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  1. "It is said that if you know your enemies and know yourself, you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles" - Sun Tzu Right there with ya.
  2. FOX "news" is the bane of our society. Majorly conservative, bias "news" catering to the gullible and uneducated. Just look at the way Gretchen asked the questions. She wasn't just interviewing objectively, her tone and word choice gave off a disgusted attitude towards the subject at hand. I've seen it many times where they don't even give enough time for a person to defend themselves. They are trained that way so they can censor their own news from anything they don't want the public to hear. We must starve FOX "news" of the attention and ratings they crave to get rid of them, since like a parasite, we can't kill them, unfortunately.
  3. http://www.escapistmagazine.com/videos/view/extra-credits/2414-Facing-Controversy Old episode with a few new tricks in the bag, but I don't even care, this episode is VITAL and I loved watching it again and hopeful for the fact that it will now get more exposure.
  4. Absolutely stunning my friend. Who would've known your monster ghetto dub music style (which I am formidably a fan of) could be finessed into such a piece of fine orchestral ass. Meant in a good way... of course. The suspense building up to the main melody is perfect and leads me right up to it in an excellent balance of dynamics. Articulations are used so well. Phenom!
  5. Yayyy! I really like the "Mailbag" format. It's keeping things fresh and hopeful (As I can't wait for you all to expand on those questions in a full episode!).
  6. Good to have you around! Impressive repertoire... excellent music. The first thing that came to mind when I saw your "Starlight over Zion 6" picture was the scene from Chrono Trigger where they are all in the forest gathered around a campfire. Good stuffz. I love getting pics of the sky at night out in the wilderness with very little light pollution.
  7. Yayyyyy 1.1.2 update is out and finally fixed the cursed Phoenix Graviton Beam (I love using phoenixes). I actually like most, if not all the changes. The Void ray balance is a great balance considering level 1 damage got owned and level 2 damage was pretty OP imo. It was a fun tactic to deal with, but for the most part you could charge up the VR's in so many different ways and avoid level 1's pitfalls. Most commonly, I would charge up on vespene buildings, being closest to the nexus yet usually on the outskirts of the base. Never really had much of a problem with reapers/marine (marines gave me a bit of a fluster) rushing (due to scouting and good micro), but hey, I guess a lot of people do so the tier change for barracks' must have been deemed necessary. I actually saved a really good replay where I defended against a marine rush if anybody wants to see it. The guy said I was lucky lol. Fungal growth preventing blink makes sense. Roach range increases is going to be a bit more deadly to deal with, but ultimately you can still kite them with stalkers and the range of 6. Not sure what the cool down transition from energy use for the Thor and Corruptors was for. I guess their respective special abilities aren't getting used that much or they were dumping the abilities too much, dunno. I personally haven't really EVER seen 250mm, and only seen corruption sparingly.
  8. How do you know they don't (counter argument being "how do you know they do")? Like I said before, they may have incorporated gamer score into matchmaking because, regardless if single player achievements only represent playing against the AI, it shows, on certain levels, how much of an understanding you do have about the game. And if there is another level at which they can balance matchmaking, why not use it? Also, like Zircon said, being able to cheat to get achievements lessens the meaning of getting them. If Blizzard wanted to put more meaning into getting achievements, and they had warned about banning people well before hand, then how can you blame them for protecting their investment? The fact of the matter is, Blizzard has given online meaning to getting single player achievements for everyone to see. Everything is connected (well, sort of, with region locking...), and one thing we do know is that, like Blizzard has stated, gamer score carries "weight and prestige". They are simply protecting the integrity of their achievement awards. And like Rama said, why can't they just use the in game cheats if they merely want to advance through the game? lol
  9. I can see both sides of the story, but ultimately, if Blizzard warned of banning cheaters back in September and it's in the EULA, why would you risk it? Sure, in the old days where playing single player didn't require you to be connected to the internet where your achievements were there for everybody to see, it would seem fine, but now, it's a different era. I can also see how gamer score could possibly effect your matchmaking. If you have a huge gamer score, it shows that you do have an adept understanding of playing the game, even with recognizing that playing A.I. and human opponents is quite different. With having even matchmaking being a large priority, I'd imagine Blizzard would want to take every step to ensure that balance. The StarCraft series has always been very strict on game play balance as well, I'd almost say more than any other game, and I guess that mindset has carried over to other services from Blizzard. Messing with someone's intellectual property is typically not a good idea in the first place (OcRemix being an exception ), especially if the creator has the ability to monitor everything you do to/in their creation.
  10. This has been a problem for OEM's for a long time now. Even with cars. I have heard before that automakers were aggravated they weren't being able to make money on the resell of their cars. I mean, a $20k car can probably go through around $40 worth of transactions over the course of it's life. Sell it used for $10k, and further on for $5k... yadda yadda. That's the way our market is and it's only until recently where OEM's were trying to make a profit on the used. Given the percentage of profit in video game sales for the developers and the digital medium, maybe this profit-on-used technique was merely born out of necessity and ease, respectively. Currently though, the world sees that when they buy something, it's THEIRS, through and through out, no matter the product type.
  11. Thanks for taking the time to showcase this and make it more known. The artists deserve some credit AT LEAST. It's not my intellectual property, but I'd prefer for a theme that sown into a specific story line to not be milked throughout different mediums. Gah! That is pretty funny though. I updated the OP (couldn't find another clip).
  12. These are good points, and while it would seem common sense to block something like this (just like stopping big telecom corporations from killing Net Neutrality), petitions like these brings the attention to the people and prevents big media from trying to pull a fast one on us and that definitely doesn't hurt the cause.
  13. I got reclassified from Platinum down to Gold 0_0 Kinda in a rut and hitting a plateau right now (plateau's are a bitch in a anything really...) but just have to keep learning. I've been trying a lot of new things in the game instead of the hard pressed BO's and tactics I've used many times before. This is at the expense of many losses, but hey, you can't be stuck in one form of game play. I almost feel like the only reason I got to Platinum and Gold is because soooo many people cheese in bronze and silver that it's easy to get boosted up from all those wins. Problem being, once I got to the higher leagues I hadn't really had enough practice against good opponents, thus, the reclassification. It's like I'm in a purgatory of mediocrity. Just gotta break through. /blog rant And yes, you're welcome.
  14. Yeah it really screwed me on getting the achievement for all missions complete. I tried even going back to a save before hand but it didn't give me it. Very fun mission though, fo sho.
  15. I saw this on Demonoid yesterday. Shared and signed.
  16. So what estimate can you guys give (based on your experience already, noticeable bugs, gameplay and economy issues, updates they've already done) on how long it will take SE to make the game significantly more stable? PS3 launch maybe? Just curious because at the current time (from what I've heard) I personally don't want to get it yet, but I may give it a chance after they iron out some difficulties. I can't even imagine not having an AH either. I mean, the AH was a pain enough in FFXI, but not having one all together? Damn.
  17. YES! *gives hetero digihug* *pinches butt* Woah woah woah! Got a little too excited. Sorry. Thanks for getting that right. My point still stands though as it's still Square. I smell something fishy. I am curious to hear this.
  18. So this is just bugging the hell out of me. Had "Scare Tactics" playing in the background and then I heard some music... [link has been removed by Youtube] It's around 1:10. I thought the music was from FFX (Guadosalam, Underwater Ruins...) or something but I can't track it down. Whoever can help me gets a free hetero digihug. And if this is is FFX material, do you really think Square would have given permission to use their music? I mean, it seems like it kinda dumbs it down a little bit and I can't see Square going for that.
  19. So when I first saw this mix I thought "Super Hang-On" might be some type of rock climbing game. But anyway, this song makes me want to listen to it all day. Oh yeah.... I have been XD
  20. I feel fruits victim's pain too... I really want to play against a Zerg opponent (sick of Terran) but they are so far and few between.
  21. I forgot to thank you for this. Makes complete since and was what I was looking for. I had a match with Conan where I tried this and felt like I was getting somewhere but then he just completely out macro'ed me. Still gotta work on paying attention to both micro and macro. I supply block myself alllll the time dammit!
  22. Damn! I'm gone a week for vacation and I'm so out of touch. I was actually wondering about the cleave range. There's a certain battle between fruit and gsotop where the ultralisks are attacking a command center on the OTHER side of the mineral field and they blew up two missile turrets placed in front of the minerals. I mean... shit. Edit: I like how they fixed the 7% mineral increase pretty swiftly as well. I didn't even practice that cause I knew they were definitely going to patch that.
  23. *Spoiler* Ha! No more qq from people about ultralisks being underpowered. They DOMINATED those thors! Their splash damage and rate of attack is scary.
  24. I do see your points. I wouldn't say, though, that worrying about market overcrowding due to the film composers coming in is anything to brush off. I understand that music in general is a crowded field, but I'm only worried about the integration into video games. After all, video games are a completely different medium and is quite a paradigm shift for film composers, yet they have the resources to work from the TOP down into many games. It will affect the game music scene greatly. For good or bad, well... we will see.
  25. Melody... sweet intoxicating melody. Awesome video pinpointing game music's evolution and integration. BardicKnowledge does bring up some great topics to be discussed and digested as well. I do have one topic of concern though. Is Harry Gregson-Williams and Hans Zimmer composing music for video games really that great? Like Rich (a game composer himself) states in his blog, these big shots are coming in and making the already mega-competitive game composer scene even more overcrowded. It seems to be pushing out those who have a niche specifically for video game music. I mean sure, the pieces are good (Metal Gear's Main Theme is one of my FAVS) and the entitlement that comes along with the credits sure gets the game attention, but in the long run, will we lose the originality and integration that is video game music to massive Hollywood scores?
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