays a part in it, but without the actual lyrics it's an empty beat. If you're looking for an orchestra of musical fullness in rap, you'll most likely be disappointed; that's not what rap is about. If you can take this piece for what it is, a poetic masterpiece, and have the capacity to appreciate such poetry, you'll enjoy it. If you can't take this piece for what it is, and just don't like rap, don't go off about it here, in a forum dedicated to reviewing a rap song. That's like going to Papa John's and saying "pizza sucks, you all suck at making pizza if only because pizza is not a food that I like." Okay, so maybe it's not a poetic masterpiece per se, it's not Shakespeare and such, but it's better than most of the rap you hear these days. It just sounded so dramatic to say poetic masterpiece like that, so sue me.
  12. So I'm listening to this mix, right? Throughout, I'm pretty much thinking, "Wow, this is pretty good, all enigma-ish and stuffs like they said..." But then, but then near the end, as it drops off, I'm not paying much attention to the time so I'm thinking "Okay, so here's a drop-off part leading to another section of the song." So then I'm waiting for something new to pop in out of that emptiness for a bit until I realize the song's... OVER. Huh? W..what's goin' on, man? That was, like, two thirds of a song... (well, maybe three quarters or four fifths or something, whatever... "incomplete-sounding" is what I mean) So yeah, that pretty much describes my impression of this song. Maybe there's a level of thinking you have to acquire in order to comprehend the greatness of a sudden, seemingly-random halt such as that, but to me it was quite the awkwardness. Ah, well...
  13. This is a rather chilly mix, all laid back and evil and spooky and stuff... I like it. Since I've never heard the original, I can't comment on how true the mix is to it. As for the lead guitar loudness issue, I didn't notice much wrong with it. Maybe a little louder than the rest, but nothing to go deaf about. Then again, that may be just because I don't have my volume up on full blast (like most people seem to, these days... oh well). Anyway, quite a mood-setter, very cool. Definitely worth the download.
  14. As far as orchestrals go, and I'm a bit taken to orchestrals myself, this is one of the best mixes on the site. I love the chanting bit and the whole mood this piece sets. What a first venture into the genre... Excellent, excellent stuff. Very nice. Edit: needless redundancy issues...
  15. Very, very nice. This has been my favorite mix for a while. Never played the game or heard the original, but still, good music is good music. Just great.
  16. Very nice, solid techno. I like the use of those in-game voices too. Yeah, can't think of much else to say... It's good though, definitely worth listening to if you haven't already.
  17. Hmm... Well, this isn't one of Star's better mixes, I suppose, but it's still quite entertaining. I enjoyed it. I'd say it's worth listening to at least once, despite all the negativity in the reviews. Edit: Actually, I changed my mind. This mix is pretty good too.
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