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  1. Been working on this song for a lil bit. It's not finished and has muddy, generic mixing, but let me know what you think of it so far! http://soundcloud.com/souliarc/a-d-h-d-preview
  2. I just called the Courtyard Marriot up and they allow a max of 4 people in the rooms with 2 queen beds ($98, plus taxes and fees), and 5 people in the suites with two rooms, king, and sofabed ($159 -__-, which is still just around $36 a person, split 5 ways, after taxes and fees). I'm sure we could slip some people in there if we are over a few. Just have to have them go up to the room at a separate time (the first time we check in) so they don't see us all go up there together with all our luggage. I can definitely sleep on the floor and I was thinking since you and Ben are together Beth that you guys could have a bed if you want it. Also, when I talked to the concierge I asked her if there was any big events going on that could possibly sell out the hotel and she said it was just VGL and a hockey convention. She couldn't tell me how many rooms they had available for that date or how many rooms that had at the hotel (weird), but we should probably reserve one just in case. I can reserve it with my credit card. So before I reserve it, what do you guys think? $98 room, holds 4 people and 2-3 beds (2 queens and a rollaway, $22 a person), or $159, 2 room suite that holds 5 people with 4 beds (king, sofa, and 2 rollaways, $36 a person). If we can add a couple more people in the room over the limit, that will split the cost even more. I NEED to know how many people are planning to even stay in a room. So far I think we have a definite 4 (souliarc, obtuse, chthonic, wildfire). I'll reserve the room when everybody is accounted for. Hope you and your friend can join us musenji! I've never been to a meetup, but from what I've heard, us OCR peeps can have one helluva time
  3. YES! I was hoping someone else was going to drink some cause I didn't want seem like "the drunk" of the group drinkin all by myself A bed and breakfast eh... are you trying to woo me? *bats eyes* The b&b seems awesome but that rowdiness limit might not be too ideal, it seems, for this group The Marriot looks like the best bet so far. I've got a AAA membership (yeah, I'm THAT privileged) so that would bring the price down to $98, $111 after fees. Split five ways, that's around $22 smackaroos! Not bad at all.
  4. Sorry yo... I would've waited longer but our seats got pushed back a row from just waiting that long. But hey, we can still have fun chillin' before/after! I'm fine with driving a bit away to save some cash on the room. I'll try and scope out some as well. Can you post what the name of the hotel/motel is? If anybody else finds some good deals post what the name and cost is on here so everybody can check it out and come to a consensus.
  5. Yeahhhh.... that's what I was hoping against so we shall see. $30 sounds excellent I just don't know if I could justify $75. If it's just the two of us (cue Will Smith), maybe we can find a cheap motel.
  6. Me likes. Like BlackPanther said, good job! This'll be fun.
  7. I think Miss Lieberman eats a lot of non sequitur for breakfast.
  8. Sorry for the delay, but it is done! We will be in Sec. D Row Y. http://images.tickets.com/images/venuemaps/embassy_centre_NI_general.gif Show starts at 8:00 we should probably at least all meet up 30 min before then at the theater. I'm going to arrive in the city around 6:30 cause I like scoping out local places to eat and I may need to find a hotel. Depending on how expensive the hotel is going to be and how many people are going to be pitching in, I might just drive drive back that night for the sake of cost. It looks like Obtuse is the only who has expressed interest in staying, but we will see!
  9. Definitely purchasing these tonight at around 11:00 p.m. If anybody else wants to get in on this let me know quickly. I've gotten the funds from everybody who has said they are going so far.
  10. Extending the group buy time until tomorrow night! im so exzited eye dribbledz myzelf
  11. No prob I got the tickets. I'll PM you my Paypal ID. For anybody else wanting to get in on the group buy to maintain the OCR mob with seats next to each other, just let me know in this thread. I'm going to buy the tickets on Tuesday the 8th sometime in the evening so make sure you notify me in here and gimme yo monies by then. There are plans to stay overnight at a hotel (or home if anybody is willing ^^) and hang the next day possibly. Let me know. I'm sure the hotel will only be around $90 so the more the merrier! I can, and like sleeping on the floor. I'm going to update the OP with the new info. The price is going to be $35.00 ($3 fee per seat from the theater included).
  12. Sweet. Yeah I'm pretty sure we're set on the less expensive tickets =) I'm coming up from Louisville so Indianapolis is on my way if you need a ride and are willing to stay overnight. Just let me know!
  13. From what it sounds like, Science Central kind of reminds me of the Louisville Science Center =) I love old forts also so that could be pretty cool. Most hotels usually have some type of guide to the city so we'll have to take a gander at that. If it wasn't so freaking cold, I'm always a fan of roaming around to see what we run into! Bummer on the work obligations and time constraints for both of you, but thank you for your help yo. Hey Andrew that works for me with the tickets. If you don't want to do it for whatever reason, I don't mind doing it. I tentatively put in a request for five, $32 tickets and it seated them on the Main Floor, Sec. D, Row X, just to put things in perspective. I'm sure the seats will get worse as time goes by so we should probably put a time limit for the group buy so it doesn't get too late and we can't gets seats together, sold out etc. Next Friday seem reasonable everybody? I'm just guessing. I know Paypal incurs a fee to the recipient so let us know what it is and we'll reimburse at the event. It's probably going to be about a dollar per $30, which can add up.
  14. Hey Neko, how does the seating work? For instance, do we need to specifically purchase tickets next to each other so we can sit together? Would be cool to see you there this time as well Thanks for the heads up on the sell rate Ashamee. I was a bit worried about that. Since I'm not familiar with the area (except for Sweetwater's hq being up there), what would you recommend doing outside of the concert? Any specific hotels we should stay at? I feel you Obtuse. I hate driving when I'm tired. I'll be asking off work for both of those days so we can do some stuff on Saturday for sure. The more people that go, the more we can split the hotel cost too. Unless somebody has living quarters there that they are willing to donate (for a good cause, of course). I promise I'm not unruly XD Wildfire, sweet! Chthonic, sweet! You all up for hanging out before and/or after?
  15. DEADLINE FOR GROUP BUY TICKETS TO MAINTAIN SEATING POSITION IS WED THE 9TH. $35 is the price. Let me know on here and I'll PM you my Paypal ID to get your monies and your ticket. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ http://www.videogameslive.com/index.php?s=dates BAM March 4th. So, who's planning on dis? It's a four hour drive for me, but I'm willing to pick a few people (I HAVE A CIVIC COUPE) up who is already DECENTLY on the way. If you're too far away, but willing to drive to a certain spot along the path and leave your car, cool. Maybe we can chill afterward somewhere so we don't have to make the trek back that night. The event is only a month away, so we must make haste! Do your taxes so you have the money NOW (unless you claim more exemptions)! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ UPDATE: Attending: Souliarc Obtuse wildfire chthonic halc Maybe: musenji There are plans to stay overnight at a hotel (or home if anybody is willing ^^) and hang the next day possibly. Let me know. I'm sure the hotel will only be around $90 so the more the merrier! I can, and like sleeping on the floor. If you all think I should extend the date to purchase the tickets I can, I'm just hoping for the best seats possible. I really don't know how early tickets sell out for these gigs. If I'm missing anything, smack me in the face. Backhand, and wear a ring.
  16. It's like sex in your ears. Without the penis.
  17. Just wanted to let you know that this album sounds most excellent in the newly renovated, 16000+ square-foot, $2 million dollar ballroom at my work
  18. This meme farts like a MIDI. I guess I'm more curious about how a word that refers to the space of a three dimensional object became correlated with sound intensity. I can not find any link on when it was first used for that purpose and why. There has to be some good reason instead of just choosing some random word. Comparatively, even though the term "MIDI" being used for sound is completely incorrect, at least it is related to sound.
  19. Phenomenal. What a dreamy opportunity. Congratulations and bon voyage!
  20. I don't know how the word "volume" came to terms with meaning audio loudness, but it's fairly accepted to be and is referred to in many dictionaries as "sound intensity". Another perversion of the language it seems, but not as bad as using "MIDI" to refer to sound.
  21. Well... MIDI sends a "note on" message for whatever sound you want it to be A very loyal friend.
  22. Hehehehehe. In this day and age? A futile effort!
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