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  1. Word, brother Jimmy. Let the possible failure of this idea be a martyr for successful ones.
  2. I can't speak for everyone, but I have definitely encountered significantly more assholes, on average, online. It only seems natural that people tend to be more brash when their actions aren't paired with their identity. I have been guilty of this myself. But I feel you though. There are still plenty of assholes offline, which is makes it even more stunning.
  3. "Awful" is relative. Sure, you have the extremes, but where do you draw the line? How many people with a slight "edge" are going to miss out on rewards (which is a negative punishment)? Like in real life, you just have to deal with assholes. It just so happens that anonymity (like tinted windows for a person driving their car) let's people be more of an aggressive asshole. Interesting idea, but short of "stripping the tint" and exposing people's identities, I don't think there is much that can be done.
  4. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little teary-eyed. Peace be with you my brother. We know you'll be watching over our precious video game world.
  5. YEA YEA YEA for current and future musickz I love you all. Your work is an indispensable weapon for me to use against video game pessimists.
  6. I had heard of you guys in the past but I never really dove into the music. Too be honest, I hadn't really followed many NES-rock type bands period. I've currently found this to be a mistake and have now been listening to these covers and "Songs From the Pit" pretty much since I woke today. There is something real about Shael's voice that is, in a way, comforting. Followed by the incorporated, and tasteful, blippity bloopityness that always strikes a nostalgic chord with me and the solid drum playing, chunky guitar. Great work. I ran into Ricky at the Louisville Arcade Expo and he inspired me to check out the music and I'm very glad I did. moar moar moar!! Edit: Oh and he mentioned there was some mastering done but I can't remember if he said the new album had it done, SFTP had been RE-mastered, or both? Regardless, it all sounds too sweet
  7. Oh and my 360 is at a friends place and he doesn't get off work in time for me to get it. I also wasn't able to get the 64 back either...so... I'll still bring the rest of the stuff I just don't have any consoles. I will bring my laptop to hook in to the projector so we can do various things, but feel free to bring any consoles you want as I'll be able to hook up any of them.
  8. I hope you Michigan folks are all good. I saw on the news that there was a bunch of freezing rain causing accidents... just think of it as an ice level D:
  9. Hey you all want to skype (or chat, whatever) it up sometime before the trip to quickly confirm things?
  10. Just checkin, did you already reserve the rooms Andrew? IT'S COMMMMIIINNGGGGGG.
  11. :lmassoff: You're right on Squint with dialing back the intensity. @2:07 I was just compelled to do such a thing and I'm very happy it, and the rest of the song, worked towards the enjoyment for you all =)
  12. No doubt, I'm guilty of this. Less guilty since the time I posted this as I've dramatically reduced my composition time (thanks to some tips from here ), but I just get so antsy to hear what the unfinished song will sound like in an almost-finished mixed state. Patience does prove efficient. I feel my compositional time will most likely be above the average time, but that's probably just a part of my personality and it reflects in my music.
  13. lolwubwub Yeah that's right baby... earn that gil.
  14. If everyone owned a flat monitoring system, this would be ideal, but that's far from realistic. My monitors at home are fine, but the generic computer speakers at work favor greatly from a turn up on the tone knob (which typically raises the highs). This has some some truth, but like boosting frequencies from a recording, you can't boost what isn't there in the first place (due to a bad recording, microphone choice, etc.). Likewise, you can't boost frequencies the speakers just can't reproduce. I use Winamp and iTunes with no probs. To be honest, I haven't really compared the sonic quality of different players, but it seems like they are all pretty uniformly sound.
  15. WAHHHH. It's not too much trouble for me to set it all up so I'll still bring it all and have it available as needed. We can have some movies and music playing in the background as well. If Beth and Ben are up for doing the $159, reserve it up! Yea, I kilt him. Lets just say he got his phil of my fist in his face.
  16. *waves hand* This IS the party you're looking for. It looks like we are definitely getting a hotel room, and so far, splitting it four ways. So if you join along, it will be as easy as splitting it five ways =) Since we will be paying for the room after checkout, you won't have to worry about money in advance so it is all good. And I have a surprise! I work for an A/V company and I can freely borrow equipment... so I'm going to be bringing a projector, screen, mixer, speakers and all the necessary cables to hook up consoles for games and movies in the room Feel free to bring any consoles and games you want for some vidja gamez extravaganza. I hope we can have some multiplayer fun. I'm also thinking we can make a drinking game out of Super Meat Boy. Edit: I'll be bringing my 360 with Super Meat Boy, Perfect Dark 64 and Halo Reach and, if I can get my 64 back, Mario Kart and various other 64 games. And my laptop with StarCraft 2.
  17. Here's a sound I just kept fiddling with and came up with. NO IDEA how it would be used, but I thought it was very organic =) http://www.mediafire.com/?wtvhp260ge9ww3j I like that white noise patch. I definitely feel like I could use it in the future. Sounds great with chords.
  18. Awesome. Period. As far as a problem I have, I think it's more with inaccurate monitoring. I've got some bx5a's and having muddy mixes is kind of the nature of the beast with a 5" driver. Not enough bass/mid response from the speaker, I overcompensate in the mixing, and before ya know, mud is splattered all over the place. If I'm not lazy, I try and listen on different systems (car, headphones, etc). Which brings me to the question: how the hell do headphones have enough of a bass response to be able to mix accurately with such a small driver? I know several people on here make it work (fantastically, I might add), but I'm just curious. I'm taken by Zircon's advice when he has mentioned how you can get the best headphones for the the price of some lower end monitors. Add some hdphx to your master channel, and that takes care of the natural panning extremes of headphones.
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