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  1. Vurez, thanks for the Ninja Gaiden love, that game had a beautiful soundtrack that is still somewhat underrepresented here. Your mixes are fantastic, but I'm sure I've already said this before.
  2. First time I listened to this, I was unimpressed. The chorus, and lyrics as a whole, are not very hot. Now I think it has solid beats, and Joe Cam's vocals are spot-on. It really grew on me.
  3. Oh, chiptune. Who can resist your magic? The middle section is my favorite part. Great, nostalgic mix
  4. Man, this is so warm-sounding. I think it's fantastic that you're aiming for different styles and moods with your pieces. Please, keep 'em coming.
  5. Lockjaw's Locker is one of my favorites too. This mix certainly does it justice. Terrific atmosphere.
  6. Song is quite energic, crammed with references, sections and ideas. Good mix.
  7. Now this is how you make a pop song. It's...heavenly. How can you not LOVE something like this?
  8. I confess at first I was having that "oh noes, this song again" attitude, but this ended up being very different from what I expected. I really liked the direction you took with this. And I totally approve the tools and effects used, as the vocals wouldn't sound as strong and fitting without them. You do seem to have an enjoyable timbre regardless, and they just helped making that aspect stand out.
  9. This mix brings a smile to my face. Some catchy vocals, dudes. Just for the record, I need to say that Forest Funk is great and anything with it is instantly awesome. I can't wait for the WiiWare release of this game.
  10. This is such a memorable piece. Short and sweet, stops at the very right moment (before boredom), and every single sitar note added is absolutely perfect. Even so, for me, it's the percussion that makes the mix.
  11. This mix is a little on the repetitive side, but I suppose that's unavoidable with this particular theme. It's meant to be hypnotic and moody. What else can I say? Vurez is really talented and versatile.
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