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  1. Because you couldn't get enough of Dan's sexy chipmunk man voice? I know I can't. I like to imagine he's only looking at me mmmmmhhmmmmm. He knows what he's doing with that risque green shirt and tie... such a tease.
  2. I miss it... I think I stopped because it was taking too much practice and studying to stay competitive at the level I was at. Hell of a game. I might have to pick it back up soon when the rush of a new semester calms down.
  3. To me it seems, even if only slightly, the issue of piracy can be a matter of excessive pride. DRM and higher video game prices are a result of head on tactics by the industry so they don't have to succumb to pirates and work WITH their influence. Instead of sitting back, having patience and working out a flank or back door tactic (like getting on the consumers GOOD side) they just want to bombard the impenetrable cave with bigger missiles. You can compare it to the U.S.' strategy on not negotiating with terrorists. Instead of recognizing their degree of control, communication takes a nosedive, and when that happens, it becomes a war of muscle and not intellect. Which is usually inefficient and the people (consumers) suffer.
  4. Pretentiousness and insults aside, I can appreciate Jack's perspective and have even tweaked my own a bit. No doubt, his points have brought about much dialectic (and possibly even MORE dialectical tension lol), but the fact remains, if we trim the fat, there is a lot to be learned here. While Philosophy is not the most lucrative choice for a degree, I am currently taking a Philosophy class and can, in my opinion, vouch for its significance in our world. Good for you man.
  5. I bet! All you need is a moat around there and it will be quite a fitting man castle
  6. That is one helluva desk. No doubt the sounds that come out of there are spectacular though =)
  7. Win7 has been GLOOORIOUS to me. I've had no problems with the 64-bit versions of Sonar 8 Pro, EWQLSO, SD2, and Komplete 6. And this is all on my laptop with a crappy Realtek sound card running ASIO4ALL. I've also hooked up my Presonus Firestudio Project with no problems, recording all 8 inputs simultaneously no prob. If my desktop could handle the increased memory and cpu requirements, it would be Win7 as well! Edit: That is the PLAY versions of the EastWest instruments.
  8. *Votes to set in order the change of PMD to PMDD (postmagest depression disorder) for ensuing menstrual hilarity*
  9. Hmmm... I love music... I love games... I love people... I LOVE the outdoors... WELL SLAP ME TICKLED AND CALL ME AGNUS!
  10. I just want to let you all know that I am completely jealous of the good time that myself would have had, had myself gone. And yes, I am trying to avoid giving you all credit for my jealousy, because that just makes me more jealous. There... I said it.
  11. Great, concise, applicable article. I seem to have only truly figured out these concepts recently, but MAN would it have helped to have read that years ago.
  12. Whos anosou sum n.... ahhh fuck it happy b-dizzle
  13. Hey there is a killer deal on a pair of M-Audio BX5a Deluxe's at audiomidi.com. They are b-stock (mostly just open box) and going for $199. I paid $300 for mine and they've served me very well for a 5" driver (kevlar). http://www.audiomidi.com/cust_search/BX5a-Deluxe-Monitors-B-STOCK-price-per-pair--P14970.aspx
  14. Bummerface... well, we'll be here next year as well. You're a master my friend.
  15. You think you could upload the .ksd patches? I'm just a curious little fellow. Edit: Oh, and yeah, I go to Massive quite a bit My desktop CPU can't handle very many instances of it sadly.
  16. Hey man you've got a really good sound going on. Nice quality sound scape. I plan on doing some quick compos in light of recent suggestions to do such. Maybe I'll see you on JH Compo sometime.
  17. Boughteded. Good shizzzzzzzz!!!! I'm by no means a piano player, but I just had fun dropping some improv to "Floating Away". That was fun. Now time for bed with 9-bit dreams.
  18. God damn. You've tickled my fancy (your guess is as good as mine as to what "fancy" pertains to).
  19. Thanks guys, you've really put things in perspective. A couple hours or an afternoon for a fully developed song? Sheesh. I can only DREAM about being that prolific. I think I need to try those quick compo's out to help tidy up my technique and workflow and just, well... let it flow. I'll have to create a much better template than the one I have now though, but it might just help balance me out. Thanks for that GLL. Do you have a link to the person you mentioned's music? I'd really like to hear that four minute orchestral piece to help further my perspective. Yeah... I'm fine with everything else but when I sit and dial in to my DAW, my mind starts tap dancing like Gregory Hines and I can't keep up. I'm right there with you. There's a few cases where the main melody popped into my head almost immediately but other than, it's a lot of tinkering. Yes... yes YES! God I hate my tracks sometimes. I almost feel masochistic because my music punishes me so much, yet I keep coming back for MORE?! Thanks for those transitioning tips as I will definitely put those to use. Makes a lot of sense even as I think about it now. Using a "guess and check" method, I think, is a technique guilty of a lot of time consumption for me. I need more iron clad techniques.
  20. I'm just curious... what is the estimated, average hours it takes you to complete a song? For me, it just feels so unnatural because I take soooooo long to complete one. For instance, I'm working on an electronic piece where I've gotten a minute of material in and it's probably taken me around 50-60 hours. An orchestral piece, the same. Granted, in the middle of producing a song I can go off on a tangent of learning about synthesis, something new in my DAW, etc... but still. I've started over three times in the electronic piece because my transitions weren't smooth enough and were basically new songs (I call it musical ADD). I mainly get stuck, I think, on transitioning and having the collective notes blend smoothly into a different section. Is this a music theory problem in not having solid ground on chords and scales? I know I've heard artists here state they have NO musical background and have since created wonderful works of art. bLiNd and SGX come to mind.
  21. I know the tech support position has been filled, but for future reference, I've got experience providing audiovisual tech support/setup and interacting with clientele at the largest hotel property in our district. I'll send you a resume just in case anything pops up!
  22. They already have. Red Dead Redemption pretty much won all the way across the boards :/
  23. Can't seem to find an "official" Super Meat Boy thread, so I guess this will have to suffice. I was reading some of Gamespot's "Sound Byte" (which is HORRIBLY organized by the way) articles and came across this, the most recent one, and apparently SMB was nominated up for best original music alongside Nier, DJ Hero 2, Red Dead Redemption, and Super Mario Galaxy 2. RDR won (the validity is debatable) but I still thought it was worth mentioning. Go Danny B!
  24. I wanted to chime in and say that if I hadn't just spent money upgrading other sample libraries and needing to get new tires on my car, I would be so on top of this in a split second. Like a 1/10th of a second or faster. Definitely faster. Just listening to the demo's, they sound flippin fantastic! This is such a steal to have such quality at that price (even full price). I much desire to have these libraries in my arsenal, and I will soon enough. I can't commit right now, but they will be the next music purchase I make.
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