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  1. They won't be gone. They just finished printing. Any RMA requests allready have been accounted for, so you won't need to worry about getting the proper shirt/size. Awesome, guess now I just need to wait to get the address to send the item for exchange. Thanks
  2. How long does it take to get the RMA request information back... it's been a week, all the hoodies are going to be gone again
  3. I'm looking to EXCHANGE a shirt, but the problem is it would be for a baseball tee, which is priced less. That make a difference? If you will be getting more large hoodies before the 30 day limit, I will just wait and switch for one of those. 25 days left...
  4. If you ordered a 2X (not sure you did, but they sold fast) really... the 2X's are HUGE. Even the XL is pretty enormous. We can swap sizes, but you must provide shipping expenses back to us. We'll pay for shipping back to you however. If too many people abuse this, we won't continue to pay for shipping, but we'd rather you have the right size and order another one at some point. I ordered a medium. Where would I ship it to? Bones! I would like to know where to ship to as well. I'm guessing the return address is the one on the package it came in?
  5. Frackin' hell, now you don't even have any large hoodies left. Would it still be okay to send the hoodie back and get the refund for the hoodie minus shipping?
  6. Singing in the mixes alone is still something fresh to the community, let alone lyrical composition. When you just read the lyrics, black and white, sure they may sound a bit dull, with the music though they are brightened. Emphasis and emotion to some is more important than semantic practicality.
  7. Stickers probably would sell well. Think of how many of use have laptops, guitars, guitar cases, lunch boxes, backpacks, and binders that we would sport them on stylishly. I'd happily slap one on my guitar case.
  8. How would I go about sending mine back to get another? The medium hoodie I ordered was a bit snug. For future reference to those who may be ordering some, i'm 5'10" and 155 lbs. It could just be a matter of preference. If the shippings costs there and back are too much, i'll just stick with it. And also, is the material pre-shrunk?
  9. Thanks man, I really appreciate your talent. Even though i'm at the level where I STILL can not figure out the picking pattern for NightTime Evolution, your talent is impetuously forthcoming, and I hope it takes you far. Well done.
  10. Ima listenin', ima likin', ima seedin' I'm glad everything turned out alright over such a long period of time. Thank-you for an excellent selection of tunes.
  11. That helped me a lot. I'm running the ASIO Full Duplex Drivers at about 23 ms. It's not perfect, but it's much better than what the Audigy drivers were at, 180 . Was able to bump the sample rate up to 96k also.
  12. I'm not quite sure, since i'm new at this also, but I believe that is an effect from your sound card. The sound card has a certain amount of latency, that amount influences the amount of delay you may experience. Low latency having less delay. I have the same problem, since i'm running a Sound Blaster Audigy LS. It was $50 WITH a copy of Hitman 2, so it is a pretty cheap card. I'm looking into getting this one.
  13. Having not heard the original source, I can't really come to an accord on the origin of the off tune mishaps...but I do know that they alone are making it harder for me to write this My basis of affliction is not a matter of them simply being off tune, but rather, the disturbance they create to the designated ambience. It is so relaxed and straight-forward, and then some random bright colors spring into the air. It just doesn't quite blend with the chilling guitar riff or piano. Maybe the original intention of the source material is to give it that goofy, mysterious aura, but here, coming from bare-bones listening, I hope I can get my hands on a version without our little intruders
  14. I'll be listening regularly, and if I can remember to look back for the updated link to vote, I shall It's always good to hear some voice to OCR, makes it seem a little more "real", I guess you could say. I know this isn't the original idea, but as stated, the time convenience is well implemented. Props for the courage to shout it , and i'll be waiting for the next one!
  15. Pretty sweet, I do favor the bass line. Adds even more to that goofy factory appeal G'job sir, and apparently, welcome back.
  16. Very tranquil, I would give the song a somewhat "eerie" label, but that is definitely reserved for the synth flutes... specifically Personally, I feel that a solid, soft guitar line with any effect that would give it a metallic (yes, without the 'a') sound would tighten the song, like an ever-spinning swing. The ill-complexity of the drums provides great substance of the "Chill Factor". It seems the intention is not to make your head bounce all over the place, and it is intended well. Instrument correlation is the winner here.
  17. I feel like this song itself deserves to be in a video game. Many songs here do, but this one really captures that "Title Screen" epic that sets the gamers mind of what to come. The beginning has the fresh, introduction, while it slows down towards the middle, like a threat or decision is needed, then grows again, where the final battle is commencing and then is won, just like the song has. The quality of the samples is something to inquire about, it's not bad, but it only makes me wonder what it would sound like with some otherwise crisp sounds from the brass category. He does test your skill though about pre-judging a piece from it's sound quality, and rather from it's beautiful arrangement.
  18. Quite different from this artists most recent mix from FF9, it kind of caught me off guard, but with good intent. This song really brings a sort of Cinderella, A Sword in the Stone, fairy tale epic type feel. The main rhythm in this song is very this way and that, like said before, and is very interesting. The drums really set the piece in place with their straight forward, subtle, intimidating beat.
  19. Great song, it's seems to keep your blood flowing with the beat and guitar, yet settles you with the flute and violin. The general electronica feel from Ziwtra always is pleasing to the ears. I can't vouge for the original "Zue" song, but this one stands alone easily. I can only aspire to creating something like this, and eventually, I will, with these types of songs in mind.
  20. I can see this song as the main intro to Ken's own game. I love how the voice kind of slurs, but not in a retarded lazy way, in a way that completely works, and flows. The harmonizing around 1:00 remins me of Vertical Horizon's song "Underwater" (which is a great song also btw) during the lyric 'I feel your touch.' Ridin' down the lone arizona desert kickin ass in my '72 Javelin AMX, with Ken in the passenger seat, mwa haha!
  21. Hello everyone, i'm brand new, even though i've been observing OCR for about a year. I've finally decided to register since I hope to create some mixes of my own (i'm brand new at that too). Ecco brings me back, I remember the music and how deep and sort of lonely it is. This mix seems to bring back that with a little bit of perseverance added from the suspenseful violins and rising and falling bells tones. It just gives a great aura when you listen to it, an aura of a deep ocean of potential and discovery, it is wonderful. This is an aspiring community, and i'm glad to be a part of it.
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