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  1. What parent would give a 12 year old a $5000 synth?
  2. Hook me up with your FC!! Here is mine: 4596 4561 0835 So, what exactly is wifi used for? Battling your teams ala Golden Sun, item trading, co-op? Sending mail to one another in order to get certain unlocks and such. Other weapons and equipment, and apparently a whole dungeon.
  3. Hook me up with your FC!! Here is mine: 4596 4561 0835
  4. And FF3 the day after. Contact is a bit odd at first, get yourself about 45 minutes to and hour into the game and it picks up. Very much extreme fun.
  5. Quick question, anyone here managed to get FL running on a linux system? I've tried running it through a window's emulator, but FL isnt happy with that.
  6. All I have to say is, FL Studio 5 is awesome. If you have the plan with free upgrades get this now. If you have the money, order it. This version is awesome. I just got it today and I'm already noticing some much better samples. Guitars that sound like guitars, drum kits that sound real. It is great.
  7. HOLY CRAP IN A PITA! This mix fucking rocks. The treatment on the vocals sounds really cool. drum loops are cool as hell. Beatdrop was rockin' out with his cock out.
  8. omg those plucked strings are amazing. The piano comes in beautifully. Then the pads add a nice touch. I can't stress enough though on how much i love those plucked strings. I keep listening to them over and over again. Easily one of my favorite mixes.
  9. the drum loop at one point sounds like it was ripped from the Matrix. When Morpheus takes Neo into the Agent Training program. I'm not too impressed with this mix, but it is better than what i can do.
  10. This sounds like Cake.....I am very impressed. I like the sounds in the beginning. Sounds like a finely tuned 3xOsc. The bass line, drumming, and trumpet give it that Cake sound. It actually sounds like some of the Trumpet was ripped right from a Cake song, but I'm not holding that against the mix. Overall this mix is incredible, and everything blends nicely to make one hell of an addicting song.
  11. very nice pretzel.....makes me want to run 6824387 miles. Very impressive.
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