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  1. Thanks for the confirmation Andrew. That's really all I was needing - peace of mind I'm starting to realize this now! I did the same thing. It's fairly awesome with Sonar as I've found you can put all the MIDI tracks with different articulations from one instrument into a track folder. When you want to open up the Piano Roll with all of the articulations, just select the folder and hit ALT-5 and there you go. Then you can use the pane to the right to single click an articulation. REVELATION!
  2. When the keyswitch doesn't have the articulation you need, what do you do then? I love the dynamic crossfade patches =D
  3. K, well, if nobodies got suggestions then what is the individual methods YOU use to change articulations?
  4. So bad ass. It is the ass of bad. I,,I 0_o I,,I I don't have Rock Band, but some of my friends do and I might just con them into getting it mwahaha. Congrats on breaking through!
  5. Go Doug! We got cho back =) Course you got the skills to back it up. Votizzzzled.
  6. Good to hear. It takes a lot of recognized humility and quite a big hit to your pride to admit you did something wrong (in this case, shafting your fan base), especially considering the size of their franchise. Bravo for taking the high road, Square, and not hiding behind your mistakes. I can only hope they become better for it.
  7. I love finding little gems like this that randomly come about through shuffle on my music player <3 <3 <3 Don't think I could have found a better fit to my night drive on the way home with snow everywhere and a starry sky. The beginning is absolutely encompassing with that sliding instrument (lap guitar, dulcimer?). I can always admire such a simple touch that's implemented so well; especially with that piano. The whole atmosphere is wonderful. That bass is exactly what I was waiting for! I dig the chimes towards the end. They bring about feelings of revelation for me. You really know how to arrange your sections and make the transition from one to the next. Thank you for this.
  8. While I would loooooove to have ReCycle as a tool (as it seems to be the ONLY tool that exports rex files), it's exclusivity comes at quite a monetary cost. I've almost considered buying SliceX from Imageline because the Fruity Slicer just sounds awesome for what I want to do as far as triggering slices with MIDI notes and slicing in general. Or getting LiveSlice. From typing slice so much, it has became apparent to me that the word sounds really cool and feels satisfying to say For now, I'll just stick to creating Groove Clips in Sonar and importing them into Cakewalk's old school Cyclone DXi =) That's right, I said DXi.
  9. Ziwtra uses Renoise, and we all know the good shiz that comes about from that.
  10. I just recently got the PLAY edition of Symphonic Orchestra. Before PLAY, I would make an instrument bank in Kontakt and create bank/patch changes on the MIDI track to switch between different articulations. With PLAY though, the instruments are no longer Kontakt compatible (they are now an exclusive .ewi format instead of .nki.). I've been trying to figure out (through reading the manual and experimenting) how to change articulations and the best way I've come up with is to load the Master Keyswitch and, of course, switch with the keys, but the Master doesn't include ALL the articulations, crossfades or effects. So, I load whatever other articulations I want and assign them to a different MIDI channel and MIDI track. It is awkward working between different MIDI tracks for technically the same instrument, but it works as I can still have all the information I need in one piano roll view through Sonar. I would choose the Element Keyswitch over the Master, but I don't understand why it's considered a keyswitch, as from what I've seen there are no assigned keyswitches and no way to assign them yourself. So BASICALLY, I'm wondering if there is a more efficient way of doing this or am I on par?
  11. That sounds an anvil with a delayed click. A looked through Massive and that wavetable is pretty spot on. How are you determining the position? Cause I don't see any numerical values to represent it. I had the wt position at around 10 o'clock.
  12. Hey sorry I didn't get back with you, somehow I completely didn't see the update on my thread subscriptions. I am curious though, as I'm still learning myself, how you ended up accomplishing the sound?
  13. Hey thanks =) Always ready and willing to try and some free stuffz.
  14. I don't think it's in the same category to compare using drum loops to the objective of this site. There's a big difference between clearly RECOGNIZING the song used and arranging it in your own way, and pasting on a drum loop from some random 500 loop library and calling it your own. Same thing for being influenced by a composer. Influence is totally different from rearranging and sampling. I am not opposed to using loops or sampling. DHS's Bando alle Seghe ReMix is wonderful yet it uses a drum loop Enigma's "Sadeness Part 1". The loop is easily identifiable and not that unique (in general AND to Enigma), but it fits perfectly. Enigma themselves use Carl Orff's "Carmina Burana" quite a bit. Of course, there's also Prodigy's use of a drum loops and samples in "Smack My Bitch Up". There are countless examples of sampling and loops being used. The key here is to define the threshold for "used properly" as far as drum loops go and where drum loops should be used appropriately. As far as creative inclusion, I can concur on that, but really only if the person including the loop understands the drum sequence. If you're just clicking through, auditioning loops and decide on one, and leave it at that, that to me is not creative. It's just like hitting a "random" button and hoping something works. As far as loops being used properly, I don't think their presence belongs in most video games. Reason being because when people play a game, the music is a unique experience to them and they pair it with the game. If you hear that same melody or drum sequence elsewhere, it dumbs down the the unique experience with the game itself. I don't see it as a good tactical decision to help your game have lasting value.
  15. Personally, I would not choose this path. I may use loops to audition certain rhythms, but ultimately, if I can't create something as well as something else (and this goes for ANYTHING), I learn how to. I pick it apart and understand what makes it tick. This will ultimately help me in the long-run, adding to my basket of creative possibilities. With music in particular, picking apart a rhythm will help me understand the articulations, instruments, duration, timing, pattern, intonation, syncopation... there are so many elements to understand. I actually recently did this with the "Amen Break" and learned a lot. So it seems the general consensus is that Yasunori used drum loops in his music. I guess the inherent problem for me, personally, is that since now I'm hearing this loop in other works of art, the Chrono Cross OST ("Chronopolis" in particular) has lost a bit of its originality and uniqueness. Not the most disappointing thing in the world, but it puts things in perspective.
  16. So, if that drum loop was available before the game, then how could Yasunori Mitsuda claimed it as him composing it on the OST? Does Yasunori REALLY use drum loops? The musical section is quite distinct too so I don't think it's coincidence. As a long-time fan of the Chrono Cross OST, I'd find it very disappointing if Yasunori used loops. And as someone who doesn't support stealing somebodies work, I'd also find it disappointing if it's that commonly accepted in the industry. Now, if Square did license that loop out, which I would be surprised if they did, okay, but because there are so many different scenarios, that's why I've "panicked" about it. I'm curious. That's why I made the thread. To spark discussion.
  17. I know this thread is old but I just heard that 20 second snippet from Chrono Cross again, but this time looped in "Gone in 60 Seconds" (Nicholas Cage version). It's towards the end. After Memphis breaks Calitri's wooden chair in the factory. Maybe somebody with more experience in licensing music can explain this? It's just a little disheartening, because like I said before, I doubt Square-Enix would have given them permission to use it as iconic as the series is. So... is this possible blatant disregard for ownership something composers can expect if even big budget movies are doing this?
  18. Why, when you've got such good friends as theeeeeese v v v v XD I could KISS you Jimmy! But I won't, cause that's out of line. Maybe... on the cheek? Nah. I didn't even think of that... seeing as how I know NO one around Louisville that would own such a thing (thank God for OCR), but YES, my serial numbers are kept on NI's site. I will compensate you fairly for materials and trouble alone! PM'ing you my address now.
  19. It's all good. jmr and Skrypnyk were the fellows I was looking for. danks jooooo
  20. Got mine in yesterday. Besides the discs themselves, I always chuckle at the otherwise huge void inside the huge boxes. My only complaint is that while EWQLSO PLAY edition bundles Gold + Gold XP, SD2 doesn't includes any of the original sounds from SD1. Even if you want to get the SD2 Pro expansion, it doesn't include the awesome drum kits. Since my main goal for getting these was because I lost my original discs between moving (stupid, I know), and they DON'T supply replacement discs any more for any libraries other than PLAY edition ones, my previous $400 original StormDrum purchase is completely gone. Anybody willing to sell their original StormDrum library for a good price
  21. D: *gives purely platonic man love hug* You know we all love you for it Larry!
  22. Love it alllllll. Thank you. I hope you all get compensated well ........ >_>
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