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  1. This is fantastic. I've always loved this song so much, and what you do at 1:14 is just. Guhhh. That whole part. Exactly as beautiful and badass and serious and--meditating on that repetition!--as it should be! So so good.
  2. I suppose I should qualify this by the fact that it's 3AM in my tiny cubicle room in an incredibly lonely Japan, and I have finished an entire bottle of cheap wine on my own. But this is mere background. I am most utterly rocking out to this. The time devoted to it deserves a more musically educated answer, and I'm sure you've received countless numbers of them. So to speak from the pure layman's camp, I have to say I'm hugely pleased with this as I spin round and round in my spinnny-chair on a Saturday night/Sunday morning. Freaking awesome, guys.
  3. Hurrah! More Jade Cocoon goodness! Now all we need is a remix of the Spider Forest theme. Of course really I don't know how you'd improve on it...so much fun. Though given what you did with the main theme (People Made of Stone is on my permanent relax playlist on Ye Olde Pod), which I loved dearly since I played the game as a kid, you could do it. (Apparently there is a middle mix too which I missed? Must go find it...) Good work!
  4. I, like so many others, am a fan. Also, I may be somewhat biased, since I'm a big fan of these sorts of mixes, but isn't it normal for trance mixes to take some time getting to the meat and potatoes of the source material? I recall reading almost the exact same comment on FF10's White Skies trance remix, posted here some time ago. It's trance! You have to have time to...zone out...before you enter rockout mode. Meh, what do I know. Anyway, I <3 this mix.
  5. Oh, props. I live in the same area as djpretzel and I agree: this is perfect for the curl-up-with-a-cup-and-watch-it-pour, sure-glad-I-live-on-a-hill weather. I understand why one might fuss about the timing but, as has been said, it does create a more intimate setting, a one-on-one between composer and the listener-as-individual, as opposed to the man of the crowd. I very much appreciate the cozy atmosphere evoked by this piece and hope to see more of its like in the future.
  6. Ah thanks...I, ah, haven't yet recovered from a 500-mile drive and somewhat foolishly missed the icon which has, in this most recent manifestation of firefox for mac, become a pale shade of blue, rather than orange. *facepalm* Ah well, thank you for the insistance or I wouldn't have kept looking.
  7. I just got a new computer, a mac, after the old PC died. I used to use firefox and am using it again, and I know I used to have OCR loaded as a live bookmark that would produce a pop-up list of the latest uploads. Is it my mac that is failing me here, or has the little orange live bookmark button moved, or is it just not an option anymore? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  8. You're kidding! Jade Cocoon? Here? I always hoped, but never truly thought, that I would see it on OCR. And here I find not only the song I whistle on my way home from work, while cooking, while wandering streets...but I find it rendered more powerfully than I am used to, giving it reason to persist on in my head during other pursuits, still, so many years and years after I'd played it at the same age the Remixer did. I am so grateful that this mix is out there, that it made it past customs, so to speak, and out where I can sink my teeth once more into the musical comfort food that was Jade Cocoon.
  9. I'm very much the fan of this. I don't have any technical information to offer but from a purely consumerist point of view, I've had a crappy day and this cheers me up. I worried (before reading any reviews; therefore I didn't know the makeup of the song) there'd be an insertion of vocals, which stands a good chance to ruin any song I'd otherwise love, and I was happy to listen to the whole thing and find it purely instrumental. Props.
  10. More FFX goodness, within the space of...a week or two, I think it was. "Oh boy!" was my reaction. To the title. To the piece...wow. I am staggered that anyone would attempt to remix Via Purifico, since though I lack proper musical knowledge it seems, well, complicated. And even supposing one were to put it on the table, I at least would have no idea what to do with it. But this more than works. Like I said: wow. I think one of the bravest things would be assigning a baseline to it, since that (at least to me--one of my ears always seems tuned to the bass more than anything else) seems the clearest, most immediate statement that "yup, this song's gonna be different, just you wait." Once you have made that statement, then the ear of the listener is then straining for more variation and newness. Which you provide in abundance, titillatingly. Bravo.
  11. Wow. All right, I am seriously impressed. I lack the commendations or technical knowledge to give my opinion any weight, but I can say from a pure enjoyment perspective, this mix has sincerely made my morning. And woken me up, too. Listening to this while running will up my speed half again, I am sure. Thanks for this fantastic work.
  12. In my rush to respond I didn't look at the other reviews; I hope you are receiving as warm a response as I'm getting from the song. I know singer/songwriter isn't a genre much thought of when it comes to game remixes, like you said, but this works very, very well in proving game music can go places no one expected it to. I am highly pleased, particuarly since I write from a remote geology station in the rockies and have been listening to the same six cd's for the past month. I finally found some blank disks and came here to whip up a welcome relief mix of some things I haven't heard before...and find this. Which is just what I needed. Rock operas have their place on tops of mountains under stars, but this is much more along the lines of what I'd hoped to find. Thank you so much for setting it out here despite your doubts about the genre's reception.
  13. I was always, foolishly I admit, under the impression that the other servers had the same makeup as does mine, Kirin Tor--that being that Alliance consists mostly of adolescents wanting to beg the Night Elves and humans to strip, while the Horde is comprised of older, more serious players who can make jokes that sail miles over the heads of the little pallys. Somewhat shockingly I've recently discovered that some of the online personalities I most respect--game remixers, webcomic authors and illustrators, etc.--are prancing about in the guise of pink-haired gnomes and gratuitously sexy humans. It's hard to chase the derision away. So all you Horde people out there, when the next patch comes out and BG's go intra-server, be ready to show Kirin Tor's Alliance who's boss. ...Because we've never won a single Alterac Valley against them. Kirin Tor / finn / Mishal / 60 troll hunter. HORDE RULES, biotech!
  14. I am a huge fan of this mix despite the ongoing debate about it, and though this is partly due to inherent fondness for the song itself--it being my favorite from FFX, with the possible exception of Some Day the Dream Will End--I find none of the faults you mentioned enough to snuff my crazy dancetastic response. Rock on.
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