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  1. Sick. You two do great collabs. Watermelon Flava was pretty awesome, but this is... Holy shit. I love that bassline a lot. And the violin solo, just pure hawt. Perfect use of instruments here.
  2. Hey Tepid? Was this the EXACT same one you had posted on VG Mix? Or did you tweak this since you first posted it there? It's updated.
  3. You already know how I feel about this one Tepid. I love it. Very soothing. The transition into Sol Sanctum is excellent. Also, I'm glad to hear that drums were still left out for the OCR submission because I always felt that drums would be out of place in this mix. Edit: lololol I'm an idiot. I heard those bongos. Very tasteful.
  4. I enjoyed this. The samples and humanizing really aren't too great, but the arrangement and the fresh drum track more than make up for that shortcoming. It does a lot in its almost 6 minutes of length, and its just fun to listen to. Not to mention it's from my favorite theme in the game. MORE HYDROCITY MIXES PLZTHX. (And good work)
  5. Flik... That was amazing. That was completely random, yet very fluid. This song in general just kicks ass. Very funny lyrics and a fucking awesome beat. This was probably my favorite from BT as well.
  6. This is silly stuff, and I love it. It puts a smile on my face. That robot voice is awesome and incredibly catchy. Fun, fresh, funky... Nice Work.
  7. I've loved this mix since I got it over at vgmix. It has a certain charm to it. Just when the song opens up, it feels really nostalgic just from the (awesome) samples you use. A lot of nice mellow grooves here. Very unique and fun to listen to. Great stuff to chill out to.
  8. Eh? Marble Zone is friggin awesome. Anyways, I must say you did a great job on this track DistantJ. I've heard quite a few remixes of this song and this one really stands out from the rest. I enjoyed it quite a bit. I really wasn't too into the track for about the first minute, but the track's progression is excellent. I really don't like the intro or the ending too much, but the beef of the track is hot. I really dig the ethnic vibe of this track. Great samples, fatty bass... Nice work.
  9. This one really grew on me. At first I wasn't too wild about it, but I decided to give it a few more listens and now I love it. I really love the first minute or so. Awesome stuff.
  10. Awesome. That's all I can say. I've only played Descent II with the redbook industrial soundtrack. In fact, I didn't even know that there was another soundtrack to the game. Listening to this remix makes me want to cry because I can't play Descent II anymore... Seems like every damn computer I try it on is too new and the game won't recognize some things. I really want to play it again.
  11. Holy hawt! This song is awesome. Hot 5/4 rhythm, awesome drums, great voice, sexy guitar... SECKS.
  12. I just beat this game last night. I've loved this song ever since I listened to it a while ago, it was instantly a favorite of mine. After I finally got around to playing this (amazing) game, I've come to appreciate it even more. Definitely one of my all time favorites. It flawlessly combines several themes from the game into one beautiful song. Excellent.
  13. You suck! Seriously though, those are some harsh words. And your opinion is SO true, you know, when you don't back it up with anything but nicer words for "this sucks". Learn teh constructive criticism skillz. They rawk. Anyways, this is great stuff as per usual chthonic. The AE reference made me smile.
  14. This is probably my favorite guitar remix, and that says a lot considering there is some pretty stiff competition. Excellent mix.
  15. I wholeheartedly agree. I died a little inside with that NO. I highly recommend Fatty Acid's "Matoya no Fuuketsu" to EVERYONE, especially if you liked this remix. Get yourself over to VGmix and download it. WTF? THAT was rejected? That's one of my favorites over at vgmix. And this is one of my favorites as well. It just touches me... Makes me feel good.
  16. Enough genre crap (). Music is music. This is great music.
  17. This is great stuff to chill out to. Great work. Btw, that bass is HAWT.
  18. I don't see this as being too liberal at all... A liberal interpretation, yes, but it doesn't stray too far from the source material. I'm hearing source material at least 90% of the time in this mix. Anyways, I really enjoyed listening to this one, great job. My only gripe is that reverb, which makes the mix sound rather muddy. It's not too bad though.
  19. It's about time? I loved this when I heard it way back, and I still love it. Great job, and sing more! Edit: After listening to this a billion times, I have to say I really don't like the drums. Otherwise, it's too damn catchy to pass up.
  20. I must say... This is simply my favorite videogame remix ever. Maybe it's the fact that the original is one of my favorite videogame tunes, or the fact that it was the first remix I had listened to from OCR. But I know one thing, it freakin kicks ass. Everytime it comes up on my playlist, I have the urge to put it on repeat at least twice. This will always remain an unmatched remix of Ice Cap to me.
  21. I guess you can't please everyone... Hey, on the plus side, you sure did please me! I like this one quite a bit. Very slick. I can't believe how many negative reviews this one has gotten. Do not listen to them I say!
  22. An instant favorite. I really enjoyed this one. Everything sounds so vibrant in this.
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