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  1. 80's electronic for the win. This works so well for the Marble Garden Zone, awesome work Rayza, just absolutely awesome, the beat and the music just make this sound even better than it originally did.
  2. Very nice, techno/trance, works very well with this song, a definite choice to listen to.
  3. It's definitely one to listen to. The trance goes oddly well with the songs involved in the style and keeps making a good beat enough for you to like it.
  4. This is amazing. Despite it being only a piano, it keeps making this beautiful waltz of the songs involved and continuously blends them into one piece. Very impressive work, well done!
  5. I think this is a very good piece, the funky beat works very well with the Goddess music with the piano halfway through keeping the beat different yet strong. Nice work Mr Litrio
  6. I loved this song, this remix is excellent. The guitar and synthesiser (I think it is), work real well together and bring the emotions from that song right out. 9/10, excellent!
  7. To do this song in piano was a good idea. The tune is set very well and the pace works great into the atmosphere. 8/10
  8. Strange remix of this song. It starts out odd, but kicks into a rhythm that's certainly toe-tapping. The repetition of the huh and why can be annoying to some, but it's certainly some clever use of piano and light notes here. I give it 8/10, but only just.
  9. This is a strange idea on the Qu's Marsh, making it darker and fugue-like. 7/10, really. It's not bad, and is alright to listen to, I think, but not amazing. original though so if you like sombre techno music, then this is good.
  10. Being a dragon lover, this is such a touching song. Everything works so beautifully together. The soft intro, the pacing climax of the middle which rises and lowers in a synthetic battle-like aura, and the saddening ending with the dragon screeching. . .10/10. The game was good, but this piece is Purely Brilliant!
  11. I like this. Kraid's Hideout done by violin was a good idea, and it's played well, with a somewhat haunting and daunting melody.
  12. Woah, I didn't know so much stuff was on about Silent Hill! Hey, where is this SimCity reconstruction? Can I see it?
  13. WOAH!!! This is a total euphoric blast to my ears. The clever mixture of different song, especially my fave part (about 5 minutes into the song). Totally amazing, and an excellent collaboration between two great remixers! Fantastic!!! 10/10!!!
  14. I can't believe such a brilliant piece of music could be made from all the musical piece of Tetris. It truly is a gift from Russia, with its baroque tunes and folk-style backgrounds. Superb!
  15. I never thought I would here a Nay in a videogame remix of all places! I heard one a long time ago, and loved its tune. This instrument is very haunting yet very sweetening and for this song, it works tremendously well. The piano and nay accompany together so well for this, that this song sounds so. . .saddening, yet also hopeful. Excellent work for Tamimi and such expert use of a wondrous instrument on a great song.
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