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  1. Hmm, I had forgotten about this one. Another one widely recommended. Sadly, I haven't auditioned them myself.
  2. Haha, same here. The first time I didn't miss any, I just bumped against objects and ended up with 23 points. The 2nd time I think I passed with 27 points and got my prize. Also, anyone stop to see the Zora take the boat UP THE FRIGGIN' waterfall? I saw that and laughed! I mean, I know Zora's are good at swimming, but man, I never thought Zora's were THAT good!
  3. Hey guys, so how does "dynamic music" work again? =P
  4. The best in that price range would be (not in any particular order, just a list): -iRiver Clix -Samsung YP-T9 or YP-Z5 -Apple iPod Nano -Creative Zen V Plus -SanDisk Sansa Rhapsody I'd be happy with any of these.
  5. Hey, don't misunderstand me, the Grado SR60 is one nice piece of equipment! You absolutely cannot go wrong with it! I was just giving you some more choices. However, if you're gonna get the SR80, or the SR120, THEN AND ONLY THEN would I say invest on the Alessandro MS-1 instead, since it is better as far as quality-to-price ratio. Also, I want to tell you something known as "the law of diminishing returns." What does that mean exactly when it comes to headphones? Well, that, as you progress up the high-end line of headphones, the more you spend, the less you get in return. Example: let us suppose you have a cheap pair of earbuds. You invest in some $15 headphones. Big improvement right there, I bet! I'd say 1000% better! Then you spend $50 on a pricier set. Another big improvement, but this time only 500% better. Then you spend $100. What do you get? Around 200% better. See what I mean? (those are just made up numbers by the way, to illustrate my point, don't take them literally) In other words a $500 headphone will NOT sound 500% better than a $100 headphone. Maybe it will sound 50% better. But it is still an improvement. Some people take this hobby seriously, spending upwards in the $1000 almost just to get that extra 5%! Crazy, I know! I like the $75-$200 range. Anything more than that and I'd have to become a music major or something... Anyway, since you are starting out, I would suggest you don't spend more than $125 (and that's pushing it, heck, I'd stick at $100 TOPS). But as I said, the SR60 is one fun set of cans. If you want something with the Grado sound signature, I'd say get either the SR60 or the Alessandro MS-1. The SR80 is good, but for its price, you might as well go MS-1 and never look back. Noise-cancelling headphones are good for what they do: cancel noise. But, in my opinion, once you've heard the clarity of open-air, man... heaven. It is heaven. The problem with ACTIVE noise-cancelling headphones (these produce a sound that pretty much negates outside noise), is that they tend to produce an audible hiss during quiet passages in music, which I find annoying, really. I'd rather invest in PASSIVE noise-cancelling (closed cans or, even better, I.E.M.'s - In Ear Monitors) which do not add artifacts to the music. If you want introductory mid-range IEM's, look for Sennheiser CX300s. These are pretty good for their price range. Remember that IEMs go inside the ear canal, thereby making them the absolute best in blocking outside noise. If you want to spend upwards of $100-$200, there is the Shure brand, which has multiple models, as well as the Super.Fi brand (also with multiple models). Choosing is simply a matter of preference then within their respective price ranges. As far as BOSE, meh... not that they are bad, but they are overpriced for what they do, really. You can get better sound by spending the same amount of money in any of the brands I mentioned above. Oh! One more thing... you might be a bit disappointed when you get your first set of "high-end" cans because you can't, at first, see any improvement. But it's funny how this works. You always notice a big change going DOWN than when going UP. What does this mean? Well, when you get your new set of cans, you will enjoy them, I'm sure, but you will tell yourself "this isn't as big a deal as I thought." Give it some time. Use your new set a lot. After a month, go back to your old set, and you will go "WHOA! this is crap!" This is because your ear has become more "educated" with the new set and has learned to appreciate certain subtle aspects of the music that you couldn't appreciate before. Also, if you want something good for use in-house as well as outside, consider Sennheiser PX100 (around $50) or Sennheiser HD212 Pro ($90), though the PX100 is certainly less bulky. Pick anything from what I have mentioned in my two posts according to your needs, and you will be happy. Take care. (if you have anything else you'd like to know, ask away).
  6. You might as well get an Alessandro MS-1 for $99 shipped. Alessandro collaborated with Grado in making the "MS series or Music Series." I have the MS-1 and, personally, it is THE best bang for the buck headphone below $100. No question about it! It is a favorite among many audiophiles. You can see it here, as well as the more expensive brothers: http://www.alessandro-products.com/headphones.html The problem some might have with the Grado sound is that the highs are sometimes too shrilly for some people (and the bass, though punchy, is not as deep as some would like it to be). The Alessandro MS-1 addresses these issues, and is comparable to the more expensive Grado SR-120, though it costs less. The bass is tight and controlled, though it might not satisfy you if you are a bass-head (if that's more your style, go for the AKG K81DJ). I really do like it. Also, there are different types of pads interchangeable with it that alter the sound abit. "Flat pads" make the bass really stand out at the cost of sacrificing some of the higher range (but not too much), "bowls" are the best all-around as far as sound (the most balanced), and the "comfies" are the softest, though they muffle the sound a bit. Keep in mind though that the Grado line, as well as the Alessandro line, is "open-end," meaning that they leak a lot of noise. People next to you can hear what you are listening to quite clearly. Thus, at the same time, they allow a lot of outside noise to filter through. These headphones are meant for indoor use. Keep that in mind. But the whole "open-end" aspect is what makes them sound so good: HEADPHONES NEED TO BREATHE to sound their best. Also, the guitars on the Alessandro MS-1 sound delightfully sweet! If you want something more isolated, go for the AKG K81Dj's I mentioned before (they really are good for "closed" headphones and are sold for $60 to $70). I also have Sennheiser HD555's, which, because of its velour pads, are the most comfortable things your ears will ever wear. The sound is good too, but I use these only for classical music, since they provide better soundstage imagery than the Grado's. The Grado (and in that case, the Alessandro line) lack soundstage. Thus, they provide a more "in your head" sound, while Sennheiser provides a more "seated in front of a music hall sound." The Grados/Alessandro WHOOP Sennheisser when it comes to rock, though, since Sennheiser seems to have a slower attack, a slower punch if you will. There really is no perfect headphone, sadly. If you got any more questions, let me know.
  7. The web address lists this game news under the xbox 360. And the article itself (the one that says the game was put momentarily on hold due to rights) also states it is an xbox 360 title but mentions nothing regarding other consoles.
  8. Maybe he means something akin to, say, the OST of the SSX games. The videogame music in those games is really radio music (I don't know what else to call it), so mixing those isn't really mixing videogame music. Of course, my example is an extreme case. Maybe Thin Crust meant something less blatantly obvious?
  9. Well, as far as the OS goes, if he wants to use more than 3GB of RAM, zircon can go for Windows XP64-bit. I have it myself, and it is very stable. The only hassle is finding drivers for all your hardware (even though it wasn't really a hassle for me, just took a couple of google searches). I have a dual-boot with regular XP Pro for certain hardware that wasn't XP64 bit compatible (two, really, and those were my Sony Camcorder and printer -apparently there are no 64-bit drivers for ANY printer out there, geez). But everything else runs smoothly as can be. I have 4 gigs of RAM, and it is fun using Adobe Premiere to edit video with that much capacity!
  10. I know that with phpbb, if a thread fell off a certain page, then it would be automatically purged. I am not familiar with how vBulletin works, so I'd just like to know if "bumpage" is necessary to keep threads alive, or if there is no danger of threads ever being deleted. Thanks.
  11. Hey, thanks for this. I just went through the process of uploading Zelda: LTP's "Darkworld" theme. There were some crappy versions, but I managed to find one that is suitable as a ringtone (not annoying).
  12. The Motorola Razor phone I got during Christmas has that "metal gear codec" ringtone already. It's called "Alert." Someone over at Motorola is a fan...
  13. Every first attempt when working with new software is mediocre at best. But keep messing around with whatever you're using, and eventually work your way up to the heavy stuff, like Adobe Premiere. It just takes time and patience.
  14. Um, why does it have to be high-res? If it is just to have some sort of album art displayed on your mp3 player's screen, the logo from the site is more than enough for that, IMHO. I would just cutout the snes pad with the headphones and write "overclocked remix" using a similar font.
  15. I agree. The only thing that OOT and LTP have over this one is the better implementation of dungeon items in the overworld. Besides that, it is all very nice. i beat it a couple of days ago, missed some heart pieces and bugs, have to go do other sidequests, etc. I don't know about the rest of you, but I beat the game and feel like I didn't stop to truly enjoy the scenery, since I was too busy concentrating on killing enemies. Now that I set out to finish the sidequests and go for 100% completion, I will take my time to enjoy every little nook and cranny there is.
  16. Imagine the 300lbs guys trying to do Mario's butt stomp.
  17. From all my time in OCR, this thread has resulted in the most research for me, especially after all that you guys have said and critiqued. I didn't know there was so much behind something I mistook to be easily implementable. I'm not a musician by any means, so I have to read and reread all these posts to grasp the concept. My head hurts.
  18. Hybrid Heaven, obviously, for N64.
  19. Well, I was reading through the Zelda TP thread, and many voiced their disappointment for the OST being MIDI and not fully orchestrated. Then some people argued that MIDI lends itself better to "dynamic music" than orchestrations. To begin, I take it that "dynamic music" in the videogame world refers to music that changes according to what is occurring onscreen. For example, in Zelda TP, there is the boss theme, which turns into a heroic theme when you start causing damage, and switches back to the evil boss theme when the boss begins counterattacking. Am I correct? Also, I'd like someone knowledgeable on the subject to verify the statement that MIDI lends itself better to "dynamic music" than orchestrations, and explain WHY that is so. I'd also like to know if there are other games with "dynamic music" (in the way I defined it) in other games, since Zelda TP is the first game I noticed that on. Perhaps I have played other games that include it, but it must not have been done right, because I never noticed that effect until now.
  20. This is a good idea. It would serve to bridge the community better. However, the section on favorite musical genres should be left out for the reasons mentioned above. However, everything else would help develop the sense of a tighter community.
  21. I disagree. I see what happened as a projection of what happens in real-world scenarios. Let me explain: The moderators, whether they want to or not, do become a clique of their own. Why? Because they discuss details pertaining to running the site, ideas, rules, etc. They spend time together, and thus draw closer to each other. Same goes with unmodders. Unmodders are a clique as well. There is nothing wrong with this, it is a result of hanging out, etc. Over time, people become friends, and you begin to trust those people, as DJP himself said. So we have the mods trusting each other, judges trusting each other, and unmodders trusting each other. Of course, just as it is in any community or family, bickering within the clique itself sometimes happens, but all in all, you know that you can count on your friends/family/community when the time comes. Now here comes the issue: what happens when an outsider attacks someone you consider a friend? Natural response is to protect your friend. This is what happened here. Subconsciously or fully aware, DJP had to protect his closest friends, because that's the tendency we have as human beings. Unmodders turned to each other for support and protection as well. I truly believe that the fighting that broke out between both sides stemmed from something trivial that got blown out of proportion. perhaps an unmodder said, "what? a girl mod? blah blah blah" Common unmodder behavior, the whole anarchy sentiment. However, from lurking a LOT in unmod, I myself learned that this was never to be taken seriously. None of it ever was. However, the mods didn't see it that way, and over time, both sides began to take it seriously. Each time one side attacked, the attacked got support from their friends because, hey, that's what friends do. I honestly do not think anyone hated Pixie at the beginning, but unmod likes to pick on someone from time to time. When I tried to break into their group, I learned this the hard way. Sure, I didn't like it, but then I lurked, and then I LEARNED the culture: it's not serious. I started moving in slowly to unmod territory through Dew's "original artwork" thread, and similar ones after that, which I now miss dearly, and learned my way around unmod, made some friends in the way. I wouldn't initially take anybody's side on the matter because I think both screwed up and failed to understand each other. If pushed, however, I would side with unmod. Why? Same reason I have been saying all along: friends. I never spent time with zircon, or smoke, or pixie, or DJP, or the others. But I recognize my unmod buddies. See what I mean? It happens in real life all the time: friends stick up for each other when one is attacked, and that, simply put, is what happened here. NOTE TO PIXIE: I realize that you were the center of unmod's attack for a very long time. I didn't expect it to go as far as it did, and certainly a lot of it was uncalled for. However, I also hope you realize you made some terrible assumptions and mistakes of your own. Despite all this, I honestly would hate to see more members of this community leave, whether I know them or not, so please, try not to hold any grudges (which I know is a difficult thing to do), and stay helping out here. NOTE TO UNMODDERS: I hope many of you come back when the new forum is up, and that you also lay aside all ill-intent directed towards the staff (which might be difficult, seeing as to we, as human beings, are unforgiving creatures). I realize not everyone will come back though, and to those that leave, well, hope you find a new place suitable to your needs.
  22. I tried breaking into unmod, and it was, well, harsh. But in a funny way. For some reason, I just lurked the threads, and frankly, many of the shenanigans that are considered useless is what made unmod unmod. However, I understand very well Off Topic will not be like unmod: It is like a girl telling you "I like you, but I want you to stop doing this and this, do more of that, and dress this way, but still keep those-" And I would interrupt by saying, "in other words, you would like me better if I was somedody else. Gotcha." That's really the case here. Off-Topic will be a different entity, not a modified version of it. As harsh as unmod was, it never ceased to make me laugh. As I said, I lurked a lot after getting flamed like hell because I wanted to see just what went on in there. And it was fun. I remember long supposedly "senseless" threads that were just amusing to watch, such as Evilhead proclaiming himself King of unmod after the sidebar fiasco, or all of those "objection!" threads (there was one were Evilhead was sued???), Shpladoink's utter randomness (here are some pictures of grouse), Atomic Dog's embodiment of pure narcissim (classic), all these things and more provided much entertainment after I finished downloading the latest mix. I will miss unmod, but will be there to provide support for the new forum, hoping a new sense of community develops there. I never felt GenDisc really had one. As someone said before, GenDisc is very distant, just people posting, few really know each other.
  23. If the case is that the Vista upgrade only needs a previous installation disc (not necessarily an installed OS) for verification purposes before it proceeds with its own install, then I can go for that. But I won't buy Vista until a game that uses DX10 comes out (and one that I like, at that!). I was thinking of obtaining a copy upon release, see what it really is like, and let you guys know. But I will heed your advice and wait it out a bit, at least for software that truly uses its new enhancements.
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