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  1. I just replayed this game on the PSP in the Sega Classics Collection, so awesome. This song is going right on my MP3 player, it's about time Golden Axe got some Remix love!
  2. LC

    Zircon is famous

    I started an electroica station the other day and a few Zircon songs popped up, it made my day
  3. it's been awhile since I heard some good chiptunes *downloads*
  4. this makes my ears happy, i'm digging that low-fi sound. Keep up the good work!
  5. Siamey also has some great high-tempo mixes that make me move and (as stated above) you can't go wrong with Beatdrop
  6. This was awesome, Thanks again for the shoutout (Chief/Scrapbrain) Keep it up, good stuff!!
  7. I can't wait, this can't download fast enough haha
  8. I'd do a punk remix of 'Frontier Village Dali' from Final Fantasy IX. Fast rhythm guitar and drums, short and sweet, It'd make my day (this idea has been playing in my head for months...) but alas, talent is something I lack
  9. I really like this arrangement, the synth rocks my socks off. Two thumbs up!
  10. This thread is made of awesome and win also, Pogo (fagottron) is the man Upular is my favorite
  11. Storylines have gone downhill in the last several years, the only thing that keeps me clinging to JRPG's nowadays is that I still like turn-based combat systems. I used to play RPG's strictly for the story as well, but it's just not the same now as it used to be, so I spend my days re-living the glory days of the RPG on the SNES I still hope the PS3 will have some decent RPG's for me to sink my teeth into though
  12. LC

    The Blog Thread

    oh what the hell http://earjack.blogspot.com mostly about gaming, but I also post papers I write annonymously for college classes i'm not enrolled in here...not a whole lot lately, but I'm gearing up for another update here soon
  13. every once in awhile I'll listen to some music from a game i've never played. I've gotten into the habit of checking the OCR front page for new music, and when I find something totally awesome, I'll check out the source tune and (in some rare cases), I'll end up playing a game based off a few songs/remixes I really liked. I also have that nostalgia connection thing where I don't want to listen to the music if I haven't played the game, but I'm trying to break that. I've been paying attention to artists/composers that have a reputation for making good music and I'll go seek their discography to see if whatever else they've made is good and that will always give me music from games i've never played...it's really hit or miss, but i've heard some really awesome stuff getting music this way
  14. LC

    360 or PS3?

    I own a PStriple and I'm enjoying all the features and so far I haven't had any problems with it. I think it comes down to a matter of personal preference really. the most important thing to look at is exclusivity between the two consoles and decide which one has the games that appeal to your personal tastes. One thing I will say is that if you decide to buy a PS3, look for the older models that still have PS2 backwards compatibility, it's worth the price to know that the last ten years of gaming content is still available to you if you get the sudden urge to play a classic PS2 game
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