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  1. We do plan on making a music video for it. Once that's done, it'll go up on YouTube. ^-^
  2. EDIT: April Fools! This is not actually our last remix, or anything of the sort. Just having fun... ^-^ We're really psyched that this has gotten such an enthusiastic response. Just a note to everyone: feel free to share the link below with your friends, but please do not upload it to YouTube, Newgrounds, or anywhere else. We have plans to do an official music video, and would rather wait to "debut" the song that way. Thanks! ----------------------------- Hello everyone. In light of the new Remixanator A.S.S. system, some of us felt compelled to offer you this "farewell" mega-collab remix. It will be the last of its kind posted by zircon, pixietricks, injury, Harmony, and big giant circles! There has been some controversy sparked over the A.S.S. - and although Andy and I consider this our best arrangement to date - we are all looking forward to the future of A.S.S. It is the end of an era... but let's make the most of it, shall we? Thank you to starla, Harmony, and BGC for contributing your fantastic vocals to this piece! You have done us proud. And now, without further ado, we give you... Zelda: Ocarina of Time 'Macarena of Time' Enjoy! If you would like to follow along, here are the lyrics: ZELDA: My lullaby is fly, but they say that I'm a dreamuh Ruling over Hyrule with the wisdom of Athena I'm the Princess, and I'm well-dressed Those peasant girls? Let's just say it's no contest! He'll seize me, and squeeze me All through the night when he appears and frees me LINK: Got a master sword, and it's smaller than my wienuh But I like to spend my days swingin' it through the arena And cuttin' all the grass, spinning like a ballerina HEY, Ocarina! Keeping my physique, drinkin' potion makes me leanuh And I got a pretty horse named Epona - have you seen 'uh? Harassed too many chickens, and they issued a subpoena HEY, Ocarina! SARIA: Saria's my name - Zelda laughs like a hyena You know that I'm the one who gave Link his Ocarina And when he blows it, the b*tch knows it Be no denying when he comes and shows it He'll seize me, and squeeze me All through the night when he appears and frees me LINK: Going to the future - the undead are getting meanuh And Ganon's such a brute - (I disapprove of his demeanuh) I guess it's really bogus that the grass is always greenuh HEY, Ocarina! Chasing all those fairies, now I think I broke my femuh Doc said I'll be fine, but he says that I'm a screamuh My tunic's getting dirty, gotta take it to the cleanah HEY, Ocarina! Keeping my physique, drinkin potion makes me leanuh Got a pretty horse named Epona, have you seen 'uh? Harassed too many chickens, and they issued a subpoena HEY, Ocarina!
  3. I'm glad you guys are digging the female vocals! I got so many collab requests that I simply couldn't handle them all, so this saves me the pain of having to turn people away. No more hurt feelings, no more stalkers, and no more threatening emails... I can't tell you how lucky I am to have the ASS now.
  4. Hahaha, Andy told me a bunch of funny stories from the meetup... Free Willy net and crotch-slidage, the Skyblazer dance, squeezing seven people into DA's car and trying to get past the ticket booth without laughing, etc. We were up giggling into the wee hours of the morning. So sorry I missed it, but I got to watch the panel, which was great. And thanks for the shoutout/wave - it made me smile.
  5. Hmm, they might make more archive videos. Also, I think I saw Moguta filming with a camcorder.
  6. Watch the panel now, live from JamSpace at PAX East Boston! (Sunday, 11:30-1:30) http://www.ustream.tv/channel/MAGFest-Podcast Up there: djpretzel Liontamer zircon Vigilante José the Bronx Rican Palpable DragonAvenger Bahamut diotrans
  7. QFE I have to say that the video game industry is pretty far behind everyone else when it comes to addressing sexism. I'm not a feminist by any means, but sometimes I can't help but to be bothered by it. And isn't it so much more interesting when a character actually has unique features to his or her face and physique, aside from funky hairstyles and crazy outfits?
  8. These are the only people I know of who actually got their 3-day passes in time (outside of people on the panel, since we don't count): Bahamut José the Bronx Rican Moguta binary1230 (Dom) Pezman Sindra That's only 6. Anybody else confirmed for 3-day? Now's the time: PM me your info so I can put you on the list! If we don't reach 10, I guess we can add your friends.
  9. We met up with Australian composer/sound designer Mick Gordon yesterday - recent credits include Need for Speed: Shift, among many others. Imagine our surprise when he told us that he actually has an ocremix as remixer N-JekteD: Doom 'Purgatory'! We never made the connection before. Really nice guy, too! Having a great time so far. It's been fun meeting other remixers like sephfire, his wife Carrie, and Danny B. We spent the afternoon at LucasArts yesterday to meet the Monkey Island 2 team in person, and the game was finally announced last night. Andy is one of three composers doing the score. Anyhow, we are plugging the site whenever we can. I'd better get back out there!
  10. Thanks, everyone! And happy birthday, Brandon! So glad to share it with a person as awesome as you.
  11. Thank you for providing this community with... fields of butter? And stuff!
  12. I'm not really interested in tabletop gaming and watching tons of previews either, to be honest. But I'm sure we can find other ways to pass our time! I just wanna hang out with everyone. :>
  13. Oh sure, you can PM them any time (and your email addresses, and your friend's name).
  14. Wow, this is an excellent debut mix from Monobrow! The live cello part is haunting and beautiful, and everything blends seamlessly. Nice work by all...
  15. I read on the website that discounts are possible for groups of 10 or more people, so I got in contact with Robert Khoo. He said we would get 10% off, making registration $45 instead of $50. (The offer is only for 3-day badges.) I also asked if people from our group who have already pre-registered could get a $5 refund - affirmative, as long as we have their confirmation numbers and email addresses. So, my advice would be to go ahead and register for now, just to be safe, and I will turn in a master list with the names later on, so more people can get in on it. Dave, Larry, Andy, and myself probably won't count towards that 10-or-more list since panelists get in for free, so we've still gotta find more recruits! Make sure to post in this thread if/when you've registered, so we can keep track! Yay!
  16. Summer MAGfest is an excellent idea. As a florist, Christmas/New Year's is a very busy holiday season; I managed to get some time off this year, but only enough to be with our family. Asking for three or four days off in the summer, on the other hand, would be a piece of cake! July and August are pretty slow. I really hope Brandon considers this as an option!
  17. Awww, we missed you too!
  18. Oops, no - not yet. I haven't gotten around to going through all the footage. Still working on the photo album, to be honest. So much to dooo!
  19. Happy birthday, Vinnieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
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