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  1. Man, it is sad that I read the thread title and thought of my actuarial work instead of the board game. I can't tell which is more nerdy.
  2. RoboPanda

    The Deth tour

    Gene Hoglan does all the drums for all of the Dethklok music. There was an awesome interview with "Dethklok" where Pickles the Drummer comments on how similar his playing is to Gene Hoglan's...
  3. Actually, I was playing it a lot and never could for about a month or so recently. My friend, one day, told me not to get off the couch until I beat the game, and so I sat through and performed extremely well, beating it with no continues. It was awesome. It's good when you only have like, 2 victims to save per level because you can get it done fast, especially with running shoes.
  4. I know Might and Magic predates FF by a year, but I don't know if even that is the earliest one to use a class system.
  5. I don't mean to show anyone up (ok, maybe I do), but does it count if you went to this year's World Beard and Moustache Championships? I'm the dude on the left.
  6. I actually just found it in my local collectibles store with box and manual in pristine condition. It was in hiding in the back and bottom of a bunch of boxes, and I knew I had to get it. I paid $30 and don't feel guilty in the slightest. This game is possibly one of the best ever made I'd say 20 bucks is a go, dude.
  7. Well I'm alive... I was first surprised that it made international news, but people are talking terrorism (which is bogus) so that makes it more important. Everyone I know in the area is fine, I can only pray for the families of the injured and killed.
  8. Go, and buy the expensive special VIP uber tickets. There is nothing more thrilling than meeting the guys whose talent you've enjoyed for so many years. Then again, when I went to the concert in Chicago last summer (SleazyC was there too), basically everyone from the VGM community was there - Uematsu, Kondo, Yamaoka, Mitsuda, Koshiro, and many others, so it was extremely important to get those tickets. All I can say is Akira Yamaoka in snake-skin pants playing a 7-string guitar. How metal is that
  9. Ya know, on the DVD there is a second ending which actually follows the chemicals plotline. It's very strange, but isn't nearly as impressive as the real ending.
  10. There were several moments that there was original music. You could tell it really didn't feel the same as Yamaoka's, even though it was along the same vein.
  11. Just got back, and I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed it. Stylistically, it looked like the game and felt like a breath of fresh air in the horror genre that is so constricted these days. Though it is based on such a terrific game and doesn't have to start fresh like some concepts, it's better than watching typical Japanese horror movies and their seemingly braindead sequels. Yeah, the story was changed, but for the movie representation it's totally understandable. There aren't many people who walked away from SH1 with a complete understanding of it, and though it wasn't a verbatim portrayal, it was much easier than explaining the flauros and metatron stuff. But because this is a music site, I will say this: The music was clutch. Having Akira Yamaoka on board the production of this movie was the best idea they could have followed through with. Hurrah!
  12. I'm going to see it at midnight tonight and I'm extremely excited.
  13. Ah! I just noticed that as well. Eterea led me to believe his rhyme pattern was ABAB ABAB ABAB CC - though it actually follows the spenserian. Good show!
  14. Actually, the ABBA pattern that you're thinking of is in the Petrarchan sonnet (Italian sonnet), not the English (Shakespearean) sonnet that Aetherius wrote. His is really a sonnet. Do I have to say sonnet again?
  15. Lots of great references to Jacob's Ladder in these games (even the name of the street that you have to get to in the subway in SH3). Not to mention Session 9, if you've seen that movie.
  16. Fantastic! As the judges said, the first part (up to 1:33) is what a lot of people really aspire to do and it's just not enough. Your arrangement of the song, especially in the switch to the Atma's theme, is so musically advanced that not many remixers on this site could get that right. I applaud your terrific arrangement and your exceptional guitar work. I think that being able to add more than a metal edge to the songs (which the decisive battle attempted to sound like anyway) gives it a very Maiden feel, which is no less than awesome. Love the acoustic switch at 4:50!! Very well done, man. Keep it up and I'll be looking for your stuff in the future.
  17. Man, ifrit, GOOD FRIGGIN CALL on the translated memories webpage. My main question about the RPT as an executioner - If James's delusions were leading him to Silent Hill to be punished, why did he break through the executioners and still fight Mary (his demon of Silent Hill?). I guess that's the point of having several endings, in which he punishes himself. But is there a good reason that he actually fights off those by whom he was supposed to be punished? Sorry if I don't make sense. I just got the dog ending again and my head hurts.
  18. Dude, I killed that motherf***er by accident. I wanted to draw all sorts of stuff from him but my guys, and considering I thought he was going to be hard, my guys were at level 100. He went down in all sorts of funny colors too because my playstation was reading the disc all funky.
  19. I listened to this song this afternoon and absolutely adored it. I've had enough of orchestral offal permeate its way through this once-glorious remix site. I thought your arrangement went particularly well, considering that the song is quite difficult to handle. I adore the guitar work - not overdone, not screechy, and it has just the right tone to match the song.
  20. This is just one of those remixes that I have to put on a mix CD for the car. It's just fantastic. I love the way you've arranged it - it's not just the original song anymore and that's what most people have done with this song when I've heard it. The drums absolutely own, and the guitar sound is quite well done. How did you record the guitar parts to sound so great? 9/10 - you brightened my day.
  21. Hey, I would like to say kudos to you, man. I've heard 50,000 ways inside and out to do that damn schala's theme, and you really helped me out in your remix of one of my favorites tunes. Gives everyone a sense of hope, eh? Get knocked down and you just have to stand back up. But yeah, I really liked listening to this mix. I can understand a couple parts where the guitar pickings are better heard than the notes (as a player I dislike that sound...). But other than that you've done a great job fiddling with the tune and making it absolutely "teh 0wnz0r!!11" Ha, wanna jam together sometime?! Congrats. I like it. 9/10
  22. Sorry, Sefy, but while this may not be your cup of tea, not every remix on this site has to be under 2 minutes and include nothing but an added bass drum track. The mix of sounds brings me back to thinking of this as a Pat Metheny (very proficient jazz guitarist) style. It's that laid-back jazzish style but with a sense of just cruising along, which was something I felt while playing any of the underwater levels. I've heard a DnB remix of this song (if anyone's heard the remix by DJ Freaky Flow, that's the one I'm talking about) and having heard both sides of the "energy" spectrum of this song, I'd say that Vigilante has done a great job. Anyway, I DO enjoy hearing this. I congratulate you with a 9/10 for brightening my day
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