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  1. Excellent. This is one of Mazedude's best. Excellent synth work! What kind of controller will he use today ladies and gentlemen? Excellent arrangement - exceedingly interesting. Love the syncopated beats as well; daring and quite original. I don't remember Doom ][ being half as cool as this track. Great work. 10/10
  2. Gorgeous piece. I have to call this a "piece" rather than a "remix". It's a different sort of animal. For those quieter times, this one is perfect. It doesn't really fit with the rest of my OC playlist, but I keep it in there just the same. Love the female vocals. They fit the theme perfectly, as does the whole arrangement. It's professional quality, IMO. Great ending to the piece too. Ties it all up with a bow - that little Zelda theme in the piano... Love it. 10/10 overall. You're not going to find many better ones than this.
  3. This track slays. Perfect mix. Tons of variety. Great reproduction of a classic BGM in a classic game. The whole section with the arpeggios starting at 3:25 are freaking money. I can't dance for shite, but I find myself thinking I can when I hear it. Only one gripe - every so often the trance beat disappears and is replaced with a somewhat lame-sounding rock beat. Kinda makes you scratch your head a bit. 9/10 overall. I really wanted to give this a 10, but I can't stop cringing every time I hear the aforementioned drum gaffe.
  4. First the good - it's cool to hear remixes with live instruments once in a while. The live performance on this track is above average. It's also harder than sitting down with a looping tool and a bunch of stock samples, so that counts for something. Now the bad - the mix is lousy. Some of the "solos" are likewise not very good. I'm not likely to listen to this track very often because my musical snobbery gets in the way. I wouldn't give up on Gux though. 5/10 overall.
  5. Having never heard the original track (ok, so I'm an old man, I guess - never played MM X3) I was able to listen to this track in a relatively unbiased manner. No real complaints, but no real praise either, I'm afraid. It's in my rotation, but overall, it just doesn't grab me like some of the other tracks I dig. The mix was the best part about this one, good balance. 7/10 overall.
  6. The little double kick every fourth measure makes me want to kick every person I see. It's pretty simple, but it works. Other than the beat, there isn't an awful lot that impresses me. But, due to its addictive qualities it's in my rotation. Dammit. 7/10 overall.
  7. I looooove Metal Gear. It makes my Snake solid. No, really. This track is a great medely of practically every Metal Gear BGM I can remember and every one of them is a keeper, except one - the last one, around 4:20. I always hated that BGM in the game and I'm now convinced that no amount of remixing can ever save it. Nice try just the same. The rest of the track is great. Kudos on nailing the transitions between pieces, that's a serious pain in the ass to do. I especially loved the black metal-ish supercomputer organ thingie. Evil! 8/10 overall.
  8. I think Liquid Tension Experiment is covering NES songs now incognito... I totally wasn't expecting a cover like this - this is the real deal! I bow in reverence. Great work! 10/10 overall.
  9. Wow... This is a slick track... Great variety, real creative use of the Blaster Master theme. Immaculate mix. Tons o' fun. Taysiir's got some definite professional skill - this is the kind of guy I'd want behind the booth at a party! If he has CDs, I'd buy 'em too - free downloads be damned! 10/10 overall.
  10. Heil Mazedude! Very solid track overall on all levels. The Hitler samples were an especially nice touch. (Good lord, does THAT sound wierd coming out of my keyboard...) It's not my favorite track on this site, but it's in my rotation no problemo. 8/10 overall.
  11. Ugh, this track is wretched. Yep, I'm one of those cent-sensitive assholes. I love the idea of playing this loop - one of my favorites of all time - on live instruments, but it just doesn't work this time. Sorry. There's really no excuse for having something that's this out of tune when you've got Sound Forge cracks floating around on KaZaA. 2/10 overall.
  12. Great synths! Love the double-tap delay effect especially. It works exceptionally well. Not-so-great drums though - the mix had some pretty big holes and the excessive reverb hid what would have otherwise been a pretty good beat. 8/10 overall.
  13. Outstanding track! The vibe is remeniscent of some of Ulver's recent work, like the Melancholy EP, only harsher. Who knew a dolphin could be so badass? 10/10 overall.
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