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  1. Vig's additions seem much better, though I still don't hear "elastic" in the beginning of the rap.
  2. I came here exactly for that reason. I liked the rap section, because it brings out a distinct duality: hopelessness and aggression (both especially in regards to Fate). But hey, I read way too much into things. Let me try my best at transcribing the entire lyrics, everyone feel free to correct me, because I can't be completely right (especially in the rap): One more time I find myself, Up to my neck buried in silt. Too many times the world requests, That I relieve them all from distress! Doesn't anybody see- in my corporeal state- I've got no reason to save anybody but me? Once again,
  3. Nice and smooth. Great for relaxig in Comp sci!
  4. Unfortunately, this won't play properly on my desktop... Works fine on my MP3 player, though, so yay. It's something different from my collection, and this is a good thing. ^^
  5. A magus mix! And less than 20 seconds into it, it made me return here to comment! Let's just say that a few weeks ago, I had said, I wasn't particularly fond of the style of mixes of this, due to their slower nature. Guess I just got shut up. =x
  6. I must apologize to the creator of this song, because I "was just not feeling this one." And I was wrong. I'm giving the song a third try- this time with headphones. Maybe the awesome of the song killed my speakers. Thumbs up for song , thumbs down for my speakers. >=(
  7. This is... just really relaxing. Interesting sounds, just too bad I never heard the original music. I can still consider this a quality mix regardless.
  8. Maybe I'm (tone)deaf or something, but I don't hear anything unusual (for the song at least) at 3:15. Two, deep strings, followed by "Heil Hitler!"
  9. I don't know how I came back to this mix reviews, but oh well... I'll worry about the health consequences a bit later. I remember everytime I came across a mix where the review mentions it had lyrics, I always got this bad feeling because I don't enjoy lyrics in most songs- mostly due to that it's hard to enjoy the -music- and any lyrics at the same time (if they are even audible). I think this mix if fairly clear, flows well, and has humorous lyrics, which labels it a keep for me.
  10. Well... I don't usually like solo pianos, but I must bite my tongue for this. Very nice still has that nice rhythm, and a lot more energy. (PS: 5 away from remix 1337 o.o! *hopes for a super collab, a man can dream >.>*)
  11. Well, as usually, I drifted out of noticing to the solo piano, but it brought me right back to attention, unfortuantely a bit close to the end around 2:53. It's rather slow and deliberate listenning before-hand, which in of itself, even though it had lost my attention, is somewhat soothing, but at 1:20, it somewhat loses that quality, yet overall it is not destroyed. Decent, but I simply usually look for more energy myself, but I suppose if you keep a Sonic collection, this offers decent contrast to most others.
  12. Let's see. A feeling of solitude? Check. Feeling of nature? Check. Feelings of beautiful scenery? Check. Wolf howls. CHECK! =) <3 This mix. Favorite relaxing mix I have.
  13. Yeah, Binster should stay the course. I was bored during lunch, so I fired up my Zen and got the ICO mix, and thought, "I must have added it for some reason" and got blown away all over again. Came across this today, trying to fill up the gap from Remix 1250 to pressent after finishing the Torrents and organizing some other music, and I am impressed again. Binster's got some good work, so stick with what you feel. I've tended to skip FF mixes moreso recently anyway.
  14. If there's a type of mix I will undisputably enjoy- no matter the weather, what I'm doing, or my mood- this GL mix would fit that description perfectly. I love how smoothly this flows, while keeping a minimal "in your face" sound (which isn't always bad ^^; ), Gray didn't let that energy down to a lullaby level- although the most energetic, dynamic techno-industrial tracks can put me to sleep sometime, too. In short, gee jay, gee ell. =D
  15. Lyrics: http://www.ffspirit.net/ff/8/eyesonmelyrics Not exact, but it'll really help piece it together. (Google is your friend, BTW. )
  16. I specifically like OCR because of the range of songs without lyrics. I don't like lyrics- they tend to ruin a beautiful piece and I can never hear lyrics clearly. But this song is a keeper, even to me.
  17. Wow. Maybe it's because I have zero musical knowledge, but I can't believe you people are finding something to pick at in this. This is is instant-transfer to MP3 player quality! Excuse me while I do just that!
  18. Hmm... I'm giving it a second try. Quite frankly, I'm finding it slow and repetitive. Now, I can't say that I don't enjoy slow or some repetative things, but this remix is pushing my limits for what I like, even when all I need is a nice remix playing in the background.
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