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  1. Well, that works. Thanks . Those GIFs aren't that big, I guess.
  2. Um, I saw somewhere that it's not a good idea to use photobucket for GIFs, so I have two questions: 1) what is the proper "netiquette" for GIF sizes and 2) what is that other site? Sorry if these have been asked before, by the way... I'm sure they have...
  3. This is pretty good... it seems a little bit mediocre maybe, but that's probably just because Star's set the bar so high for himself. I don't know, it isn't the best orchestral mix I've ever heard, but it's pretty darn good anyway.
  4. This mix is very nice. I love orchestrals, and this is one of the better ones around.
  5. Yeah, the attention to detail and immaculate-ness here reminds me a lot of AE's work. Which is a good thing. A very good thing. Some nice work this is, yes.
  6. Ahahaha this has got to be one of the funniest mixes on this site... many ROFLs...
  7. When I first started listening, from about :15 to :30 it seemed off-key or something... I don't know, it just didn't seem right. The rest of it after that I liked though (and the vocal add-ons were well-used too, didn't seem to get annoying to me), and after repeated listens that beginning sounded just fine. I dunno, maybe I was just listening for a different style of music at the time and was caught off guard. Yeah, this is some good stuff. I like it.
  8. I don't see how you can compare the greatness of a piano piece to the greatness of an orchestral-type piece... I mean, they're both great, but in different ways... Anyways, yeah, I like this, but I wouldn't say it's as perfect or fantabulous as it's being made out to be. For one, it seems a little "rough around the edges" to me, sort of messy in playing at certain points. For two, at 3:40 that sudden hit in the upper register and change of things is pretty awkward. Other than that, though, I like the overall feel and the way the two themes were blended together, so I'd say this is a pretty good piece. Well, it's a VERY good piece, to tell the truth. To call it perfect, however, would be overdoing it just a tad. Well, in my opinion, anyway.
  9. I like it up to 1:23, where it actually sounds jazzy. Then it goes all animal planet mode and... I don't know, it sounds too much like an extended animal planet commercial to me. Seriously. It's not necessarily bad because of that, but I just don't... like what's going on here. I spose I'd give it a 7/10, since my taste in music doesn't reflect the majority, and I suppose I have a bias against things that sound like they'd come from my TV set when I'm channel surfing.
  10. This is good... I wouldn't say it's anything extraordinary, but it's good. The vocals don't really seem necessary, but they don't really detract from the overall value either. The drums seem a little bland, but you hardly notice it with all the other funkage going on. So yeah, overall, I like it. Nothing spectacular, but it's pretty good.
  11. Well, after having listened to this, I have to say that my ass has indeed caved in after being kicked from here to Rush-ia by goat (who is > me). This mix is great.
  12. This is an interesting mix... reminds me of a mine... or a forest... or a mine in the middle of a forest. Abandoned, mostly. Maybe on another planet. Or Half-Life (the first one, single-player), walking around the more factory-like areas. It's not very intense or in-your-face, just sort of ambient and mellow and BGM-like, which is why it draws up images so well. I like it, for its different-ness. It's pretty cool.
  13. I was just a lurker when this first came out on the site, but trust me, I was just as thrilled as nearly everyone else in these reviews. Jeremy Soule... wow. Neverwinter Nights, KotOR, Dungeon Siege, even Unreal II I think... his original work is great. It's really awesome that he'd submit a remix to this site. Very, very nice. I give it a 12/10, two and a half thumbs up, 6 out of 5 stars. If you haven't already, you MUST download this now.
  14. I really liked the source material used for this one... and this remix takes it even further. It doesn't necessarily change it a whole lot (which in this case might have been a bad thing for the mix), but it is quite a bit more epic and nice and cool and stuff. I likes it. I likes it a lot.
  15. This sounds like something you'd hear when the credits are rolling for some TV-show/movie, maybe an anime series or something... Not that that's a bad thing at all. Yeah, it's very good, this piece. Me likes.
  16. This is nice, and I like the idea, but do any of the instruments ever change in volume? The way everything's so constant and stuff makes the mix seem a little more... synthesized. Less human. I don't know, something like that. Other than that though, yeah, nice concept and well executed. I like the way the guitar, flute, and piano work together to give the mix that ethnic "oomph" it was shooting for throughout most of the piece. So overall, I did enjoy this piece... It just seemed a little mechanical, and such.
  17. Nice... Yeah, I'm not one to go into much detail about my opinions on stuff like this. I think "nice" works as well as any multi-paragraphed essay I could have spewed out.
  18. I like this. I'm not familiar with the original, so I can't say whether it's done justice or not, but in my ignorance it sounds good enough. Sort of native american-y and stuff. Maybe some of the.. special effect type things were over-used a little, but I don't really mind.
  19. Well, I'm generally a sucker for orchestrals, and I haven't yet heard a Prot mix I didn't like, so needless to say I liked this mix a lot... Especially the part at the end. Very nice.
  20. Mmm very moody... yeah, this is nice, great, cool, excellent, etc etc etc. I don't see why so many people thought the rap part was out of place, though. I thought it fit pretty well, meself... And while I'm on the subject, whycome the lyrics at the bottom leave out Zyko's whole section? But in any case, Yeah, this is good stuff. Uh-huh.
  21. Yes, very nice... The samples aren't the greatest, but it's still very well done production-wise. Which more than makes up for that, in my opinion...
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