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  1. Good to see this on OCRemix. I heard it a while back and absolutely loved it. I'm still a fan of the original sample though. To me is sounded crisper and cleaner. Awesome arrangement though.
  2. This is an overall pretty awesome project. Mad props to Malcos and RTF, your Cammy Stage Arrangement blew me away.
  3. Holy crap! You have secured the number one spot at remix64. Whether that's temporary or not, that's quite an achievement.
  4. That was a pretty crazy introduction. Overall this was really cool. The sax performance is one of the best I've heard around the remixing community. I'm really disappointed with the judges on this one, as it really shouldn't have been as borderline as it was. You have an awesome sax performance, a really good arrangement, some nice use of tempo change, and it was all held back by a few problems with production that really aren't that distracting? Nice work.
  5. Wow, this is some really slick stuff. Probably one of the best electronica mixes I've heard in a while, and I'm not familiar with the source material. The change ups are really slick, especially the flawless change in meter and the change into hardcore. And yes, the beat is really hot. Nice work.
  6. I absolutely love the arrangement. Different stuff from Jon. The production was a bit weird at first, but it grew on me. Sick drums!
  7. Edit: Pretty much a re-review. I have to say that I've listened to this a bit more and it grew on me a good deal. It has very good production for how quickly it was thrown together, and it's just good cheesy fun.
  8. The Wingless certainly has mastered the art of being awesome. Awesome, awesome song. I think I've already listened to it too many times.
  9. I do too. Would there happen to be an orchestrated version with the remastered vocals anywhere?
  10. I've been following the WIP of this since the first time you posted it. It was awesome then, and now I'm left pretty much speechless. This is friggin awesome, an instant favorite. Good work.
  11. Silent Hill 2? Moer liek "Running Places 2: Oshit, that door's locked" amirite?
  12. Yeah, after a couple more listens, it isn't clipping that I hear. What I do hear bothers the hell outta me though.
  13. I really like this, but the clipping bugs the hell out of me. The mix starts clipping right at the beginning. I'm listening to this on my headphones and I hear clipping only in the left ear. My headphones aren't necessarily very good, but all other songs sound just fine on my headphones, and I'm pretty sure it's not my headphones if other people are hearing as well. I'm not too sure if it's the encoding or the samples, because I only hear clipping on the bells.
  14. This is the truth. And it's very good trance. I enjoyed this a great deal and I only wish for a higher bitrate.9.5/10 Higher bitrate version is available at vgmix. Anyway, this mix is awesome. It's easily shot up to being one of my favorite trance mixes on this site, right up there with "Save Me".
  15. Hot. you want i should dress up in the dress and put on the wig? oh yes. do so and post pix plz. Oh yeah, did I ever say this song is awesome? I think I did.
  16. Totally kick ass, as usual. I love the gritty transition between the two parts.
  17. My thoughts exactly. His stuff is usually a bit too abstract for my personal tastes, but I enjoyed this one.
  18. Pretty slick stuff. Love the part at 2:00-2:30. Good luck at boot camp.
  19. I must say that I found the arrangement here pretty nice. I like the introduction and the songwriting. However, your vocals pretty much ruin the piece for me. Your pitch is all over the place and that pretty much makes this unlistenable for me. I don't like the ending either... at all. No offense Darangen, I really enjoy your other works, especially "From Within". I just think your voice needs a lot of work. Maybe someday, after taking some vocal lessons, you can come back and remaster this potentially pretty cool track?
  20. Holy crap, I can't believe I've missed out on this mix for so damn long. It's freaking amazing. Upon the first listen, it immediately became one of my favorite piano pieces on this site. Well, I must say that I listened to the vgmix version, which I prefer quite a bit over this one. The vgmix version has a much more emotional and dynamic performance, at the slight cost of production. I love the jazzy first half quite a bit, but the second half is what REALLY sucks me into the piece. Anyway, I totally recommend this to anyone. An instant favorite.
  21. This is really nice, soulful stuff you guys have got here. I enjoyed listening to it, but I do have a minor gripe with it though. The section starting at 2:20 seems to be lacking direction and is rather unsatisfying in comparison to the rest of the song. Other than that, great stuff. Edit: That part at 2:20 has really grown on me.
  22. Check the song's page. http://www.ocremix.org/remix/OCR01424/
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